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About us

This Y-DNA study has a number of aims.

Firstly, it is hoped that it will confirm the link between the two branches of the Berkshire line. The proximity of Buckland and Hinton Waldrist, combined with the evidence of a will, suggest that they share a common ancestor in the late fifteenth or early sixteenth century.

Much research has been done on the Kentish Southby line, but this has hit a brick wall in the mid eighteenth century. It is hoped that Y-DNA will reveal any link with the Berkshire line.

Twentieth century census data from the USA shows a few individuals with the name Surby, but born in Norway and Sweden. It is therefore hoped that it may be possible to make a comparison between the Southby/Surbey/Surby lines and the Scandinavian-origin Surby families and confirm our Viking roots.

Finally, a visitation of the King’s Herald to Yorkshire in 1563 found one family living in Pocklington, which included different branches styled Sotheby, Southby, and Sudby. It is therefore hoped that Y-DNA analysis may be able to establish whether any links exist between the Southby lines and similar names, such as Sotheby, Sutherby, Suddaby,and Suttaby.