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Limited Update - August 2014

Summary: The focus is on grouping those whose y-DNA results indicate they have descended from the same early ancestor. It is hoped that these individuals will provide their lineage to be included on this result page. It will then be up to the individuals in the group involved to determine where and when their lines link together. No attempt will be made to provide details on any descendants that have not been DNA tested, except, perhaps, in a limited way, as part of the possible general discussion of the group. As of this report, the following have been identified: 11 distinctly different Groups (A,B,C,D,E, F,G,H, I, J, K). Group X is composed of participants that do not match anyone else tested in the project. When 2 or more participants match, a new group will be added.

An important concept for the understanding of the discussion below is the Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor. There is a discussion of this under Goals reached from the same About this Project button used to get to these Results.

Since the project emphasis is y-DNA, no results from mt-DNA or Family Finder are discussed unless of a supporting nature.

The haplogroup in the new shorthand form has been included for the project groups. Doing this has its limitations. FTDNA provides a "presumed" haplogroup for individuals based on an algorithm they have developed that is based on the first 12 marker values, matches with others, and "other issues". Some members have actually  "tested" to higher or lower subclades and this doesn't provide a coherent picture.

Group A (Haplogroup – R-Z14, but Ed Johnson R-L151 and Jerry Dixon R-M269)

12 Members (3 Dickason, 7 Dickinson, 1 Dixon, 1 Johnson)

David Allen Dickason, 4G Grandson of James b. 1792.
Donald Garrett Dickason, 2G Grandson of James b. 1792,Uniontown, Fayette County, PA.
William Charles Dickason, 4G Grandson of Samuel b. ca 1752 DE (?) -- d. 1846 Buffalo Twnshp, Armstrong Cty, PA.
Charles Clifford Dickinson, ?4G Grandson of Joseph Dickinson b. 1790 New Platz, NY
Gary Mark Dickinson,
Gary Stephen Dickinson,
Robert Ellis Dickinson, 2G Grandson of William Townsend Dickinson b. 1791 (Duchess Cty, NY) -- d. 1859
Robert H. Dickinson, 6G Grandson of John Dickinson b. 1622 England -- d. 1683 Oyster Bay, NY
Thomas Lee Dickinson, 7G Grandson of John Dickinson b. 1622 England -- d. 1683 Oyster Bay, NY
Winston Dickinson, 7G Grandson of John Dickinson b. 1622 England -- d. 1683 Oyster Bay, NY
Jerry Allen Dixon, 5G Grandson of Thomas Dixon b. ca 1700, Dinwiddie, VA
Ed Johnson - Jorgen Olsen, Holbaek Cty, Denmark

This group with the 3 Dickasons was the beginning of this project in late 2002. The addition of other members since, coupled with advances in the number of markers that can be determined has made a large impact. Some earlier discussions are not consistent with today's results.

Donald G. had traced his line back to James Dickason*, 1792 and believed this was the MRCA with David A.Dickason based on their genealogical research.
On upgrading Don G. (posthumously) and David A. to 37 markers, they only match at 33/37. This result is puzzling. If it is assumed the Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) is at least 4 generations out, it is a low probability that James b. 1792 is their MRCA. Don G. was the project originator and prior administrator. He died July 17, 2006.

Early in the project it was believed that William's ancestor Samuel (1752) was somehow linked with James (1792), perhaps his father or an uncle. However, William is 32/37 with Donald G. and 34/37 with David A. These 3 Dickasons appear to have some early links to Delaware,then Fayette County, PA and later Armstrong County, PA,before dispersing to mid-western locations. The likely ancestors are English based on DNA,but we have had no success in documenting it.

The above two paragraphs have been modified as a result of recent Family Finder results. William’s at-DNA (autosomal-DNA, FTDNA Family Finder) shows him to be a 4
th cousin of a man descending from James (1792). This supports that William is closely related to James’ line and indicates caution is required in assessing the degree of matching of STRs and MRCA calculations.

With the joining of the Dickinson members in more recent years, many possibilities have opened up. The 110/111 match of Thomas Dickinson and William Dickason is especially interesting. Thomas has traced his line to New Brunswick, Canada and from there back to NY and Captain John Dickinson who married Elizabeth Howland from the Mayflower. With the New Brunswick connection, it is possible that they were Loyalists. However, William’s Samuel received a Revolutionary War Pension for his service. William Dickason has not been able to establish any documentation to the Dickinsons.

The Dickinson in Group A all have their early ancestors in NY. Thomas Dickinson is a 5th cousin to Winston who is also from the New Brunswick line of John Dickinson descendants. Winston is from Amos Dickinson's son Arden Dickinson and Thomas is from Amos' son Peter Dickinson.
More discussion is needed here for newer members.

A match of 36/37 (lesser markers with other project members) of Ed Johnson and Robert H. Dickinson is curious. We have no verifiable explanation of this anomaly. However, it is interesting that the "presumed" FTDNA haplogroup for Ed is not the same as Robert H. Dickinson and other group members. This might be resolved by SNP testing.

