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Shetland Islands

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Do you have 2 or more grandparents from Orkney or Shetland? 

Join VIKING II, the fastest growing Viking genetics study in the UK, led by Prof. Jim Flett Wilson, University of Edinburgh. 

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The administrator strongly recommends that one member of each family grouping test the full 67 markers. If some sense of how distant the relationship between two people might be, then both should have this testing done. It won't give definitive answers, but will offer probability estimates that will point to when the ancestor in common lived.

What will be particularly important is the organization by surname type and by haplogroup. With respect to the latter, for this Project to realize much of its value and meet its goals, it will be necessary for most individuals to have SNP testing done (for a confirmed haplogroup assignment as seen in green in the charts). The administrator is no longer able to shoulder this burden for others and so each participant will be expected to undertake the work as circumstances permit. Only one person per family need take this testing.

Participants can find out more by going to the "Haplogroup" page on their FTDNA pages and follow the predicted path to the probable general haplogroup region. Here participants will be shown how to order from the Advanced Orders part of FTDNA's offerings.

There are some test SNPs, single nucleotide polymorphisms or special markers different from the 12 to 67 STR (short tandem repeat) markers that are already available. The latter is most useful for genealogical ancestry, whereas the former has the potential to point to a region of the world where the early ancestor (e.g., of 2000 years ago) resided.