Finney DNA Project - Goals

The Finney DNA Project was started to:

Ø       Help researchers from common or related families work together to find their shared heritage.

      Ø       Identify how the participant's families are connected, both genetically and through paper trails.

      Ø       Identify and confirm genetic Lineages of ancestral families.

      Ø       Ultimately catalog pedigrees and genetic connections of all of the known project families.

We want to locate and identify as many Finney lineages as possible.  We do not wish to excluded anyone.  Not all Finney's are created equally and the DNA proves it!

We have Y-DNA from the following Finney lineages waiting for matches!  Order a test today!

Ø       Robert Finney 1668 - North Ireland/Chester Co. PA


Ø       Jeffery Finney 1592 - England/Plymouth MA


Ø       Louis C. H. Finney of Virginia (Wharton)


Ø       Pleasant Rose Finney of Virginia and Illinois


Ø       Children of Rachel Finney, daughter of Pleasant Rose Finney of Virginia who married an unknown indian male.


Ø       William Finney born 1696 in Glasgow Scotland


Ø       Andrew Jackson Finney born 1820


Ø       Fielding Finney born 1800


Ø       Leberer Feeney Brown born in Ireland


Ø       John Nesbitt born 1800 in Indiana County Pennsylvania

Are you an English Finney? Irish? Scot Irish?

Y-DNA may help answer this question. MT-DNA testing is also available for females.