Jerry Allen Dixon is 24/25 with several members. This family traversed from Southeastern Virginia to North Carolina to Kentucky to Arkansas to Texas. There are no known geographical overlaps of the Dickason and this Dixon. Any MRCA of Jerry must be on the order of 400 - 600 years ago. Because of the low number (25) of markers tested, Jerry's "presumed" haplogroup is a much higher order than other members.

It is also worth noting that this Dickinson line is completely distinct from the Dickinson line in Group D of this project. It has erroneously been propagated through the genealogical literature that Captain John had a brother Nathaniel. The Nathaniel from which Group D descends in America has entirely different y-DNA from Group A.

* An important note, Arthur C. Gannett, in his undated work "Descendants of James and Mary (White) Dickason", has hypothesized that the parents of James Dickason, b. 1792 were a certain John Dickason, and his wife Ruth and/or Jones. Donald G. Dickason has proven this information to be wrong. Since Gannett's work appears in many libraries and other citations, the listing of John and Ruth and/or Jones exists in many places. Gannett's undated work is first referred to about 1940. Prior to that in 1936 David H. Dickason (Donald G. Dickason's Uncle) issued his "Notes on the History Dickason Family, and Branches" assembled from various letters, notes, etc. Much of Gannett's material came from the work of David H. Dickason, but Gannett added to it considerably.

Group B (Haplogroup – R-M512, but Donald Wayne R-SRY10831 and Olson R-M17

7 Members (4 Dickason, 2 Dickerson, 1 Olson)

Donald Wayne Dickason, GG Grandson of Isaac, b. 1776 and likely the GGG Grandson of Jacob.
James R. Dickason, GGG Grandson of Jacob, b. 1779, VA
Jerry Grove Dickason, GGGG Grandson of John b. ca 1760, Rockingham County, VA (or MD?)
Michael L. Dickason (only 12 marker test, and not discussed further)
Dale Dean Dickerson
John G. Dickerson, GGG Grandson of Emory Dickerson, Somerset County, MD
Edwin O. Olson, Peder Olsen Haug b1748 Gran, Oppland (Norway)

Donald and James are a 25/25 marker match. Jerry and John are 24/25 with them, but are 23/25 with each other.

Based on research by Donald G. Dickason (the originator of this DNA project and now deceased) and Donald Wayne, it is believed that Donald Wayne and James R. are from the line of Jacob Dickason (b. ca 1750). It is somewhat confusing because Jacob was a given name within several generations.

Unfortunately for the earliest ancestor shown above for the Dickason descendants, we lack Donald G. Dickason's documentation. Donald Wayne does have his documentation to Isaac. Jerry Grove Dickason is no longer reachable via the project, and his 1 marker difference likely points to an earlier common ancestor than Jacob. This would also be the case with John G. Dickerson.

It would be valuable if Donald Wayne and James R. could upgrade to at least 37 to compare with John's and Dale's 37 markers.

The Olson member shows an interesting feature associated with testing. He was initially assigned to the project based on 25-markers. At 25-markers a genetic distance of 1 to 2 is observed with the other members. However, when compared with members having 37-markers, the genetic distance jumps to 9. This no doubt shows some early Viking ancestry in these members, but has nothing to do with the normal genealogical timeframe.

Group C (Haplogroup - E-L542, but Scott is E-L117)

3 Members (All Dickerson)

Jason Todd Dickerson - Michael Dickerson b. 1740 NC d. 1786 Pendleton (Anderson Co,) SC
Kenneth R. Dickerson - Michael Dickerson b. 1740 NC d. 1786 Pendleton (Anderson Co,) SC
Scott Alan Dickerson - Michael Dickerson b. 1740 NC d. 1786 Pendleton (Anderson Co,) SC

This small group of three belongs to a distinct haplogroup from the other groups in this surname project.

The DNA results and genealogy research shows they each have as their common ancestor a Michael Dickerson living in Pendleton District (Now Anderson Co) South Carolina. Michael had sons John and Robert who left SC for LA and MS in the early 1800’s. From Michael, Jason is 7 generations via Robert, and Scott is 8; Kenneth is 7, via John. Kenneth and Jason have matching DNA at 37 markers and Scott is very close at -1 at 37 markers.

These ancestors were some of the first settlers in the Ouachita Valley, LA and later went back to Attala Co and Jasper Co, MS. Kenneth’s and Jason’s ancestors later went to TX where they both live now, but were unknown to each other before dna testing.

It is interesting that Scott is only off 1 marker and is in a different, higher-order, “presumed” haplogroup.   His one marker mismatch is within the first 12 markers and these are the primary basis that FTDNA uses for “presuming” haplogroups.  

Jason and Kenneth also have a 37/37 match and Scott a 36/37 match with a non-project FTDNA member with a different surname, Norwood.

