Pioneer Families of North and Central Pennsylvania- Background



Alexander, Alston, Ariens, Arlan, Arndt, Atkinson, Baecht, Baker, Barclay, Bastian, Batten, Battin, Batton, Beeber, Bell, Bender, Bene, Bennett, Bergman, Berry, Best, Beyer, Bieber, Blue, Boatman, Bobb, Bodine, Boren, Boyer, Boyland, Bradley, Braun, Bray, Breeden, Brewer, Brown, Bryan, Bubb, Burnham, Burrows, Callahan, Campbell, Casselberry, Clapp, Clauser, Cleaver, Cleer, Confer, Couwenhoven, Covenhoven, Cox, Crabtree, Craig, Crossley, Crowe, Crownover, Culp, Cunningham, Dalager, Danley, Dawson, Deacon, Debolt, Dickason, Diggan, Dimner, Dorman, Dormay, Dugan, Duncan, Durmay, Dyer, Dyess, Eber, Edwards, Ehrenreich, Ellis, Elloit, Ely, English, Epstein, Evans, Fague, Faust, Fees, Forshey, Foster, Foust, Fox, Frederick, Frey, Friedrich, Fry, Garvin, Gelvin, Gibbons, Gohr, Gortner, Greenblatt, Gruschow, Haines, Hall, Hamley, Hansen, Harer, Harman, Harrer, Harries, Harris, Harrys, Hauch, Haviland, Heinley, Hendershot, Henry, Hess, Hicks, Hix, Hodgson, Hofer, Hostrander, Houpt, Hubert, Hullihen, Ingals, Irwin, Juncker, Keagle, Keefer, Keeling, Kegel, Kennedy, Kent, Kessler, Kichline, Kiehl, Kirkland, Knutson, Kornegay, Kouwenhoven, Kurtz, Lancaster, Langle, Lares, Lawton, Leinweber, Letteer, Levering, Lewis, Lindley, Lochard, Lockard, Lockwood, Mann, Marshall, Mastan, Masten, Mastin, Mayse, McCarty, McConnell, McDermin, McDermitt, McDermott, McGregor, Mcgruders, McNitt, Mesik, Meyers, Michael, Miller, Minninger, Mitchell, Morgan, Morrison, Mueller, Murray, Myers, Naginey, Nolan, Noortryck, O'Brien, Ohi, Oldroyd, O'Leary, Ostrander, Parks, Patten, Patton, Paul, Paxton, Pels, Person, Persson, Persun, Pettie, Pollock, Pope, Poust, Price, Proctor, Pursel, Purser, Quate, Quiram, Ralston, Ralstone, Ramsey, Rau, Raver, Ray, Reisen, Rhone, Richards, Riebe, Robinson, Rogers, Roosa, Ross, Rouse, Roy, Rude, Schick, Schneider, Schott, Scofield, Scovell, Scoville, Sellars, Sellers, Sharr, Sharrow, Shearer, Shields, Slagle, Slowin Soref, Smee, Smiley, Smith, Stryker, Svedas, Swartz, Taylor, Teagarden, Terwilliger, Thomas, Thomasett, Thompson, Thornton, Tighe, Tool, Traphagan, Tule, Van De Lande, Van Etten, Van Vanetten, Walton, Warne, Warren, Washington, Watson, Weiskop, Weiskopf, White, Willoughby, Wilson, Wise, Worthington, Wright, Wychoff, Wyckoff, Young, Zerbe, Zimmerman


For descendants of Pioneer Families and Early Settlers of Northern and Central Pennsylvania. The targeted groups include those of British Isles, German, French, Native American, and other Ancestry suspected of or known to have resided or traveled through Penn's Woods in the mid-1600's to late 1700's. 

This project is intended to help descendants of PA Pioneers and the early people of the North and Central Pennsylvania make genealogical connections by sharing DNA test results and family tree information.  Prospective members should have DNA test results and enough family tree information to trace their ancestry to the targeted groups/area. GEDGOM uploads to FTDNA preferred.  If possible, please include enough information in your join request to determine descendancy from colonial or pre-colonial Pennsylvania.  This is a Dual (Y-DNA & mtDNA) Geographical Project.  Family Finder results welcome.

Targeted area is present day Northern and Central Pennsylvania, whether ancestors were here prior to or after formation of the Commonwealth.  This area subsequently became the bulk of the Pennsylvania’s Claim with a portion of Virginia's Claim and Connecticut's Claim lying within it, (see Pennsylvania Genealogical Map of the Counties, prepared 1933 by PA Land Office on other page. After organization of the Commonwealth this area became the early counties of: Cumberland, Berks, Northampton, Bedford, Westmoreland, Lancaster, Northumberland, Luzerne, Lycoming, and Allegheny.  Today this area includes the each of the aforementioned early counties and ... any northern or centrally located county formed from all or a portion of an early county such as: Centre, Clinton, McKean, Bradford, Tioga, Montour, Union, Potter, Mifflin, Dauphin, Juniata, Venango, Wyoming, Lawrence, Columbia, Warren, Sullivan, Erie, etc.

Resources (Note .... if link does not work copy link into address bar of browser and press enter)

Point and Click Map of Incorporation Dates of PA Counties and Municipalities.

Genealogical Map of Pennsylvania Counties.

PHMC Land Records

PHMC Vital Records

Early Forts of Central PA

US Genweb Archives Pennsylvania.

Lycoming County Genealogy Project

Meginness History Excerpts

Sullivan County Genealogy Project

PA Native Tribes

Bureau of Land Management Land Records Office

Northumberland County Genweb Archives

Native American Census Schedules 1885-1940

Melish-Whiteside County Maps e.g. Lycoming County Map 1816-1821

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