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Teresa Harding Teresa Harding
October 17 @ 1:15pm
Please Add me to the GEDMATCH Research Group. My number is LB9182918
Adam Broxton Adam Broxton
September 8 @ 8:54pm
Hello Everyone ! My earliest known Wire grass relatives are : James R Broxton 1818- 1856 Early Absolom Davis 1785 -1838 I'm also researching the surnames : Anderson ( Screven) Smith ( Charlton Co) Pierce ( Burke Co) Allen (Burke CO ) Croft (Colquitt, GA and Lake Butler, FL )
Patricia Gacchina Patricia Gacchina
August 4 @ 12:31pm
So sorry gang. I’m new to posting in this forum. I am a descendant of John Knight 1748-1774 and Rachel Anderson. I just punched a y 67 kit for my male Knight cousin. We are going to trace back to Captain Peter Knight 1620. John Knight’s son Jonathan Knight 1781-1852 and Elizabeth Tucker 1789-1853 migrated from Georgia to Florida and are listed in the Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia Vol. III page175 .vol IX page page 523.
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Patricia Gacchina
August 4 @ 7:35pm
Hi James, I just ordered a y 67 kit for my male cousin of the Knight line. I will let you know when results are in. Hopefully we will share many matches. I have tested my mother (Elaine Knight) and myself on Ancestry. I will try to upload those files during the week when support is open.
James GM T426718 Miller Kit 356313
August 5 @ 2:06pm
Hello Patricia, I have my kit being processed at Ancestry right now. They have it in the final stages of the process and have an expected completion of Aug 8. Many of my cousins are there from the line I have mentioned above. I am anxious to get to use the DNA Circles I have heard of. Our connection is so far back I doubt it will show up their. The threshold would have to be lowered for it to show as a match. The only way to do that, that I know of, is at Gedmatch.com. Tina Peddie, admin here, has mentioned Gedmatch recently in a post here.
James GM T426718 Miller Kit 356313
August 5 @ 2:08pm
I have just now seen your post, FTDNA's notifications do not always tell you when someone has commented on a new post so it is best to like a comment of the person you are directing a comment to. Just an FYI.
Richard O'Steen
August 29 @ 4:20pm
Our O'Steen group is trying to establish that we are Knight descendants through "y" DNA. Will you be sure to have your cousin's DNA added to the Knight Family Project Group on this site.? No offense intended but we Have Jonathan as one of the Knights that could be the missing father of our ancestor, John Riley O'Steen born 1824 Ware Co. Georgia.
August 7 @ 10:36pm
*UPDATE:: We now have in last 3 days, abt 75 people on the new FB group "WIREGRASS GEORGIA DNA". IF you go there to Join, PLEASE answer the "3 Questions" or you wont get in. We now have abt 130 people in the brand new Gedmatch 'Ancestry Project' (new feature at G'match), called WIREGRASS GEORGIA DESCENDANTS. IF you have your dna at Gedmatch, and would like to be a part of this Project, just send me an EMAIL with your Gedmatch #.... you can find the new project in your G'match account about half way down on the right under 'ANCESTRY PROJECTS' and you will see ours and more. It is already helping many people connect with their WG cousins they might not have otherwise, including me!* my email to use is: desabla1@yahoo.com ....
Joseph Waters
August 8 @ 8:49am
I had 4 matches of 93 tested in this GED group. One had a tree attached. They had a Waters line that ties to other Waters matches I have found, these are all beyond my brick wall but helping to establish a pattern.
Rosemary McKean
August 10 @ 7:40pm
Awesome. Just sent you an e-mail Tina. :)
Cindy Gray
August 29 @ 7:38am
Is the Gedmatch a specific DNA test? I don't know if I have one. I have taken the Ancestry DNA test and I have the Y700 Family Tree test. Is the Gedmatch information found in any of those tests?
Cindy Gray
August 29 @ 7:43am
I have a downloaded document that says GED file. Would that be what you need?
Cheryl Kerschner Cheryl Kerschner
August 9 @ 1:39pm
Looking for other members of Akins family from Irwin Co. GA. Other related branches, Cox, Gilder.
Teresa Harding
August 10 @ 7:36am
My folks from Irwin Co Ga were the Bryan's, Busbin's, and Etc. May are buried at Waterloo Baptist Church Cemetary, both new church and the Old Church. Have you check on Find a Grave Ga, Irwin Co, Brushy Creek Primitive Baptist has Akins and Cox.
Cheryl Kerschner
August 10 @ 7:07pm
Thank you, Teresa. Yes, I have my line on the Akins back pretty far but trying to find how all the Akins connect to mine....hope to find some more cousins!
August 5 @ 7:11pm
*On GEDMATCH? Join us in the new WIREGRASS GEORGIA DESCENDANTS Project there! Just go into your account and come down to 'ANCESTRY PROJECTS' and look for WIREGRASS GEORGIA DESCENDANTS. Click on my email address to Join...be sure to include your GEDMATCH #. You will then be added to the Project.*
August 1 @ 1:59pm
WiregrassGA Research Facebook page - is everyone on it?
Joseph Waters
August 2 @ 8:22pm
Link? I searched WiregrassGA Research... nada
Tanya Jones
August 2 @ 8:46pm
Wiregrass Georgia Genealogy Research
August 5 @ 1:53pm
On Facebook, there is: WIREGRASS GEORGIA GENEALOGY RESEARCH. And now the new WIREGRASS GEORGIA DNA. And being created 'as we speak' by Gedmatch, is the new feature on Gedmatch, their Ancestry-Projects, and ours will be 'WIREGRASS GEORGIA DESCENDANTS.'
August 5 @ 1:28pm
*Hello All! I see alot of familiar names here, people who are also on the Facebook page WIREGRASS GEORGIA GENEALOGY RESEARCH. We have just created a new FB page for anyone interested, WIREGRASS GEORGIA DNA. Not everyone who has done DNA has done it thru FTDNA and isnt on this page with us, and FB has alot of activity. Please join us there if you'd like. Also if you've done DNA testing anywhere, be sure to join GEDMATCH www.gedmatch.com .. Many of us are there as well. Anyone who has tested thru ANY company can join Gedmatch *upload your raw data dna file*, and you will find matches from ALL the different testing companies. We have also just created a new ANCESTRY PROJECT AT GEDMATCH. It's a whole new feature there. It should be up and running soon. Ask if you have any questions.* My email is: tinapeddie@yahoo.com. ((My WG GA ancestors: Jones, Moore, Mattox, Strickland, Overstreet, McKenzie, Hardeman, etc))
Alfred Johnson Alfred Johnson
July 6 @ 3:47pm
ancestry has found a few family members in Georgia, European decent by the way. I am doing 23 and me now, can't wait to see what I find.
August 1 @ 1:55pm
Hope you found a lot! Are you also on Gedmatch?
August 5 @ 1:24pm
Alfred, are you on Gedmatch?
Patricia Gacchina Patricia Gacchina
August 4 @ 12:19pm
Hi ,