Michael Dickerson - b. 1740 NC d. 1786 Pendleton (Anderson Co,) SC
Robert Dickerson - b. abt 1770 Pendleton District, (Anderson Co) SC d. bet 1840-50 in Cass Co, GA
Levi Dickerson - b 16 Sept 1795 Pendleton District (Anderson Co,) SC d. bet 1843-1850 Attala Co, MS
Henry Lewis Dickerson - b. Sept 1827 GA, d. 1909 Attala Co, MS
John Wesley Dickerson - b. 6 Jun 1858 Sallis, Attala Co, MS d. 15 Dec 1944 Sallis, Attala Co, MS
Henry Allen Dickerson - b. 4 June 1889 Attala Co, MS d. 29 Sept 1962, Durant, Holmes Co, MS
Henry Hubert Dickerson - b. 16 Aug 1917 Boyette, Attala Co, MS d. Aug 1944 Sallis, Attala Co, MS
Carl Allen Dickerson - b.20 May 1947 Sallis, Attala Co, MS d. 6 May 2009 Jackson, Hines Co, MS
Scot Allen Dickerson

Michael Dickerson
Robert Dickerson
James B. Dickerson -
b. 15 Aug 1797 SC d. 9 Aug 1870 Possum Neck, Attala Co, MS.
James M. Dickerson - b. 1825 GA d. 2 Jan 1884 Forestburg, Montague Co, TX
James Ashley Dickerson - b. Oct 1863 TX d. 8 Jun 1935 Davidson, Tillman Co, OK
Floyd Caleb Dickerson - b. 24 Dec 1904 Montague Co, TX d. 17 Feb 1974 Clayton, Pushmataha Co, OK
Gerald Otis Dickerson - b. 1925 Davidson, Tillman Co, OK d. 16,Feb, 1995 Hale Co, TX
Jason Todd Dickerson

Michael Dickerson
John Dickerson -
b. 1760 Pendleton District, SC d. 1841 Ouachita Parish, LA 
Willis Dickerson - b. 1789/90 Pendleton, Anderson Co, SC d. bet 1872 Moselle, Jones Co, MS
Wiley J. Dickerson - b. 1817 Ouachita Parish, LA d. ?? Paulding, Jasper Co, MS
Charlie Calhoun Dickerson - b. 20 Dec 1854 MS d. 25 Oct 1937 Laird Hill, Gregg Co, TX
Oscar Washington Dickerson - b. 26 Feb 1888 Overton, Rusk Co, TX d. 5 Nov 1941 Kilgore, Gregg Co, TX
Floyd Jefferson Dickerson - b. 9 Nov 1911 Rusk Co, TX d. 3 May 1989 Longview, Gregg Co, TX
Kenneth Ray Dickerson

Group D (Haplogroup - I-P37)

9 Members (3 Dickason, 5 Dickinson, 1 French)

Graham Brian Dickason, 7G Grandson Jorge (George, Gorge) Dickason b. ca. 1635, Necton, Norfolk, England
Philip Richard Dickason, 9G Grandson                 "                                "                                            "
Richard George Dickason
Gregory Michael Dickinson
Harry Dickinson
Larry Ray Dickinson, 9G Grandson Nathaniel Dickinson b. May 3, 1601, Billingsborough, Lincolnshire, England
Peter Jaeger Dickinson
Robert E. Dickinson
David Leo French -

Graham resides in South Africa. He has relations: Barrie Dickason (Argentina), and Graeme Dickason (Australia). Philip and Richard reside in England.

Apparently on the migration to America "Dickason" morphed to "Dickinson". The 5 Dickinson all live in the US. They all descend from Deacon Nathaniel Dickinson, from whom Emily Dickinson descends - see Robert E. Dickinson's URL below. Robert does not make the connection to England. However, DNA proves that ultimately this line descends from Jorge Dickason.

The following have made their genealogical research available on line. Click on the link to access.

Richard George Dickason, http://homepage.ntlworld.com/richard.dickason/ Trees of others can be accessed from the Trees Button on the left.

Peter Jaeger Dickinson, Although not a member of the project Kathy Dickinson, a relative of Peter, has provided a family tree. The following link takes you to it. The arrow keys at the right will take you further back in time. Also examine the the other options, Descendancy, Anentafel, Text format, etc.

