U5 mtDNA

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About us

All U5 (mtDNA) are welcome to join!

If your mtDNA test results show mt-haplogroup U5, please join our project. We will learn more about Haplogroup U5, and we will attempt to discover your branch of U5, its ethnic origins, and its prehistoric migration.

Note that you must give project administrators Limited or Full access to get help, otherwise your results and information is hidden (and there is little point in being a member).

To join, log into www.familytreedna.com with your kit number and password. On your My FTDNA page, click on the blue Join icon across from your name. The next page will be the Group Join page. Go to the bottom of the page to the mt Haplogroup Projects section and click on the link to the *U* projects. Next click on U5, then click Join. There is no additional cost to join the U5 project. You don't need to order another kit, and there is absolutely no cost to join this project.