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About us

Slade DNA Project provides the opportunity to identify which Slade branch you belong to and to confirm suppositions already found using conventional genealogical research methods. The eventual goal is to identify and confirm our ancestral origins.

The Slade DNA project welcomes all Slade descendants - world wide.
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Considering the amount of time and expense that most genealogists have devoted to their research, using DNA to confirm distant relationships is an economic tool.

This project tests the Y-chromosome which is passed down from father to son, following the paternal line, so only males can be tested. Females can also participate in the project by encouraging brothers, fathers, uncles and male cousins to become DNA donors to the project.

DNA testing is most beneficial for family research when used in conjunction with existing genealogies. However, even if you have never before researched family history, DNA can help and you are invited to join the project.

People are often concerned that DNA tests will be medically informative and will identify individuals. Please be assured that these test will not. Only the Y-chromosome is tested and the tests are not discriminating such as are the standard 'forensic' type profile tests used by law enforcement authorities

Blood samples are NOT required for this type test. Instead, a sample is taken using a small Q-tip-like brush to swab the inside of the cheek. About like brushing your teeth.

FamilyTreeDNA offers a substancial discount when ordered through the Slade DNA Project and you are automatically enrolled in our Project. To insure that you receive the group discount and to view pricing, please order your kit using the following link: Join Slade DNA Project
We recommend testing at least Y-DNA37 markers in order to return the most meaningful results.

If you would like to know more about the Slade Surname DNA Project, or have additional questions, please contact the Project Administrator and/or visit our Slade DNA website: