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The Swan / Swann Families - Combining DNA and Documentation Effectively
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About us

The object of the Swann DNA Surname Project is to establish the relationship between the various Swan(n) families around the world.  We invite all possible Swan(n)s to participate in our project.  At present we have more information on American families and their origins, but all participants are welcome to join.

We now have excellent genetic signatures for several well-known Swan(n) families in America and are working actively on tracing these across the Atlantic. This is exceptionally difficult research - impossible without DNA - and the surname is common on the British mainland, less so in Ireland where it is likely to arise from migration from outside.  Over 10,000 Swan/Swann entries occur in the 1881 Census of England, Wales and Scotland and about 1,000 in the 1901 Census of Ireland.  We do have some family information already in certain Counties in the British Isles, notably Norfolk and London, Middlesex, Surrey, Kent, Durham and Northumberland. The spelling Swan outnumbers Swann about 10:1 in Ireland and Scotland and about 2:1 in England and Wales.

We also have an active Swann/Swan Genealogy Facebook group which you are welcome to join - and most recently a Swann/Swan Family DNA & Genealogy Research website.

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