Euenson, Eunson, Ewenson, MacEun, MacEunson, Yewnson, Yuenson


This website is dedicated to the genetic & historical research of the surname Eunson and its variants. The unusual surname Eunson has a variety of documented origins in Scotland. Current advances in the genetic community have allowed genealogists like myself to determine origins and relations between different branches of the surname. Aside from the genetic origins this site will examine the historical origins of the surname. Variations of Eunson that will be included in the research: Ewenson, Ewanson, Yewnson, Yewenson, Euenson, MacEun, McEun. Currently we have tested 3 Eunson's, two from Orkney and one from Shetland and according to the results, the Orkney and Shetland Eunson's are not related.The Orkney Eunson's fall into haplogroup R1b1b2a1b5 L21+ L1335+ L1065+ Scots Modal.The Scots cluster includes the values: 391/10, YCAIIB/24 25, 531/12, 717/21, 389ii/ 17 16, 444/10 11. This particular modal was discovered by Mark McDonald and is found throughout Scotland and amongst numerous Scottish Highland Clans. Currently the Fair Isle branch has tested for the SNP U106/S21, which is both prevalent in Scotland and Germanic countries such as Norway.

The surname Eunson is the Anglicized form of the Gaelic personal name Eogann. The Gaelic meaning of the surname is translated as well-born or born of the Yew. According to "Black's Surnames of Scotland", Eunson is the Anglicized form of the Scottish Clan surname MacEwen. Alan Beatty's work on Shetland surnames, states that Eunson is derived from Yonson/Jonnson. Finally Gregor Lamb's book "Orkney Surnames", states that Eunson is a form of Ewenson or son of Ewen and is of Scottish origins. Due to the surname appearing on the Scottish mainland at an early date we must assume that the surname's origins are Scottish not Norse. Ewen is a popular western highland name that was common amongst the Argyll Clans and families.

The earliest recorded Ewenson in Scotland was a Johan Ewynsone: Perth rendered homage 1296

The earliest recorded Ewenson/Eunson in Orkney was a Alexander Eunson: 1502, tenant of Corgill in Suthergarth.

The earliest recorded Ewenson/Eunson in Shetland was a William Yewnsoun:Rearwick was on assize in Shetland, 1603.