Farr Surname DNA Project- Background



Faa, Faar, Fahr, Fahrr, Fair, Faire, Fairie, Fairr, Far, Fare, Farr, Farre, Fary, Faur, Faure, Faw, Fayre, Fayrey, Fear, Fer, Fere, Ferr, Ferre, Fir, Firr, Furr, Pfarr, Phair, Pharr, Pharre, Phau


The Farr Surname DNA Project is not limited to just Farr, but it's many surname variations found in many areas of the world. Common links between the different family groups have been established in the USA, Canada, British Isles and Western Europe. The surname has taken on many spellings and pronounciations over the centuries, variations including, but not limited to, Farr, Pharr, Fair, Phair, Fayre, etc..

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