Robert E. Dickinson, http://www.myheritageimages.com/G/storage/site75969431/files/3s/l2/17/3sl217_674567d9cfc4b4hezol217.pdf

Larry Ray Dickinson, http://dickason.us/DNA_PDFs/Relationship_Larry_Dickinson_to_Nathaniel_Dickinson.PDF

Group E (Haplogroup - R-L21)

25 Members (1 Dickason, 3 Dickenson, 12 Dickerson, 3 Dickinson, 1 Dickison, 1 Berry, 1 Davis, 1 Gibson, 1 Hankinson, 3 Thurman)

Bradford Stewart Dickason
Charles Howard Dickenson
Donald Robert Dickenson
Ronald Dickenson
Carlton Monroe Dickerson
H. Ashby Dickerson (Nephew to Joseph Patrick)
Jeffrey H. Dickerson - Robert Dickerson b.1801 SC
Jon Edward Dickerson
Joseph Patrick Dickerson - Moses Dickerson, Sr., b. 1745*, VA
Julius AmesDickerson - Moses Dickerson, Sr., b. 1745*, VA
Lee Hedley Dickerson - GGgrandfather, Isham Dickerson of Warren county, NC, b.1798
Melvin Raymond Dickerson
Paul G. Dickerson
Phillip Dickerson - Thomas Dickerson, b. 1776 and d. aft. 1850
Thomas Alvin Dickerson
William Wilson Dickerson, Jr. -  J. Benjamin Dickerson
Brents Dickinson - Benjamin Dickinson, d. Hanover County VA cir 1790
William Nelson Dickinson
William Temple Dickinson
Richard J. Dickison
Keith Thomas Berry
Charles Raymond Davis
Ronald Carl Gibson
David N. Hankinson
Eddie Leon Thurman
Thomas Eugene Thurman
Frank H. Thurman

This line goes back to the Dickerson/Dickerson/Dickinson family living in the New Kent/Hanover/Louisa/King William/Caroline County area of Virginia dating back to the early 1700's. Early written records from this area of Virginia are very limited. The name Griffith Dickenson/Dickerson/Dickinson occurs in several families and it is very possible that this line goes back to Griffin Dickinson who married Elizabeth Springall on June 12, 1649 at St. Martin Orgar Church, London, England. Elizabeth was listed as a resident of the parish. On January 5, 1656 this Griffith Dickenson patented 300 acres in James City County on the south west side of Moses Creek on the northerly branch of Tomahund Creek (adjacent to 200 acres he already owned) for transportation of six persons including himself twice and Elizabeth Dickenson. This property is located on the north side of the James River near the mouth of the Chickahominy River in the southeastern most corner of current Charles City County. The minutes of the May 28, 1673 Council and General Court of New Kent County refer to Thomas Wilkinson as having married the relict of Griffith Dickeson. This indicates that Griffith Dickenson died prior to 1673 and his widow, Elizabeth Springall had married Thomas Wilkinson. The Vestry Book of St. Peter's Parish, New Kent and James City Counties indicates that on February 6, 1687/88 Elizabeth, the wife of Thomas Wilkinson, died. While it has been reported that she had several adult sons when she married Thomas Wilkinson, to date, no written record of the children of Griffith and Elizabeth is known to exist.

Bradford Stewart Dickason has tested 25 markers - 4th G Grandson of John Dickason, b. ca. 1764, VA. Currently lives in California, USA. This John is circumstantially the son of William Dickenson, Sr., b. 1725, VA, and Grandson of Nathaniel Dickenson, Jr., b. 1700. Possibly from Robert Dickinson ca. 1564 London.

Carlton Monroe Dickerson has tested 67 markers - ???? DICKERSON died Bef. 1795. He married MARGARET. She died Jul 1814 in Prince Edward County, Virginia. Children of DICKERSON and MARGARET are:
1. WILLIAM DICKERSON, b. Bet. 1776 - 1794.
4. JEAN DICKERSON, b. 1757; d. Aft. 21 Sep 1850.
5. NANCY DICKERSON, b. Abt. 1775; d. Aft. 21 Sep 1850.
6. JAMES DICKERSON, b. Bet. 1761 - 1770; d. 22 Nov 1831, Prince Edward County, Virginia.
7. BENJAMIN DICKERSON, b. Bet. 1761 - 1770; d. Bet. 13 May - 15 Jul 1833.

For Carlton at 67 markers a member of the Spencer Project is off 1. At 37 markers, Donald Robert Dickenson, Richard. J. Dickison, and the same member of the Spencer Project are exact matches; a member of the Thurman Project is off 1; Melvin Raymond Dickerson is off 2;and, Ronald Dickenson is off 3.

William Wilson Dickerson, Jr. is the second cousin of Carlton Dickerson. Their MCRAs (Most Recent Common Ancestors) are John Benjamin Dickerson who married Margaret Agnes Dickerson on 2/4/1857.
Harry Ashby Dickerson
, who has tested 12 markers, but is nephew to Joseph Patrick Dickerson, so he will be the same as his uncle, who is deceased. See Joseph Patrick Dickerson.

Jon Edward Dickerson has tested 67 markers.

