Chancey/ChaunceyTreeDNA - News

The 3rd-4th & 5th International Conferences on Genetic Genealogy for Family Tree DNA Group Administrators have been more informative than could be imagined! Thanks to all whom shared their expertise & thanks to Familytreedna & all participating lecturers for making the conference possible.
Photographs from "Who Do You Think You Are" 2009 & 2010 are visible at . Go there and ask to be a "friend" or "fan" to see photos.
While I attended the 2009 session in Kensington, London, UK at the Olympia Center in 09 & did not revisit this year, as I am scheduled to be in Norway & Iceland March. While in Iceland, I will be visiting with the staff of deCodeMe, based in Reykjavik. If anyone has any questions regarding deCodeMe, please email me at I have recently tested with & If any members have any questions about these testing services, please email me.