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Angelyn Page Angelyn Page
May 17 @ 4:31pm
I'm glad to find your group here! My father and mother's family are both documented in Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia. Our families are primarily from South and Middle Georgia. Appling County families include Page, Googe, Sellers, Herndon, Hall, White, Powell, Stone, Thornton, Bennett, Prescott, Johnson, and Bishop. There are many other families documented throughout the area. I'm happy to collaborate with anyone with ties to these families in the Appling Co. area. Thanks!
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Michael Griffin
July 20 @ 1:44am
I have many of the Powell books and the also the two volume books my unle George Travis Powell wrote. Also have the new book on Powells about Atlanta Civil War. My Family are the first settlers of Atlanta Chapman Powell which his cabin is at Stone Mountain Georgia. We owned Downtown Peachtree and Train Hub; and our main land is today the Emory University with Houston Mill House and Hardeman family. Yet the family moved to Bibb County, Macon, Georgia later. The Powells also lived near my Griffin (Alapaha, Georgia) Berrien County Georgia and know a little about them.
Michael Griffin
July 20 @ 1:49am
Julia Hesler
July 29 @ 11:50am
I've done a fair amount of research on my Johnsons who wound up in Appling County and are also listed in Pioneers. I descend from Matthew/Mathias (RWS 1741-1799) --> Daniel (1770-1845) -->Malcom (1798-1862) -->Caroline (1842-1884), who married John R. Holton. Lots of records destroyed down there in the 1860 time frame. Does your line intersect any of these?
Amy Johnson Amy Johnson has a question!
August 12, 2016 @ 2:37pm
I am looking to connect with anyone that may have additional information on the John Griffis/Elizabeth Register and John Stalvey Jr./Easter Padgett debacle. I am descended from one of the children of Easter Padgett and John Griffis. I know that Griffis left Register and Padgett left Stalvey, and Griffis and Padgett were finally able to escape the rage of Stalvey.. I was hoping though that someone might have information that I DON'T have.
Amy Johnson
December 24, 2016 @ 5:18am
My Maternal Grandfather was a Smith. What I find to be really weird though is that when looking at people who match 2 or more kits, you and I are the only ones that match on this chromosome. Hopefully more will come in soon and we can figure it out.
Lucas Humphrey
October 22 @ 1:19pm
@Marlene Bohanan - Benjamin Clay Stalvey b. 1888-1948?
Lucas Humphrey
October 22 @ 1:21pm
@Amy Johnson - Do you have any more info/middle names on Stalvey and Register? I know this was 3 years ago, but I probably have all the needed info somewhere. If not, a family member certainly does. Assuming, of course that it's the same people.
Michael Griffin
July 20 @ 2:11am
My Griffin family from Georgia, came from North Carolina had the name Griffis, which was a change from the Angle-saxon name of Griffith a very famous family from Welsh Royality 0f House of Dinefwr in Kingdom of Dehuebarth, which later became the Royal Tudors of Penhyrn, Wales and The Tudors of Penmynydd (Henry Vii 1st cousins). Yet the True Welsh name is Gruffydd (Griffith in Welsh) or Gruffudd, and Gryffudd. My family are direct line of Kings (Prince) of Deheubarth at Castle Dinefwr and Carreg Cennen and later Kidwelly and others. We lasted lived at Cefn Amwlch Estate, Penllech, Lyn, Wales and still own the land under Wynn-Finch cousins. Plas Newydd Castle, Penhyrn Castle, Plas Mawr House in Wales are the 1500-1600s homes So Griffis is most likely Griffith - Owen Griffith my 10th Great Grandfather the Kings attorney of King Charles is most of these Griffin (Griffis- Griffith) american family lines stem from. There are Griffins in Wales with the Llyodd and Vaughan families. By marriage also of Henry Viii son Rev Richard Edwardes to Helen Griffin, daughter Elizabeth Edwards to Rev. Robert Hunt Jamestown's first preacher had Capt William Hunt whose daughter Mary Hunt married my 10th Great Grandfather Owen Griffith son of Member of Parliament John Griffith and Sheriff of Carnarvonshire county Wales. So the Tudors of Angelesy county Wales are the Griffith and Theodres today. Its a high chance you are related to the Tudor Griffiths
Teresa Harding Teresa Harding
July 27, 2019 @ 1:08pm
This is the area my mother and fathers families were from Irwin, Tift, Appling counties etc.Surnames Bryan, Noles, Smith, Vick, Busbin etc
Alfred Johnson
November 25 @ 10:53pm
I don't have Gedmatch, I have 23andme, ancestry. my Johnson might be related to the late President Lyndon B. Johnson, is this your family Johnsons?
