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January19, 2016 fb For T in general, I hope this mtdna FGS  project  will continue in its tradition of contributing to the research literature and I hope to bring that back to this project with new research investigations for all of T who are interested.

January 17, 2016 fb  Hi everyone. I am Dr. Felice Bedford. I have joined as the admin specifically for the T2e branches of mtdna subhaplogroup T2.  I am a professor at the University of Arizona and have a few publications on T2e.   So if you have any questions, please send me email (bedford@email.arizona.edu) and I can try to answer them.   Also, if you are unclassified T2 (or unclassified T), I may be able to help also.

Note that the T2e categories that appear here (as of late January2016) are outdated. For the correct T2e categories, see the T2 project where Ihave updated them; I will be maintaining them on that T2 project.

2016 January: Additional administrators added.

2011: Project revised to normal FTDNA haplogroup project.

2010: Research paper submitted, see link under "Background".

2008: Research project started.