FamilyTree DNA Project Website: Epstein - Results

Of the 37 project members whose test results have returned from the laboratory as of May 26, 2008, 15 members, almost all of whom are previously strangers to each other, seem to be related. These members are very probably descended from the historic Epsteins. Four of the 15 cannot identify any Epstein ancestry. Five pairs of members may be related. A pair of Polonovskies claim that they were Epsteins before the surname change in the 19th Century. The other ten members are unrelated to any other current Epstein surname project member. In addition, most members are closely related to men with surnames other than Epstein.

The historic Epsteins’ haplogroup is R1b1b2a1b4c (FTDNA) or R1b1b2a1a2f (ISOGG, 2009), or R-L2 in short.

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