Alfred Johnson
November 25 @ 10:55pm
Teresa, I spoke with a Ron Davis in California who sent me an email about my Hardin/ Belle family line.
Alfred Johnson
November 26 @ 9:18pm
Teresa, I also sent a message to a Connie Hardin that is a match to me through my mother , K haplogroup, located in 23andme.
Michael Griffin
July 20 @ 2:01am
my family settled Irwin in 1820s then split into Berrien County in 1850. I am the Griffin family, yet have many ties due to other grandparents. Yet my Y-DNA states a Noles is my closes Y-DNA of RM269- L21 - DF63
Kim Handgen Kim Handgen
December 12 @ 7:27pm
Glad to join you all. My mother's paternal side is from Appling, Coffee, Bulloch and surrounding counties. Their surnames are Byrd, Hayes, Hand, Purvis, Thornton, Williamson, Coursey. We believe we are descended from John J Byrd, father of Lewis J Byrd. John J is recorded as full cherokee and son Lewis as 1/2. According to 23andme I have a scintilla of Native Am and so does my mother, who also tested. We also have Senegambian and Congolese, both of us at the same amount on the same chromosomes. We have a lot of gaps on this side and it appears there are many NPE that have complicated things. Your help is welcome and I will do what I can to answer questions if I can.
Michael Griffin
July 20 @ 1:58am
My cousins are the Purvis from Berrien and county next to it. The Byrd family I have grandparents like from early 1800s late 1700s. Berrien County historical website has pictures of these families including my Griffin family.
Paul Rhodes Paul Rhodes has a question!
May 1 @ 9:58pm
I am trying to figure out of I am related to John Murray & Sarah “Sallie” Hendley of Berrien, Georgia. Any dna confirmation or connection would help.
Paul Rhodes
May 1 @ 10:19pm
Why do I think this is a possibility? My 2nd great grandmother based on a marriage certificate from Huntsville, Alabama was named Minnie Henley. Her mom was listed as Sallie Henley. Sallie had to sign to give her permission to marry. Minnie was born in Georgia about 1883 based on the 1900 census of her and her husband in Huntsville, AL. She was married at about at 14 or 15. She gave birth to twins but lost them at birth. (If John Murray is her dad, this would make since given that he had two sets of twin brothers). She gave birth in June of 1900 to a son (my great grandfather). In the first year of his life, she passed away. (Burial location is unknown.) There is one picture of her. In the picture (I am trying to get a copy sent to me to be able to show), she is very petite and looks similar in size to John Murray's wife. In my research into John & Sallie, I noticed two interesting things: First, it mentions that there is an unknown child buried next to her gravesite. Second, it mentions that the Henley family used to travel to Savannah to purchase imported goods. This stands out because at the time most of Savannah's goods moved on a road through South Carolina and through Augusta, Georgia. Minnie's husbands family ran the bridge at Augusta and literally lived on the bridge. I haven't been able to come up with more than two documents with her existence. The 1890 census was destroyed. Any dna help or documents would be helpful.
Michael Griffin
July 20 @ 1:54am
did you ever figure it out? my grandparents
Wayne McDaniel Wayne McDaniel
April 12 @ 8:58am
I have my Big Y results...