Joseph Patrick Dickerson and Julius Ames Dickerson have both tested to 67 markers and are off by 2.
Joseph and Julius branch off at the second generation. Moral (son of Moses Sr.) is Joseph's ancestor, and Moses Jr. (son of Moses Sr.) is Julius' ancestor

The line of Julius Ames Dickerson is as follows:                   The line of Joseph Patrick Dickerson is as follows:
Moses Dickerson, Sr. and Jemima Sullivan                                  Moses Dickerson, Sr. and Jemima Sullivan
Moses Dickerson, Jr. and second wife Elizabeth Wickham            Moral Dickerson and Elizabeth Reed
Coffee Dickerson and Catherine Graham                                      Michael Dickerson and Catherine Craig
Julius Dickerson and Teauta Amos Graham                                  Burdine Dickerson and Nancy Sowers
DexterArlington Dickerson and Lydia Myrtle Webb.                       Henry A. Dickerson andSarah Ann Gatens
JuliusAmes Dickerson and Eunice Faye Spicer                            Joseph Patrick Dickerson and MarieAnn Hanrick

Moses Sr. and Jemima Sullivan had 6 children:
Frances b. 1778 and d.1870 who married Ambrose Bryant
Anna b. 1780 about whom nothing is known
Moses Jr., b. 1783 d. 1874 who married first Nancy Reed, and second Elizabeth Wickham
John, b. 1785
Elizabeth b. 1788
Moral (or Morell?) b. 1790 d. 1849 married to Elizabeth Reed

Joseph and Julius are only 5 generations from their Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA), Moses Dickerson, Sr. However, the FTDNATiP calculator gives only a 40% probability that their MCRA is 5 generations back if it is input that the paper trail indicates no MRCA in the last 4 generations. This makes one question the value of the TiP calculator.

* DAR Application of Beatrice Dickerson Richardson # 330309 for Moses Dickerson, Sr. gives his birth date of 1753. This date and other information in the application is questionable.

Melvin Raymond Dickerson has tested to 67 markers. My ggggrandfather, Zachariah Dickerson, a presumed revolutionary veteran died in Elbert Co. GA 1832 naming David, Robert, John, Dolly, Polly, and Rhoda as children. The 1830 census lists him as 70-80 years and POB as VA suggesting DOB between 1750-1760. John married Elizabeth Thornton and had children including Dozier David who married Celia E. Brown and had children including William Arthur who married Effie Dickson in SC and had children including William Arthur who Married Agnes Ballenger who had 2 children including me. Various tax records from Hanover and Caroline CO. VA list Zachariah or Zach Dicke(i)nson from 1782-94 with no land but 3 in family. There is no known record to link these 2 Zachariahs and no known records as to family of the VA Zachariah Dicke(i)nson. I would be happy to find both.

Charles Howard Dickenson has tested 67 markers. We are certain about lineage descending from Gallant Duncan Dickenson, who we believe was son of James Dickenson, who was son of Archelaus Dickenson (b. ca 1749, d. ca 1806, Louisa County, VA), who was perhaps son of Henry D., son of Thomas Cooper D., son of William D., son of John D., son of John D., son of Richard D. born in London abt. 1564, but we can't verify this as fact. We know next to nothing about James, although it has been documented that he left his son Gallant Duncan an orphan.

Thomas Dickenson b. abt. 1683 d. 1734 in Caroline Co., VA
Henry Dickenson, b. abt. 1723 King William (now Caroline Co., VA m. abt 1745 Louisa Co.,VA Agnes Jennings b. Jan 4, 1726 Hanover Co., VA d. 1785 Prince Edward Co., VA Henry died aft. Aug 21, 1792 Washington (now Russell) Co., VA
Archelaus Dickenson, Sr b. 1749 Louisa Co., VA m. 1768 Russell Co., VA Prudence Rowlett b. abt. 1755 Russell Co., VA Archelaus d. Apr. 26, 1806 Washington Co., VA
James Gallant Dickenson abt 1770 Prince Edward Co., VA d. Russell Co., VA
Gallant Duncan (sometimes Duncan Gallant) Dickenson b. October 6, 1806 Murfreesboro, Rutherford Co., TN m. 1828 Murfreesboro, Rutherford Co., TN Isabella McCrary 1811-1877) Gallant d. Oct 25 1869 Snelling, Merced Co., CA
                         George Winchester Dickenson abt 1839–1923 (Married Mary Ann Bonds abt   1842-1925)
Archibald Stevenson Dickenson
1868- 1946
                                                                        Howard Harold Dickenson 1902 Hanford, CA - 1984  Napa, CA
                                                                                  Howard George Dickenson 1923 Oakland, CA - 2010 Napa, CA
                                                                                          Charles Howard Dickenson Living

