Eikemeier Y-DNA Surname Project- Background



Achamire, Achemire, Eichemeier, Eichenmeier, Eikemeier, Eikemeyer, Ikamire, Ikemire


Andreas Eikemeyer was a citizen of Lower Saxony, Germany having been born about 1742.

He was impressed into the Brunswick Regiment of Hessians sent to America to quell the colonial rebels by King George III. He was captured at Saratoga and after the war was over remained in America.

He settled in Northumberland Co., PA where he died c 1811.

He left two sons, John and Andrew, who married and headed west. They both eventually settled in OH - John in Holmes Co. and Andrew in Coshocton. It is difficult to track these men through the census due to the way the name was most often misspelled.

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