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Everyone who has the surname Tigges or Tiegs (or other variations) in his or her family tree is welcome to join this project. Our goals are to determine (1) if Tigges and Tiegs are related (2) if other similar spellings are related, (3) whether the Rhine Valley Tigges/Tiegs families and those in East Germany are related, and (4) if there is any relatedness among French, Swedish, Dutch, English and other Tigges/Tiegs families. DNA testing will be used in conjunction with traditional genealogy and historical research to enhance our knowledge of our Tigges/Tiegs connections, and we encourage everyone to provide as much information as they have about their own Tigges/Tiegs lines. See the Activity Feed on left. Use the pinned post as an example, and be sure to provide a link to your own tree, as shown, and/or upload to or build your tree from your own MyFTDNA page. REQUIREMENTS: (Note: This paragraph supersedes any other Requirements for this project.) Males who still carry the Tigges, Thiegs, Tiegs or similar surname should have a Y-DNA test (minimum 12 markers, 37 markers recommended); both males and females should have an autosomal test. At Family Tree DNA, this test is Family Finder. Both Ancestry and 23andMe offer a similar test that can be transferred to FTDNA for a very small charge. Click the JOIN button in the photo banner on the website to join our project and order a test. If you already have a test on file with Family Tree DNA, click Add Projects on your MyFTDNA page and scroll down to Tigges under Surnames.