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About us

The goal for this project is to examine possible links between the diverse groups of SINTONs, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, the States and anywhere else they may have ended up.

Black's "The Surnames of Scotland" gives SINTON a territorial origin from the ancient barony of the same name now included in the parish of Ashkirk, Selkirkshire, quoting a 1681 source (Bain) as "that William, formerly King of Scotland [1165-1214] gave the sheriffdom of Selkirk to one Andrew de Synton to be held by answering to the King and his heirs for the issues, and being freed of the farm of the castle ward of Roxburgh and suit thereto, which he and his heirs were used to make for the barony of Synton"

My particular SINTON family stems from Southdean, Roxburghshire. Others have researched families from the Jedburgh area, and Selkirkshire, Ireland, Canada and the States.

Links are "felt" to exist, but cannot be proven via surviving records, it is threrefore hoped that DNA testing may provide evidence for the suspected links.