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Mary Riser Mary Riser
April 9, 2015 @ 3:12pm
Does anyone have connections to Colleton county SC?
Raymond Poole
March 26 @ 9:38pm
April 28 @ 4:05pm
I meant to say McKenzie :)
greg joyner
May 28 @ 3:44pm
I live there
Frankie Tyson
May 30 @ 7:17pm
Walter Ricks Walter Ricks
March 5 @ 6:54am
I’m New to the group and would love to hear from anyone working on these lines: Ricks, McDaniel, Heath, Fields, Hobbs, Blissitt. Thanks!
March 21 @ 4:09pm
HI WALTER! I dont have these lines but perhaps someone else will. Also, please feel free to join the GEDMATCH WIREGRASS GA DNA PROJECT (if you are in Gedmatch), and then you can join the WIREGRASS GA DNA Facebook group to share and compare DNA results with others. There is also a Facebook group "Wiregrass GA Research" you can join and post your inquiries there as well.
Stella Stubley
May 19 @ 2:48pm
I have a connection with Hampton Ricks born 1820 via his daughter Martha Eliza Ricks who married a John Branch
Linda Carter Linda Carter has a question!
February 29 @ 12:39pm
Tina, i was wondering if you're the one who can get marrage certificates or Announcements from newspapers? I'm looking for one of my ancestors, Martha Grace Carter to Alexander Rozar/Rozier. Marriage was in Columbia County, Georgia, on 24 Sep 1805.
Alan Tucker
March 23 @ 3:18pm
Linda, I searched Newspapers.com, NewspaperArchive.com & genealogyBank.com & also searched FamilySearch.org. I did not find any Marriage Record. But I did find 2 advertisements for the sale of some land. One was in 1806 a notice of the Sale of Kindred Carter's Plantation by administrators James Carter & Anderson Rozar. And another in 1809 some land formerly of the deceased Kindred Carter by Alexander Rozar in 1809. I will try to insert photos of the clippings. I am Pamela Tucker, the wife of Alan Tucker.
April 14 @ 5:15pm
Alan, thanks for doing that for Linda. Unfortunately, I no longer have Newspapers.com (I never had any luck with it) or Genealogybank.com (I did have luck with that but let my acct lapse, I may go get it again),, but glad Alan was able to look around for you. Good luck with your search! (Are you in the Facebook group: Wiregrass GA DNA Research? And /or in the Gedmatch Proj I admin: Wiregrass GA DNA, where you can compare your atDNA with others from WG GA ancestors? And then join the accompanying FB group I admin: WIREGRASS GA DNA (which is only for those who are in the WG Gedmatch Proj. ) .... All are welcome!
Linda Carter
May 19 @ 9:29am
Alan, thank you so much for this info. I will try to download it. There is a Kindred Carter in my line, as well as his son Henry Carter and Martha Patsy Parham. I got a brick wall with 4xggf John Carter b.ca.1790 m. Martha Patsy Tucker. Are you frm that line? Send to my email: carrice555@gmail.com.
Linda Carter
May 19 @ 9:36am
Cynthia, I am a member of Wiregrass GA DNA group. Have been taking a rest during Quarantine, sewing masks as voluntéer keeps me busy. But plan to try & keep working here too. Haven't figured out yet how to use GEDmatch, but do have a number. Pray all are safe!
Angelyn Page Angelyn Page
May 17 @ 4:31pm
I'm glad to find your group here! My father and mother's family are both documented in Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia. Our families are primarily from South and Middle Georgia. Appling County families include Page, Googe, Sellers, Herndon, Hall, White, Powell, Stone, Thornton, Bennett, Prescott, Johnson, and Bishop. There are many other families documented throughout the area. I'm happy to collaborate with anyone with ties to these families in the Appling Co. area. Thanks!
Stella Stubley
May 19 @ 8:45am
I have a Quinn, Branch, Ricks, Beecher connection. Herndon & Hall also seem to have a connection with these families.
Paul Rhodes Paul Rhodes has a question!
May 1 @ 9:58pm
I am trying to figure out of I am related to John Murray & Sarah “Sallie” Hendley of Berrien, Georgia. Any dna confirmation or connection would help.
Paul Rhodes
May 1 @ 10:19pm
Why do I think this is a possibility? My 2nd great grandmother based on a marriage certificate from Huntsville, Alabama was named Minnie Henley. Her mom was listed as Sallie Henley. Sallie had to sign to give her permission to marry. Minnie was born in Georgia about 1883 based on the 1900 census of her and her husband in Huntsville, AL. She was married at about at 14 or 15. She gave birth to twins but lost them at birth. (If John Murray is her dad, this would make since given that he had two sets of twin brothers). She gave birth in June of 1900 to a son (my great grandfather). In the first year of his life, she passed away. (Burial location is unknown.) There is one picture of her. In the picture (I am trying to get a copy sent to me to be able to show), she is very petite and looks similar in size to John Murray's wife. In my research into John & Sallie, I noticed two interesting things: First, it mentions that there is an unknown child buried next to her gravesite. Second, it mentions that the Henley family used to travel to Savannah to purchase imported goods. This stands out because at the time most of Savannah's goods moved on a road through South Carolina and through Augusta, Georgia. Minnie's husbands family ran the bridge at Augusta and literally lived on the bridge. I haven't been able to come up with more than two documents with her existence. The 1890 census was destroyed. Any dna help or documents would be helpful.
