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Basic Results (see chart for details): We have had eight members have their YDNA tested: one Lauffer, three Renners, and four Runners. The results suggest that we have five different families: Runner, Lauffer, two different Renners and Runner/Renner.

RUNNER: Three Runner participants match on all 12 markers; this suggests a 95% chance of a shared ancestor in the past 29 generations. They match the other participants on only 3-5 markers, meaning that it's unlikely they share a common ancestor with the other participants.

LAUFFER: The Lauffer participant matches the other participants on between 3 and 6 markers, also suggesting that it is unlikely that he and the other members share a common ancestor.

RENNER: Two Renner participants match the other participants (and each other) on very few markers and therefore is unlikely to share a common ancestor with any of them.

RUNNER/RENNER: One Runner and one Renner participant match each other on 24 out of 25 markers, making it a 95% chance that they have a shared ancestor in the past 20 generations.

Haplogroup: FamilyTreeDNA estimates the haplogroup of members based on their markers. Those are listed in red in the results. Several of our members also had their haplogroup determined by doing the SNP test; those results are listed in green (they are more precise which is why subtypes are determined). The Lauffer and the Runner/Renner members are in Haplogroup R1B1. The Renner participant is in G. And the Runner participants are in I1. More info on haplogroups and what they mean is available on the FamilyTreeDNA site.