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Welcome the York / Yorke Surname Project. As one of the administrators my goal is to help those understand that paper trails and DNA can lead to great discoveries and in some cases opening a very emotional past, that some wish to remain a secrets to prevent further painful memories or causing a family feud. Below is a simple background of our surname and how it became as we know it today.

Our name was known as Eboracum in the times of the Romans. When the Vikings came calling in 962 it was changed to Jorvik and by the 13th century we have York. What I find interesting is the indication of where we started but there are families that perhaps are related to each other but from the south of England. What does this mean for the project? Well, it gives credibility that there were separate lines. Now this begins the DNA discussion of how and when lines split to what we have now.

The House of Names (https://www.houseofnames.com/yorke-family-crest) defines the surname as people who thought to have lived in ancient Anglo-Saxon England. The people that lived during these times were in Yorkshire which was the largest county and split into three separate “Ridings” The North, West and East. To learn more from this page please head over to the address above.

The famous relation of York is of course The Royal Family of England. The story of the War of the Roses was based on two branches of the Plantagenet House fighting for control of the throne. The war ended when the two families were joined by marriage.

There are many sites that will give plenty of information on how and why things were as they were back then. So for those history buffs or simple researchers who want to know more, join the project but please have your five generations ready that link to the surname of York or Yorke.


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