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"THE STYMIEST FAMILY CHRONICLES 950-2012" TEN NEW EARLY GENERATIONS FOUND DATING BACK TO 950 WITH CONNECTIONS TO ROYAL FAMILIES IN HOLLAND, BELGIUM, HUNGARY, FRANCE RUSSIA, GERMANY LUXEMBOROUGH AND ENGLAND. The History of The "Stymiest" Family name has been an exciting 55 year research sojourn for me. Acknowledgement to my late father, Carlyle William (Bud) Stymiest (1910-1994),(New Brunswick, Canada); and his late brother, Donald Garfield Stymiest,(Ontario, Canada) for their help and motivation to write the Stymiest Chronicles. As "KEEPER" of the STYMIEST RECORDS, please feel free to forward me any NEW information; births, deaths, marriages, etc for our Stymiest Database which is over 68,000 at present. NOW IS THE TIME TO JOIN THE STYMIEST DNA PROJECT BY HAVING YOUR DNA TESTS DONE BY FTDNA. THE RESULTS HAVE BEEN ATTENDING FOR MYSELF.