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Updated 4 May 2013

Once you have joined this project, you can expect to be placed into your specific category as dictated by your Haplogroups and Haplotypes.
Although your family trees are extremely important (and valuable), in this project, it will be your DNA results which will dictate the family to which you belong.

Once you are in a group, feel free to use your personal FTDNA Home Page Y-DNA matches and make contact with those in your group.

Be aware that if your predicted Haplogroup is R1b1a2, then my experience dictates that if you have started at Y-12, please consider investing in an upgrade. 
I suggest an upgrade to 67 markers in the first instance but even if you go to Y-37, this will be more advantageous to you than Y-12.

Read more about it here

Anything less for this Haplogroup (R1b1a2) is likely to be somewhat "hit and miss". 

At all times, feel free to email me.

Gail Riddell