1. To identify others who are related. An international research effort to link together families with surnames from this group with those from the USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, South Africa or anywhere else where someone with a surname like these is located. 2. To prove or disprove theories regarding your family history or your ancestry 3. To solve brickwalls you have run into in your research 4. To provide a means for possibly determining which geographical location you should research next 5. To validate your existing research Because the Eckersley surname is not that common and also appears to have been a surname adopted by people from one place only one might easily conclude that all Eckersleys are descended from one common ancestor. However, other DNA surname projects have started off believing this, only to be surprised to find that as the project progressed there were in fact several different ancestors with the same surname. DNA Collection Method The collection of a DNA sample may sound like a rather daunting process - however it is a very simple and painless procedure which is excellently explained by Dave Dorsey's step by step photographic guide to the whole process LÕÕK at What Can be Achieved By Using DNA to Assist Genealogy! The Blair surname project is one of many well established YDNA projects. It shows just what can be achieved using DNA results by connecting Blair family lines together from all around the world. The DNA results have enabled the project Group Administrator to sort them into the appropriate family groupings. This in itself can help point a researcher along the right lines by showing which families groups are most likely to provide the connections required, and of course the many family lines the genealogist need not research. (once on the Blair DNA webpage, click on the "Test Results" button to see the family lines to which people have been assigned. Click on each person's kit number to access their family tree). The Blair DNA Project provides information not only about DNA itself but also what the results mean when you receive them (click on the Marker Analysis button on the Blair website) This Barlow surname website is really great. It holds a wealth on information on the different branches and has a section on their DNA project. A summary of some of the relationships between branches can be found by following the heading marked "indexes" and then placing the mouse over the family group name. Another excellent project is the Elliott & Border Reivers DNA Project which focuses on families with surnames originating from either side of Hadrian's Wall between England and Scotland CALLING ALL ECKERSLEYS & RELATED SURNAMES We are keen to get as many Eckersleys and those with related surnames tested from as many different branches as possible regardless of their geographical location. Eligibility This is a surname project using YDNA which follows the paternal genetic line (ie from father to son). It means that in order to join the project you need to be a male with an Eckersley or associated surname or a female who can participate by getting a male Eckersley relative(or male with one of the other surnames in this project) to provide a sample. Suitable samples could therefore be provided by a woman's father, brothers or cousins. BUT remember it's the male's surname that indicates who you can choose. The surname lists shown are not final and we are happy to use samples provided by any male whose surname starts with "Eck" or "Ecc". Current YDNA Test Prices (10 May 2005 - prices and currency conversions correct at 3.55pm today) There are three types of test available from FTDNA for those researching their paternal line (ie their father's, father's, father etc). Each offers a greater degree of detail by providing results for a greater number of markers. These markers are specific points on the DNA that are measured to see how many repeats occur at that point. The markers have a name such as DYS388 and the repeats at that point are recorder next to this marker name to give you something like DYS388 12. This tells you there are 12 repeats at marker DYS388. It is this information that you use to compare with individuals using the values for your 12, 25 or 37 markers. Each test has pros and cons regarding its usefulness to the genealogist 12 Marker YDNA Test ($99 / £52.61): This may be useful where you wish to disprove a relationship between individuals. However, the level of detail will mean that you will find matches with many individuals with many different surnames meaning it is not that useful when trying to find people to whom you are related since a match at the 12 marker level indicates a deep ancestral common origin which most believe comes from a time before surnames existed. 25 Marker Test ($169 / £89.90): Many regard this as the current standard test for genealogy since it provides a level of detail which is great enough to help confirm or deny whether relationships exist between individuals of the same surname. While this test helps confirm if a relationship exists or not it may still mean that the relationship could be anywhere between a few generations and the time when surnames started to come into existence. 37 marker test ($219 / £116.36): This is the high level test offered by FTDNA. It's advantages are that it provides more detail which can help confirm relationships and can tell you whether that relationship was either nearer the time when surnames first came in to use or more usefully whether that relationship was more likely to be recent say within the past 250 years. However, sometimes more information can be more difficult to interpret as there more factors to have to take into account. Some useful information on this and other topics concerning DNA and genealogy by following the Frequently Asked Questions link at the top left of this webpage. *************************************************************************************************** The project is currently seeking participants - to join the group please follow this link *************************************************************************************************** Members of Families Particularly Sought All potential members are welcome as long as they meet the eligibility criteria mentioned above. The project however also has a wish list of families for whom it would definitely like to see results. Dennis Eckersley World famous baseball player Walter Herbert Eckersall (1884-1930) All American football player from Chicago. Christopher Eccleston World famous actor and current star in the BBC's popular family Sci-Fi series Dr WHO. Colonel Nathaniel Eckersley who fought along with the Duke of Wellington. (See the district of Hindley listed at the following link) Captain P.P. Eckersley Wireless Engineer with the Royal Flying Corps who broadcast the first English experiment in radio drama, later to became the first Chief Engineer in the British Broadcasting Company which officially started broadcasting on 14 November 1922 Do you know of any other famous or interesting Eckersleys/Eckersalls etc who should appear in this list? If so just drop the Group Administrator an email to the address at the top of the page. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Donations to our DNA Surname Project Fund Our DNA Surname Project Fund is held to help those who would like to join the project but who are unable to afford the full test price. The fund can be used to make a contribution to the test price, or in special circumstances pay the full test price. This of course depends on the each individuals circumstances and of course how much money is in the fund. Would you like to help someone with their research by making a gift? If so please use the following link. The Eckersley project would very much like to thank all those who have kindly contributed to the fund in order to allow those less fortunate to participate. All donations received can only be used on this project and nothing else. They will either be spent to further a specific line of research or more generally to enable bearers of these surnames to join the project, as specified by the donor. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~