Donald Robert Dickenson,
67 markers, can conclusively trace his male line back to his 5th great grandfather, Nathaniel Dickenson, who died in early 1783 in Louisa Co., Virginia, through his son, John Dickenson later of Henry and Franklin Counties in Virginia. He has assumed that this Nathaniel was the son of Nathaniel Dickenson, Sr. who lived nearby and died in September, 1753 in Louisa Co., Virginia. In his will Nathaniel Dickenson, Sr. named his wife Mary, and nine children: Nathaniel Dickenson, Griffith Dickenson, William Dickenson, John Dickenson, Sarah (Dickenson) Snelson, Elizabeth Dickenson, Rachel Dickenson, Mourning (Dickenson) Barksdale, and Agnes Dickenson. The first reference to this person is on November 28, 1711 in the vestry book of St. Paul's Parish in New Kent (later Hanover) Co., Virginia indicating that "Nath'l Dickason" participated in processioning. While he has exact 67/67 marker matches with Carlton Monroe Dickerson, Charles Howard Dickenson, Joseph Patrick Dickerson, Phillip Dickerson, Brents Dickinson III, William Dickerson, Thomas Eugene Thurman and David N Hankinson; and 66/67 marker matches with a member of the Spencer Project, Jon Edward Dickerson, P. G. Dickerson and William H. Shinpaugh, their most recent common Dickenson/Dickerson male ancestor remains a mystery. For complete information on his Dickenson genealogy see, Ancestors of Donald Robert Dickenson Through 24 Generations on his website(click here).

William Nelson Dickinson, has only tested to 12 markers and needs to upgrade to verify his assignment to this group.

Richard J. Dickison has tested 67 markers.

Keith Thomas Berry, 67 markers, is a descendant of Reuben Berry who was born c.1750 in King George County, Virginia, and was the child of Sarah Berry and an unidentified man. Because the y-DNA which this man transmitted to Keith T. Berry is so similar to that now carried by several other men within subgroup E, a search for the biological father of this Reuben Berry was made in the written records of early King George County, Virginia. County court records revealed that both Henry Berry (1694-1749) and Thomas Dickenson (c.1680/90-1735) lived at the same time [the 1730’s] in the same parish [Hanover] of the same county [King George], and once served together on the same grand jury [November 3, 1732]. This Henry Berry was the father of the above-named Sarah Berry. This Thomas Dickenson was the father of six children: John and possibly Thomas Jr., James, William, Sarah and Edward. Significantly, this Thomas Dickenson (c.1680/90-1735) was in the 16th or 17th generation of male descendants from the earliest known Johnne Dykonson of England. Source of the last sentence: “Griffith Dickenson and Elizabeth Springall” in “Ancestors of David and Carla Goodloe,” http://www.dickerson-goodloe.com/onlineversion/f795.htm

Jeffrey H. Dickerson - 37 markers, discussion to be added.

Paul G. Dickenson - 25 markers, discussion to be added.

Ronald Dickenson - 37 markers, discussion to be added.

Lee Hedley Dickerson - 37 markers. Great grand father, Isham Malone Dickerson, was born in 1840 in Warren County North Carolina. Great Great grandfather was also named Isham Dickerson who was born in 1798 and is believed to be the son of Nathaniel, who was the son of Martin, who was the son of John Dickerson. There is documentation that this John Dickerson was from Hanover County Virginia and had other connections to Hanover County via marriage. Documentation to substantiate these assumptions is not yet available, but the DNA testing shows the connection with the Dickersons of Hanover County.

David N. Hankinson,  67 markers, is an adoptee and knows nothing definite of his father's line. However, he has a 67/67 match with 7 members of this group, 4 matches of 66/67, and 5 matches of 65/67. Therefore, he is definitely from this Dickerson line. Interestingly, he and 6 others of these members have run the Family Finder test, but none show up as matches to him. Thus, the MRCA is most likely 5 generations or more back.

Eddie Leon Thurman & Thomas Eugene Thurman - There are actually 4 Thurman cousins in the FTDNA database tested for y-DNA. Two are in this project (Eddie at 67 markers and Thomas at 111 markers). All are descendants of Charles T. Thurman (b. 1760  d. 1848) via his sons Frederick and William.
At 67 markers Eddie and Thomas are 64/67 to each other. This compares to 67/67, 66/67, and 65/67 matches with non-Thurman surnames for Thomas Eugene.
However, Eddie Leon is 64/67 with Thomas and the same non-Thurman surnames. This might lead you to think they are not as closely related to each other as to non-Thurmans. However, it must be that Eddie's line has greater marker mutation rates. Similar things have been seen in other groups in the project.
Charles Thurman's parentage is unknown except that his Revolutionary War pension application in Bledsoe, TN states that Nehemiah Evitts was his step-father. From this it is believed that Charles Thurman's unnamed mother was either an unmarried Thurman girl or a Thurman widow when he was born.
It is desirable to have some of the Dick(in/er/en)son members of the group to upgrade to 111 markers to obtain a better idea of the Most Recent Common Ancestor.

Family Finder Results for Group E - It is interesting that among those that ran the Family Finder test only a few showed matches within Group E members. Brents and William Temple Dickinson show a match as first cousins. Paul G. Dickerson shows a match with his niece, Thomas Alvin Dickerson as 5th cousin-remote cousin, and Robert James Dickerson as a 4th cousin-remote cousin. However, Robert James is in Group H and is not a y-dna match with Paul. Another anomaly is the family finder match of Donald Robert Dickenson with Thomas Wayne Dickerson, a member of Group X.

