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TROUT-DNA Research Project -- Craig H. Trout, founder/administrator
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About us

Project Milestones: (This section is being rebuilt, watch for changes)

  • 10/18/2004 -- TROUT-DNA Research Project is founded by Craig H. Trout (That would be me!!) who also submits his own 37-marker Y-DNA test to get things off to a good start. See Craig's family line summary and research statement below. 
  • 03/09/2005 – Forum feature is established as the reference library for the TROUT-DNA Research Project. 
  • 04/01/2005 – The TROUT-DNA Research Project Newsletter begins publication on an as-needed basis. 05/12/2005 – In a special arrangement with member Edwin A. R. Trout, our Forum is established as the on-line archives for the quarterly research journal, The Trout Family Historian. 
  •  07/17/2005 – TROUT-DNA Research Project accepted and featured on “Cyndi’s List” for the first time. 
  • 12/111/2005 – A PICO Search Engine is added to search not only the main TROUT-DNA Research Project web site, but also all associated links embedded on the site. 
  • 04/30/2006 – TROUT-DNA Research Project successfully undergoes a peer review by the International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG), and earns the right to add the “ISOGG peer-reviewed” logo to our web site. 
  • 10/01/2007 – (approximate date) TROUT-DNA Research Project web site “hit counter” passe the 10,000 hits mark, thus underscoring the heavy use of our web site as a general TROUT research resource area. 
  • 10/05/2007 – Special edition of the TROUT-DNA Research Project Newsletter celebrates the third anniversary of the founding of our research project. 
  • 12/01/2007 – The TROUT-DNA Research Project is selected as the featured ISOGG “site of the month,” along with very complimentary write ups. This is an honor in view of the vast world wide membership of the ISOGG. 
  • 05/10/2008 – A Match Cluster-B reunion for Line #1, Johann Wendel Georg TRAUT, is held in and near Strasburg, Lancaster, PA. Project members Kathy Trout Horvath and Donald Eugene Trout co-host
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