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Greetings! Welcome to the Switzerland project! I hope everyone who feels sure that either their Y-chromosome, paternal line, or their mtDNA, maternal line, originated in Switzerland, will join with us, so that we can learn much more about the diversity of peoples from which this multi-ethnic nation has been built, from the first settlers following the melting of the Ice Age glaciers, to recent times. Members, it's crucial that you fill in your surname and your family's place of origin (Heimat) in the space provided. You can find the place to write it, on your personal page under "User Preferences." It only takes a second. Please do it today! When you have a few more minutes, please add the latitude and longitude of your ancestral home town, so that we'll be able to find your family on the map. This needs to be in a decimal format, rather than in the traditional degrees and minutes. For the mtDNA chart, please tell whatever you know about the place of origin of your maternal lineage, and the name of your earliest known maternal ancestor. The place is very important for mtDNA, since women have no surname to pass down. If you are not very sure that your paternal or maternal ancestors came from Switzerland, it would be best to join surname and haplogroup projects instead, as this one needs to stay focused on known Swiss families.