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About us

This project was started in May 2010 to focus on a group of individuals within Haplogroup T, who also have a rare allele value of 12 for marker DYS456. The initial focus group includes 20 individuals with this unusual combination. These 20 individuals represent several different surnames, yet they have closely matching haplotypes -- a maximum of two off-modal alleles for 37-marker haplotypes and a maximum of three off-modal alleles for 67-marker haplotypes). The distinguishing marker of our group appears to be unique within Haplogroup T, based upon a comparison of all members of the Haplogroup T (former K2) Project. Out of 225 results currently in the Haplogroup T project, not a single one (outside of our group) has an allele value of 12 for DYS456; but everyone in our group has a value of 12. In fact, the most common values for DYS456 are either 15 or 16. After extracting the alleles for all members who have tested DYS456 (at least a 37-marker test) we can generate a table of the values for this marker.
13 1
14 19
15 64
16 50
17 11
18 4
The above distribution is roughly a bell curve, where the most frequent value is 15. This makes it obvious what an unusual value we have for DYS456. Our group's value of 12 is completely outside the curve for the rest of Haplogroup T.