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About us

This is a Y-CHROMOSOME testing project but we now have MtDNA tests listed under the Y-DNA Results link. It is NOT for family finder tests. Those should be done directly through the lab's main kit ordering procedures.

As with other surname projects, the objectives of the THOMAS group is to find connections through Y-Chromosome testing between our lines and to hopefully determine the countries of origin of these various families. Ultimately, by sharing our results and research we believe we might better focus our research efforts.

We now have several groups of matching DNA which has allowed these participants to learn more about their ancestry or has redirected their search.

REMEMBER - this is a Y chromosome testing method so requires a direct Thomas male and or a MtDNA tested person to participate.

The old website of the Thomas Y-DNA Project can still be viewed for a few more weeks until it is shut down permanently. It can be found at