This Group E. is very well developed and starts downward from England in the form of Dickinson, but then morphs into several different spellings (12 Dickerson, 1 Dickason, 1 Dickison, 3 Dickinson, 3 Dickenson). Thus we are reminded not to be too literal when searching for specific name spellings.

Group F (Haplogroup - R-M269)

2 Members (Both Dickerson)

Joe Wesley Dickerson
Wayne Jordan Dickerson

Joe and Wayne have a 66/67 match and are descended, respectively, from James Dickerson (b. 1810, d. 1853, TX) and William Dickerson (b. ca. 1812, SC d. 1897, TX). It is believed that John Dickerson (b. 1782 in NC or SC, d. 1830) is the father of James and William. Prior to DNA testing these distant cousins were not known to each other.

Group G (Haplogroup - R-M269)

3 Members (All Dickinson)

Doug Dickinson - George Dickinson b. abt 1780 NY d. aft 1850
Terry Dickinson - Charles Dickinson b. 1658 and d. 1740 Rhode Island
David F. Dickinson - Thomas Dickinson, b. 1811

Doug and Terry have a 65/67 match. David has only tested to 37 markers, and is 35/37 with Doug and Terry.

Doug has a 37/37 match, Terry a 35/37, and David a 35/37match with a non-project FTDNA member with a different surname, Broyles. In addition, David has a 37/37, Doug a 34/37, and Terry a 34/37 match with a non-project FTDNA member with the surname of Moorehead.

Group H (Haplogroup - R-M269)

3 Members (All Dickinson)

Paul E. Dickinson
Robert James Dickinson
Walter Dickinson (Father of Robert James Dickinson)

Paul E. Dickinson Jr. and Robert James Dickinson are descendants of William Thomas Oliver Dickinson, 1820, KY. Paul has tested to 37 markers and Robert to 67. They have a genetic distance of 2 at 37 markers. Robert, son of Walter, has tested Walter to 111-markers and is 67/67 with his father.

The line of Paul E. Dickinson, Jr. is as follows:                          The line of Robert James Dickinson is as follows:
Paul Everett Dickinson, Sr.  1912, MO                                            Walter James Dickinson  1928, MO
John William Dickinson  1877, MO                                                 William Edward Dickinson  1876, MO
William Hugh Logan Dickinson  1849, MO                                       Charles William Hillery Dickinson  1852, MO
William Thomas Oliver Dickinson  1820, KY                                   William Thomas Oliver Dickinson  1820, KY
W.T.O. Dickinson married Mahulda Ann Hoff

They have been unable to find the parents of WTO Dickinson. However, it is believed the family might be related to John or Henry Dickerson, brothers who left KY ca. 1850 for Indiana.

Group I (Haplogroup - E-L542)

2 Members (1 Dickerson and 1 Dickinson)

John Holland Dickerson - Solomon Dickerson (1754-1853)
Gary Wayne Dickinson -
GG Grandfather, William Dickerson Birth 1790-1800 and Death 1845-1850, King George, Co., VA

I have included this as a "provisional" group for now. The two in this group only have a 33/37 match. However, they have the same haplogroup, and we have seen matches of this degree when it is known the matches are supported by a paper trail.

Gary Wayne's line is William Dickerson (b. 1790-1800, d. 1845-1850 King George County, VA)
-> Vinton A. Dickerson (b. 1840, d. 10 Oct. 1906 King George County, VA) -> Eubank W. Dickinson (b. 30 Oct. 1885, d. 21 Oct. 1952 King George County, VA) -> Harold W. Dickinson (b. 26 Feb. 1914, d. 9 Oct. 1984) -> Gary Wayne Dickinson.

John Holland's line is Solomon Dickerson 1754-1853
-> Cephas 1792-1825 -> Solomon Holland 1824-1902 -> William Ripley 1850-1920 -> Joseph Holland 1881-1959 -> Joseph William 1921-1998 -> John Holland Dickerson.

Group J (Haplogroup – R-P312)

2 Members (1 Dickerson and 1 Dickinson)

Guy Joseph Dickerson – John William Dickerson (1830 - 1913) Capuchin, Scott County, TN
Robert Gerald Dickinson – Anthony
Dickinson, d. 1597/1598 Lamplugh, Cumbria, UK

The two in this group have a 65/67 match. Both have run the Family Finder test, but do not have a match with each other, another indication that the link must be distant.

