WIRTH J-L556, L560

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About us

Welcome to the WIRTH website. This group gathers individuals whose Y-DNA haplogroup/signature is either J-L556 or J-L560. The vast majority of members are Jewish, paternally-related to one another, and include many Rabbinical lineages of Eastern (e.g., Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine) and Western (e.g., German, Italian, Spanish, French) European origin : the Weil, Rieti, Graciani, Bacharach, Levy, Sichel-Treves, Margalit families among others. The most recent common paternal ancestor of J-L556 is estimated to have lived in 750 CE, and his ancestral parent J-L560 in 1450 BCE. Although members of the group are pre-dominantly Ashkenazi (~80-90%), results as of today seem to indicate a Sephardic ancestry. Furthermore, many of the members— including Rabbinical lineages—are Levites (14-20%), suggesting that the MRCA J-L556 was probably a Levite.