April 14 @ 5:14pm
Good luck with it!
James Bass
July 5 @ 8:49am
Wayne, what did you learn from your Big-Y. I took it too, but very curious about the McDaniels since my gr-grandmother was a McDaniel
Wayne McDaniel
July 6 @ 8:35am
So far I've been able to match with more cousins. I still have my brick wall, but have found a brother and many of his descendants of my 3rd grandfather. I still cannot confirm his father and beyond. I have a strong relationship to the Miles family but I cannot make any connections following that line.
Walter Ricks Walter Ricks
March 5 @ 6:54am
I’m New to the group and would love to hear from anyone working on these lines: Ricks, McDaniel, Heath, Fields, Hobbs, Blissitt. Thanks!
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Stella Stubley
May 19 @ 2:48pm
I have a connection with Hampton Ricks born 1820 via his daughter Martha Eliza Ricks who married a John Branch
James Miller
June 29 @ 3:49pm
Tina, how do you find these projects at Gedmatch? I have looked over the whole page and do not find a way to join any projects.
Stella Stubley
July 4 @ 11:43am
You will find Wiregrass & others on GEDmatch "Ancestor Projects"
James Bass
July 5 @ 8:48am
My McDaniel line comes from Laurens County, GA and the surrounding areas: Burke, Jefferson, Wilkinson, etc.
Charles Larkins Charles Larkins has a question!
July 4 @ 8:48am
Having just joined this group, I am trying to search the various post but can not find a search feature. Am I looking right at it yet not seeing it? My interest is in finding anyone connected with the Gilliard name.
Mary Riser Mary Riser
April 9, 2015 @ 3:12pm
Does anyone have connections to Colleton county SC?
Raymond Poole
March 26 @ 9:38pm
April 28 @ 4:05pm
I meant to say McKenzie :)
greg joyner
May 28 @ 3:44pm
I live there
Frankie Tyson
May 30 @ 7:17pm
Linda Carter Linda Carter has a question!
February 29 @ 12:39pm
Tina, i was wondering if you're the one who can get marrage certificates or Announcements from newspapers? I'm looking for one of my ancestors, Martha Grace Carter to Alexander Rozar/Rozier. Marriage was in Columbia County, Georgia, on 24 Sep 1805.
Alan Tucker
March 23 @ 3:18pm
Linda, I searched, & & also searched I did not find any Marriage Record. But I did find 2 advertisements for the sale of some land. One was in 1806 a notice of the Sale of Kindred Carter's Plantation by administrators James Carter & Anderson Rozar. And another in 1809 some land formerly of the deceased Kindred Carter by Alexander Rozar in 1809. I will try to insert photos of the clippings. I am Pamela Tucker, the wife of Alan Tucker.
April 14 @ 5:15pm
Alan, thanks for doing that for Linda. Unfortunately, I no longer have (I never had any luck with it) or (I did have luck with that but let my acct lapse, I may go get it again),, but glad Alan was able to look around for you. Good luck with your search! (Are you in the Facebook group: Wiregrass GA DNA Research? And /or in the Gedmatch Proj I admin: Wiregrass GA DNA, where you can compare your atDNA with others from WG GA ancestors? And then join the accompanying FB group I admin: WIREGRASS GA DNA (which is only for those who are in the WG Gedmatch Proj. ) .... All are welcome!
Linda Carter
May 19 @ 9:29am
Alan, thank you so much for this info. I will try to download it. There is a Kindred Carter in my line, as well as his son Henry Carter and Martha Patsy Parham. I got a brick wall with 4xggf John Carter m. Martha Patsy Tucker. Are you frm that line? Send to my email:
Linda Carter
May 19 @ 9:36am
Cynthia, I am a member of Wiregrass GA DNA group. Have been taking a rest during Quarantine, sewing masks as voluntéer keeps me busy. But plan to try & keep working here too. Haven't figured out yet how to use GEDmatch, but do have a number. Pray all are safe!