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About us

Welcome to the WILEY (& Variant Spellings) DNA SURNAME STUDY!

The Wiley DNA Project reaches out to everyone with the surname Wiley (all spellings), or with an ancestral line that includes Wiley (all spellings), who are interested in DNA testing as a tool for genealogy research. This includes yDNA testing for direct paternal line; mitochondrial (mtDNA) testing for direct female line; and autosomal testing (Family Finder)for all those relatives in between.


To join the Wiley DNA Project, click on the JOIN button above to order the yDNA, Family Finder autosomal, or mtDNA test of your choice.  You do not have to be a project member to order a test, but members will receive a discount.  For men, this can be any of the yDNA STR tests offered at various marker levels. We recommend a minimum of 37 markers. More is better. Alternatively, National Genographic Project testers can transfer their test results to FTDNA at no charge and receive many free benefits, but to be included in the FTDNA database matching program a yDNA STR test must be ordered. Men and women may take the Family Finder autosomal DNA test and the mitochondrial (mtDNA) test.


1. Update your myFTDNA dashboard by clicking on ACCOUNT SETTINGS at the lower left. Unless you have specific reasons for keeping results private, make sure your privacy settings are set to maximize your chances of finding potential relatives and understanding origins.  Click on the tab PRIVACY & SHARING. Look under MY PROFILE for the question “Who can view my Most Distant Ancestor?”Change to “Share my Most Distant Ancestor with other people in projects that I've joined.” Look under MY DNA RESULTS for the question "Who can view my DNA results in group projects?"  Change to ANYONE.

2. While still in Account Settings, update your Paternal Ancestor name and origins and add your surnames. Click on the tab GENEALOGY and scroll down to update your paternal origins information. Select MOST DISTANT ANCESTOR and complete the information for your PATERNAL DIRECT most distant(oldest) ancestor. Please enter only information that is not speculative. Enter first and last names, birth year, and as specific a birth and origin location as you can in the NAME field.  For example, “James Wiley, b.c.1810, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland.” For the COUNTRY OF ORIGIN field, please be as specific as possible. For instance, rather than select UNITED KINGDOM please pick either ENGLAND, IRELAND, NORTHERN IRELAND,SCOTLAND, OR WALES if you know the origin. Add the latitude and longitude information as well so that the automatic maps can be drawn properly. If you don't know the origin, that is okay. Unknown may be the best answer.  Add surnames and locations in the SURNAMES area.

3. Add a family tree to your profile by uploading a Gedcom or by entering information into the my FamilyTree tool.  These can be accessed on your my FTDNA page by clicking on MY FAMILY TREE at top of the center section of page.

4. Once your test results are received, yDNA  and mtDNA results will include a haplogroup assignment. It is suggested that you join the appropriate Haplogroup Project for your haplogroup.  This can be done by clicking on PROJECTS at top, then JOIN A PROJECT in the drop-down menu.  Haplogroup Administrators can assist with the interpretation of your results and offer valuable advice about possible next steps. You may join other geographic or ethnic projects, as well.  There is no limit.