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April 26, 2019Welcome to our sixth project member! His direct paternal line had the surname Schliesser until emigrating from the Czech Republic to England before World War II. At that time, they changed the surname to Sheldon. This line belongs to Haplogroup G-M102  -- Martha

May 11, 2018FTDNA has now divided subclade J-Y8880 into two different branches. Our members in the Schliesser line belonging to Haplogroup J (from Austria/Germany) are now assigned to subclade J-FGC7750. -- Martha

June 24, 2016
FTDNA has been periodically updating the Y-DNA SNP branch names for many customers.  In many cases, this is based on the latest subclade discoveries that have rolled in from BigY testing.  If you have questions about this, feel free to ask. -- Martha

March 2, 2015The project transitioned to the new myGroups format as of today. For private communication with the project administrator, members may email me (Martha Hicks).

October 17, 2014Welcome to our newest member!  This member with the surname Schliessman has direct paternal origins from the town of Bürgstadt in Lower Franconia in the German state of Bavaria. The main SNP distinguishing his haplogroup is R1b-YSC0000072, also known as R1b1b2a. The branch SNPs are: R1b-L23 > Z2103 > Z2105 > L584 > PF7580 > YSC0000072.

June 22, 2014
Upon the receipt of Big-Y test results (from stored DNA) of my father, Luther Schliesser, the discovery of a new J2a branch (subclade) was confirmed on June 22, 2014.  He now belongs to J2a-Z17181 (aka J2a1a2...) The branch SNPs are as follows: J2a-PF4610 > L26 > PF5087 > PF5116 > L558 > Z17181.

April 2014Here is hoping that more Schliessers will find this project and join our research effort... Schliessers, are you out there?

March 2013
FTDNA is offering the 12-marker Y-DNA test for just $39 through the end of March. Starting in April, permanently-lowered price of $49, reportedly, will go into effect for this test, which will make introductory DNA testing affordable for so many more people!

December 12, 2012
FTDNA informed me that the DNA of my father, Luther Schliesser, was utilized in the testing and development of the new Genographic Project's "Geno 2.0" chip. Now, four months after his death, my father was presented with complimentary Geno 2.0 results (representing a new phase of the Genographic Project). His prior haplogroup label of J2a4 < J2a3* (also known as J-L26) has been changed to J2a1* (also known as J-PF5116).

I trust that, sooner or later, other Schliessers will be tested and join, so that we can continue pursuing the goals of this project.  Although, theoretically, a large percentage of the Schliessers in the U.S.A. are expected to belong to the same haplogroup and subclade as my father, it would be most useful to get multiple members from each branch to verify connections and establish any new groups or subgroups. It will be very informative to begin categorizing branches of both related and unrelated Schliessers. I encourage any male Schliessers reading this to participate in Y-DNA testing and join the project. Please contact me or FTDNA's help desk if you have any questions. (M.J. Hicks)

September 20, 2011
I learned that the International Society of Genetic Genealogy has changed the nomenclature of Y-DNA haplogroup J2a4 to J2a3. This is due to new discoveries that change the chronology (and, therefore, the arrangement) of J2a subclades. This is not yet reflected in the haplogroup assignment (label) by FTDNA.  (M.J. Hicks)

July 6, 2011
:  Results of deep clade testing show that my father Luther M. Schliesser, Jr.'s refined haplogroup is J2a4. This represents the line of Jakob Schlietzer/Schliesser (c. 1625-1667) from Austria who immigrated to Germany in 1650.

Ideally, Y-DNA testing of two or three distant cousins in each Schliesser group would be helpful to validate that the haplogroup applies to the different branches of descendants. (For example, it may suggest or rule out the possibility of an unknown adoption or other 'non-paternal event' in a given line.)
(M.J. Hicks)

May 7, 2011:  It is a pleasure to add a Schliesser from Italy to the group! He is a descendant of John Michael Schliesser of Hungary. His haplogroup is R (Subclade R1b1a2).

May 3, 2011 The Schliesser Surname Project began today -- which, rather fittingly, is my father Luther M. Schliesser, Jr.’s birthday.  We recently discovered that his Y-haplogroup is J (Subclade J2). Additional testing is now underway to determine the exact subclade.

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