Chelsea Ma. DNA Project - Goals

the intention is to use MTDNA besides the YDNA

If you have questions about your heritage, Family Tree DNA has the Y-DNA and mtDNA tests that in conjuction with the largest comparative databases of their kind may provide clues leading to the answer to this and many other questions

Y-Chromosome - DNA Tests
tests the mtDNA of females and the female lineage of males (HVR1). Results are placed in our mtDNA database and when 2 people show the same identical polymorphism, we will inform both parties if you have both signed the FTDNA Release Form. The customer receives a report generally describing mtDNA, the meaning of polymorphism, your differences from the Cambridge Reference Sequence and the meaning of probability between matches.
Ethnic and Geographic Origins: this test also allows you to identify your ethnic and geographic origins, both recent and far distant. Among other features, this test will also be able to indicate your Native-American Ancestry and which of the 5 major groups that settled in the Americans you are most likely to be descended from. It can also describe African Ancestry as well as other ethnic origins
Its this tool which should help indicate who is repated to who in chelsea.
It will have the Y DNA TEST FOR MALES this does show direct Ancestors
All Y-DNA tests allow you to identify your ethnic and geographic origins, both recent and far distant on your direct male descending line. Among others, you will be able to check your Native-American or African Ancestry as well as for the Cohanim Ancestry.
poit is its easy and painless to do and will help you and all of us in our quests

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