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Eckersley, Eccles, Eccleston(e), Eckershall, Ecclesley, Eckles, Eckerlsy, Eckersall, Eccleshall, Eckersail and many other similar surnames CALLING ALL ECKERSLEYS & SIMILAR or ASSOCIATED SURNAMES Please note that FTDNA Surname Group Administrators are not FTDNA employees. They do not receive any form of financial payment or any other incentive or reimbursement. ECKERSLEY (Eccersley, Eccles, Eccleston(e), Eckershall, Eckersall, Eckersail, Eccersal and many other variations): The list of surnames is not final and are based mainly on the distinctive "Eck" sound which occurs at the start of them. So if you have a surname which starts with "Eck" or "Ecc" don't be put off if it doesn't appear in one of the lists on this site - you are more than welcome to join! Just email the Group Administrator whose email address is at the top of the page. (If you would like to take part in this project or have any information you want to contribute to it we would really like to hear from you. Please contact the Group Administrator at the email address given at the top of the page! Much of the following relates to "Eckersley" but more information about the other surnames in the group will be added over the coming weeks) This group of surnames seems particularly associated with the English counties of Lancashire, Cheshire and the West Riding of Yorkshire, areas where they can still be found in large numbers today. However the Eccles and Eckles surnames seem to have a far greater original distribution - probably because Eccles is derived from "Ecclesia", the Latin word for church" and so would have been likely to originate or occur in many different areas. Although not a very frequently found surname in comparison to more popular ones it can now be seen in many countries today including the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa and many others. What do the Surname Experts Say? "A Dictionary of English Surnames" - P.H. Reaney & R.M. Wilson Eckersley, Eccersley From a lost place name in Lancashire (source E. Ekwall, "The Place Names of Lancashire, Manchester 1922"): Henry de Ecclesleye 1301, Yorkshire (source, Placita de Quo Warranto, London 1818). Jane Eckersley 1603, Lancashire (source, C.W. Bardsley "A Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames, London 1901) Other sources indicate that this lost place would have been "Eckersley Fold" close to Tyldesley near Manchester, England. Eccles, Eckles From Eccles in Kent, Lancashire, Norfolk, Berwick and Dumfries. Adam , Warin de Eccles c1170 Scotland?[presumably Scotland because GF Black is stated as the source but no detail is given] Adam , Warin de Eccles 1212 Kent (source Curia Regis Rolls) Peter Ekeles 1378 London (source Assize Rolls,London Records Society 1965-76) Eccleston(e) From Eccleston, Cheshire & Lancashire Geoffrey de Eckleston' 1230, Nottinghamshire (source, Pipe Rolls: Record Commission, 3 vols, London 1833-44) Robert de Eccleston 1385, (source, Calendar of Inquisitiones post mortem (in progress)Lancashire, Chetham Society, 95, 1875) Anthony Eccleston 1537 Essex (source, Feet of Fines, Essex Archaeological Society 4 vols 1899-1964) Eccleshall, Eckersall, Eacersall From Ecclesall (West Riding of Yorkshire), Eccleshall (Staffordshire), Eccleshill (Lancashire and West Riding of Yorkshire) William de Eccleshull 1246 Lancashire (source, Lancashire Assize Rolls,Lancashire & Cheshire Record Society 1904 & 1905) Robert de Eccleshale 1251 Yorkshire (source, Yorkshire assize Rolls, Yorkshire Archaeological Society 1911 & 1939 and the Selden Society 1937) Robert de Ekilsale 1297 Yorkshire (source, Yorkshire Subsidy Rolls, Thorsby Society 1891 and Yorkshire Archaeological Society 1894, 1897 & 1929) What Places Are Associated with this Surname Group? It appears that while Eckersley, Eccleston(e), Eccleshall and Eckersall are closely associated with the counties of Lancashire and Cheshire, and Eccleshall and Eckersall with Lancashire and the West Riding of Yorkshire, the surnames Eccles and Eckles have a far wider original distribution occurring not only in Lancashire but also Kent, Norfolk, Berwick and Dumfries. Where do your paternal roots come from? From what branch of your surname are you descended? DNA may be able to help solve the mystery. Do you know any stories or legends associated with this surname group? - we would love to hear from you, especially if you can provide a source for the information. Just email the Group Administrator (email address at the top of the page). Were the Eckersleys Flemish Weavers? There are certain mysteries surrounding the Eckersleys. One story says that they were meant to be descended from Flemish weavers who moved to Lancashire in the Middle Ages. Apparently three groups of families moved at one time - the Eckersleys, the Seddons and an unknown family. However, to date none of this has been confirmed. Are We Descended from The Welsh Princes or Norman Nobility? Another Eckersley myth tells of a Norman knight marrying a Welsh Princess. But again no details about this family myth seems forthcoming. Similarly, another story relates that in the 1500s an Elizabeth Eckersley married a Welshman who was supposedly descended from the Welsh Princes. Is this merely wishful thinking??? Manchester, like Liverpool, certainly has a long association with Wales, through it's people via trade and migration, but it has also had similar links with Scotland and Ireland not to mention the rest of northern England. However, the myth of the Eckersley's Worcestershire origin may possibly still link them to Wales since the county next to Worcestershire is Herefordshire which was part of Wales up until Henry VIII introduced the Act of Union between England & Wales which also transferred Herefordshire to England. What Are the Family Stories Surrounding the Eccles, Eccleston(e), Eckersall and the other surname members of this surname group? Do you have any information to share? Simply email the group Project Co-ordinator (address at the head of this page) But Eckersley and Variants Originate in England All the names in the group seem to have a definite Germanic sound which is accentuated by the initial hard "Eck" they all share. This may be the case with Eckersley since one meaning given for this surname says it is derived from the old German name Eckhard, meaning "edge-hard" which is taken to refer to the blade of a sword. From this they derive that the name means "sword bearer living on the edge of a valley or clearing" What about Eckershall? The implication from the meaning of Eckersley above indicates that Eckershall means "One who lived or served at Eckhard's hall". Was there a particular hall associated with a common ancestor for this surname in the West Riding of Yorkshire or in Lancashire? Further research and the use of DNA in genealogical research may be able to link together branches of the name indicating which people or locations to research. But as Eccles is believed to come from Latin not German, and since much confusion appears to have occurred over the centuries between the surnames in this group, the sound of our names may not always reflect their origins let alone those of the surname bearer. DNA may hold the clues we need to unravel the questions regarding our ancestry, both in the distant past and also in much more recent times, hence its use in genealogy. Genealogists use YDNA to make connections between branches of families with the same surname, or associated surnames, helping them to decide which branches to pursue and which locations to research. *************************************************************************************************** The project is currently seeking participants - to join the group please follow this link *************************************************************************************************** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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