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Connery, Conrey, Conroy, Conroyd, Conry, Dawin, Doyen, Doying, Doyne, Dunn, Dunne, Henry, King, Mac An Ri, MacConraoi, McConroy, Mulconry, O'Conaire, O'Conraoi, O'Maolconaire


The Conroy Family Project is open to all who are interested in working together to find their common heritage through sharing of information and dna testing. All variant spellings are welcome. If your Surname is missing and should be included, we'll be glad to add it.

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We also maintain a site at World Families, which has more valuable information: There are 3 main areas of Ireland with Conroys, they are: 1. Galway/Mayo 2. Roscommon 3. Laois/Offaly The Conroy clan from counties Laois and Offaly is supposed to have originated when a fellow by the name Conn O'Duinn, ran to warn the O'Moores that the English were invading. He was thereafter given the name 'Conn na ratha' - Conn the runner - that evolved over time into Conroy. If this legend is correct, then Laois/Offaly Conroys are thus related to the O'Duinn family, which is usually anglicized as Dunne or Dunn - older variants are Doyen and Doyne. The Conroy Clan from county Roscommon include one of the famous writers of the Annals of the Four Masters. A variation of Conroy in this area is Conry. Many Conroys from this area were renowned scholars of literature in the Middle Ages. Another famous Conroy from here is Sir John Conroy - who was part of the royal court of Queen Victoria, and some even suspect could have been Queen Victoria's biological father?! The Conroy clan from counties Galway and Mayo include the poet Padraig O'Conaire - whose statue stands, or rather sits, in Eyre Square in Galway City. In this area the name was originally MacConraoi and evolved into MacConroy or McConroy and later Conroy. Many Conroy families from this group have anglicized their names to King. The reason for this is that MacConraoi could be translated as "Mac Conraoi" - son of Conraoi, or the phrase "Mac an Ri" - "Son of the King", in Irish Gaelic. "Mac an Ri" is sometimes anglicized as McHenry, McKendrie or even Henry, Conrey and Connery. Of course everyone know Sean Connery (aka James Bond)! Lastly, another famous Conroy is American novelist Pat Conroy - not sure which Conroy family he is related to.
Here are some great maps on the prehistoric migrations of Haplogroup R1b1b2 into Western Europe, mostly at the expense of Haplogroup I.

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