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About us

Our main goal is to share the latest information about the mtDNA Haplogroup X. We want to try to develop a Phylogenic tree to see how all the descendant lines of "Xenia" might be connected. We want to share our mtDNA pedigree information to enhance the further development of our individual mtDNA heritage/lineage. We will try to make as many matches as possible by having our test results and pedigree information available for group use. We will try to identify mtDNA Haplogroup X Native Americans.

A database has been started for Haplogroup X Gedcoms. click here to view the database. Mail to Tom Glad to submit your gedcom. I prefer that you trim to just your maternal line or descendants of most distant maternal ancestor before sending.

We also have a mailing list. Send the word "subscribe" to mtDNA-Haplogroup-X-request@rootsweb.com.

We welcome suggestions on how to make our pages more useful to our members.