Chancey/ChaunceyTreeDNA - Goals

The primary project goal is to locate family, including all related (sp) surnames. An original goal was to determine if there exists a linkage between the Bostonian Chauncey families and migration to VA, NC, SC, GA & FL Chancey/Chauncey lines by & defining the MCRA.
Current samples reflect the Chancey/Chauncey lines of two distinct haplogroups, R1B1 & I.

However, this is based only on 2 samples from the
Chauncey "I" submissions & 1 unclassified sample given by contributors thought to be from the same Bostonian Chauncey line. We need more Bostonian known Chauncey descendants of the Rev. Charles Chauncey, second President of Harvard College. Preferably these samples will have known conclusive pedigrees, to the extent supporting records exist, as well.

Research was performed by the SC Historical Society in an attempt to trace the parents of Christopher Tiner Chancey born in 1793 In Colleton Dist. (Charleston, SC) & Jeremiah Chancey born in the Cheraw Dist. (North of Charleston)in 1785.
No viable information has been found beyond these dates, attributed to methodical destruction of Court Houses, municpalities and parish records during the Civil War by the Union Army. Continued research must be gathered from SC Historical Society & will require an extended visit to Charleston & Georgetown.

Andrew Jackson Chancey, father of K.J. Chancey, R1B1, said in a letter dated 1922, we were thought to have been descended from "old Will Chance out of MD/VA". A.J. Chancey also told his oldest granddaughter right before his death, our ancestors were in the maritime industry out of Charleston to London, returning via the Carribean trade routes. The Maritme industry fell into decline in the early 1800's which would explain our migration to GA & entry into the GA Land Lottery system.

Descendant samplings from Will Chance(y) from the MD-VA region originating from late 1600's - early 1700's are needed. If you are a known male descendant of Will Chance, please submit your sample & contact one of the Group Administrators.
An initial 12 marker group of samplings from this line is most desirable.

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