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Y-DNA, mtDNA, atDNA: Südtirol, Nordtirol, Osttirol, Trentino
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Y-DNA, mtDNA, atDNA (1/2 = one parent) from historical Tyrol (Südtirol, Nordtirol, Osttirol, Trentino) in the Alps. Details see Tyrol DNA Background page. Before you do a join request check Membership criteria: Public results (Y, mt): public viewing and sharing of Y and mt groupings is essential to facilitate successful research. Under Project Preferences > Project Sharing please activate Opt in to Sharing. Under Administrator Access > Actions edit to Limited or Advanced if you want Admins to look into results and help. Y-DNA (research focus): Genealogical evidence of paternal lineage ancestry or clear Y-DNA match/es from historical Tyrol. Member of the most informative Y-Haplogroup project/s. mtDNA: Genealogical evidence of maternal lineage ancestry or clear FMS match/es from historical Tyrol. Member of the most informative mt-Haplogroup project/s. FamilyFinder: Genealogical evidence of one parent from historical Tyrol. Gedmatch account (please add ID in About Me. Membership criteria secure the benefit and research for members and the project. It you think they are applicable for you please explain in the Join Request which DNA test and genealogical or genetic evidence connects you to Tyrol Research consent: With your join request you give consent that the data (kit number, ancestry information, DNA results) could be used for citizen science studies in the field of Population Genetic Comparisons (ancestry and relatives) published under free open access licenses. See PopGenComp: Population Genetic Comparison (http://popgen.us/popgencomp/)