Robert has a well documented lineage:
Anthony Dickinson d. 1597/98 Cumberland England -> Richard b. before 1581 -> James b. 1610 -> Daniel b. 1648 -> Daniel b. 1674 -> Joseph b. 1706 Ireland, immigrant to America -> Gayen/Gaius b.1737 PA -> Daniel b. 1763 PA -> John b. 1803 Lee Co. VA  -> Daniel b. 1848 Lee Co. VA -> Ralph b. 1905 NM.
Guy has hit a brick wall at John William Dickerson. As a result the common ancestor has not been identified. Guy had a predicted Haplogroup of R-P312 at one point but FTDNA rolled it back to R-M269. Both subjects have tested positive for SNP: FGC11397. This is a deep subclade of R-P312. However, FTDNA has yet to update their Haplotree.

There are 2 other Dickinsons that have tested with FTDNA that appear to be distantly associated with this group. Joseph David Dickinson (37 markers) is in the project and William S. Dickinson (12 markers) is not a project member.
Joseph David is 1 GD at 12 markers, 4 GD at 25 markers and 8 GD at 37 markers to Guy.
Joseph David is 1 GD at 12 markers, 6 GD at 25 markers and 10 GD at 37 markers to Robert Gerald.
Guy is 1 GD with Robert and 0 GD with William S. at 12 markers. Guy is 2 GD with Robert at 25, 35, and 67 markers.
Robert is 1 GD with William S. at 12 markers. Robert and William have a paper trail to their common ancestor,
Gayen/Gaius Dickinson. It would be good for William to upgrade to at least 37 markers.

Group K (Haplogroup – I-P37)

2 Members (both Dickinson)

Timothy Shaw Dickinson –
Jonathon Dickinson b ca. 1822, Chester County, PA. Moved to Iowa about 1867
James Edward Dickinson – John H. Dickinson, 1827 - 1862
I have included this as a "provisional" group for now. Timothy and James have a 36/37 y-DNA match to each other. James has a 37/37 match and Timothy a 36/37 match with Herman Monk in the FTDNA database. No common ancestor has been identified.

Group X

40 Members (No matches within the project at this point)

If and when, matches occur with these participants, further groupings with lineage will be developed.

1. Dickason, David Scott - Purported 4G grandson of Alexander (1752) but doesn't match anyone, including Eugene Lee Dickason
2. Dickason, Eugene Lee - Purported to be GG grandson of Alexander Dickason (1752). However, doesn't match anyone, including David
                                                Scott  Dickason. Died May 3, 2013 at home in Redondo Beach, California, age 90.
3. Dickerson, Clarence Edward - Bushrod Washington Dickerson 1820 - 1877 b. VA
4. Dickerson, Dennis M - 
5. Dickerson, James McComas - Dickerson
6. Dickerson, John Edward -
7. Dickerson, Joseph A - Benjamin Dickerson, born ca 1858 Surry, VA
8. Dickerson, Robert Bradford -
9. Dickerson, Thomas Wayne - Henry Dickerson, b. abt. 03/31/1863 and d. 1920
10. Dickerson, Wayne Eugene -
11. Dickeson, Mark Langley -
12. Dickin, Rob Neil -
13. Dickinson, Daniel O. -
14. Dickinson, Dennis Keith -
15. Dickinson, George Michael -
16. Dickinson, James Edward - John H. Dickinson 1827-1862
17. Dickinson, John -
18. Dickinson, John Henry - Solomon White Dickinson, b. 1782 PA, d. 1855 IN
19. Dickinson, Joseph David - Thomas Moses Dickinson, b. abt 1620 and d. 1662
20. Dickinson, Leslie Jame - John Dickinson, b 1888 and d 1968
21. Dickinson, Robert Gerald - Anthony Dickinson, d. 1598 Lamplugh,  Cumbria, UK
22. Dickison, John James - James Dickison, born 10 Jan. 1844
23. Dickson, Darin - James R. Dickson, 1806
24. Dickson, David Allen - William Henry Dickson (Dixon), b. 1761, Northumberland
25. Dickson, Edward Obadiah - Dickson,  Belfast, N Ireland to Georgia, USA
26. Dickson, Ian Rodwell - Edward Dickson b 1809 Melrose, Roxburgh
27. Dickson, James -
28. Dickson, John Ronald - Asahel Dickson, b 1790; lived Carroll Co., TN
29. Dixon, Alfred Isaac - Isaac Dixon, 1770-1843, Kent?, England
30. Dixon, Charles Dennis - William S. Dickson, 1787-1870 NC
31. Dixon, Daniel Jay -
32. Dixon, Daniel Lee - Linsey Dixon,b.NC,m.Hannah Cox, 1840 Greenville
33. Dixon, Darrell J. - Solomon Dixon b. 1780, PA
34. Dixon, Dave Lin - James Jarman Dixon
35. Dixon, David Lee - William Henry Dixon abt. 1848 NC
36. Dixon, George Ray - Walter Dixon B. 1715 D. 1767
37. Dixon, James R. - John Dickson b abt 1775 d 1836
38. Dixon, Marvin James -
39. Dixon, Royce - William Zimmerman Dixon, b. 1823 and d. 1878
40. Icken, Frederick Theodore - Frederick William Icken, Germany