WIRTH J-L556, L560

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About us

This project brings together a number of seemingly disparate families with a common ancestor. At present, the group includes 125 individuals comprising over 100 families. These families share matching or near matching 67 marker Y-DNA results as well as anomalies in their DNA signatures that make it a virtual certainty that they have a common paternal ancestor. That ancestor probably lived in the 15th to 16th centuries. New families exhibiting those DNA matches and anomalies are sought to delve further into the likely origin and life time of that common ancestor, the interrelationship between all descendant families, as well as into the migration paths of his descendants. The name of the group, WIRTH, is an acronym representing the first letters of the group's five founding families (Wolinsky, Issroff, Tenenbaum, Rossoff, and Huebscher.)