Linda Carter Linda Carter
February 29 @ 1:02pm
Tina, the last time we spoke, i was trying to figure out how GEDmatch worked!! Since then, I had autosomal DNA done thru FTDNA (Kit #824825)j and subsequent GEDmatch #T211469. However, even tho there are MANY matches with FTDNA, I still haven't figured out the GEDmatch mysteries. There are some Carters in there, but now I have my Mom's many Scott's - Irish descendants. We had no living Carter males for 3 generations back, for Y-DNA. Unless, there are some Carters from Denver, out of Robeson County NC, through William Carter b, 1859 (born to Alex Carter Sr/Orra Lovette). His brother, Leonard Carter (Jesup, Wayne county, GA) was my ggf. They had a brother, Henry B. Carter/Lula Moody, who moved to Lakeland, FL in the early 1900s, where two more Leonard Carters descended. They are well established tho I dont know if any of his g-grandsons were tested. Still waiting to hear ...
April 14 @ 5:20pm
LINDA, if we havent already talked via FB Msg, be sure to let me know if you still need any Gedmatch help. Are you in the Gedmatch WG DNA Proj? If you need help joining it or figuring it out, give a holler & I'll be glad to have a brief 'phone tutorial' with you, with both of us in the Gedmatch Proj at the time. I do it all the time, doesnt take long. My email is: tinapeddie@yahoo.com
Wayne McDaniel Wayne McDaniel
April 12 @ 8:58am
I have my Big Y results...
April 14 @ 5:14pm
Good luck with it!
December 27 @ 2:50pm
*FYI: All who are interested, please feel free to join us in the (new) Gedmatch Ancestor Project, "WIREGRASS GEORGIA DESCENDANTS"... you need to have a Gedmatch acct (if you've done dna anywhere, you can upload FREE your 'raw data dna file' to Gedmatch). Then go to DNA APPLICATIONS, then click on ANCESTOR PROJECTS, then look down the list alphabetically for WIREGRASS GEORGIA DESCENDANTS, and to the right, click on REQUEST MEMBERSHIP. Once you've done that, you can then go to the Facebook group "WIREGRASS GEORGIA DNA" and Join there. That's where the people from the Gedmatch group are going to the Private group to share their dna matches and compare and share with those they match there.
Cynthia Pickett
January 15 @ 1:00am
Been there, done that!
January 16 @ 2:10pm
Hi Cynthia! Glad you are also in the Gedmatch WG GA DESCENDANTS Project! And (probably) also in the FB WG DNA Group! The more places we all are, the better chance we have of making family connections! :)
Cynthia Pickett
February 29 @ 11:44pm
Thank you very much!
Raymond .Evans Raymond .Evans
February 20, 2019 @ 1:10pm
EUREKA!! It worked!! These are three of the four sons born to Jesse Edward Evans and Gracie Snyder Evans. From left to right: Ceasle "Clyde" Evans, Lee Edward Evans and Thomas Jefferson Evans (our Daddy). Their Aunt Azalean Maude Evans Bryant -- sister to their Daddy Jesse Edward Evans-- raised the boys after their Mom, Gracie Snyder Evans passed away shortly after giving birth to her fourth son, little Jesse Grant Evans...who later died at 5 months of age, due to "the fever" we were told. Their Daddy had to go to Florida for work and was employed, working with the CCC in Stark, Fl. building what is a campground today. One day a traveling photographer came through and Aunt Azalean told us that to get this picture of the boys, she had to call them in from the woods in Fruitdale, Al. give them a "spit-bath" and dress them in their "Sunday=best"....you can TELL they were happy about that!!
February 20, 2019 @ 4:04pm
How cute! What a great photo!!
Teresa Sardinas
July 18, 2019 @ 3:50pm
Great story and picture!
Linda Carter
February 29 @ 12:32pm
So cute!! Can tell they are brothers...the resemblance is so strikingly alike 😊
Randi Embras Randi Embras
January 14 @ 7:14pm
Hey everyone! Does anyone have anny connections to the Zipperer line? My grandfather was Charles Zipperer... traced all the way back to Christian Jonathan Zipperer who came over on the ship called the antelope... I believe. Any information would be great! thank you
Robert Drumm
January 14 @ 10:56pm
Thru marriage
Robert Drumm
February 12 @ 7:35pm
What info do you want?
Robert Phillips
February 18 @ 12:16pm
According to Gnann's "Georgia Salzburgers and Allied Families," Christian Jonathan Zipperer was the son of Christian Zipperer (1710-1781). Christian came over to Georgia from Ulm on the Antelope in 1751. Christian Jonathan was born in 1757, probably in Ebenezer, GA and married Gratiosa Zittrauer in 1778. I'm sure you can find more info through sources connected with the Salzburgers.