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Barry Reeves Barry Reeves
January 26, 2019 @ 9:31am
Earlier last year Beverly posted some instructions related to the Privacy and Sharing settings in your FTDNA Profile. Recently, there has been some confusion about those settings and this has delayed our ability to include your test results in our project, so I thought it would be a good idea to post those instructions again. I admit that some of the settings are indeed confusing and it may not be clear what they actually mean. Some of these settings are new and related to the requirements of the GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) so we will all have to be careful when defining our settings in the DNA project. If your privacy setting is set to "Group Project Access Only" for their personal Project preferences, then the project admins will not be able to do the following: *Compare their results; *Go into their home page; *See what level testing they are at; *See what tests they have ordered. In short, we will not be able to work with your results to enhance the project and identify family lineages as we have in the past unless the member gives the project admins "Limited Access" but preferably "Full Access" (Full access is where we all were before these new mandated privacy restrictions were instituted). To do this, log into your FTDNA personal home page and hover your cursor over your name on the top right hand side and click on “Privacy and Sharing” and work through the privacy options. When complete, click on the tab right next to the “Privacy and Sharing” called “Project Preferences” For every project that you have joined, please click on “EDIT” then grant the admins ‘Full Access’ or at a minimum Limited Access. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact one of our Administrators and we will be happy to help you through it.
Martin B Martin B
July 1 @ 3:18am
A summary of activity within this project group during the second quarter of 2020 has been included on the July 2020 news page over at The Reeves Project (TRP). Please see If you have Y-DNA test results included here at the Reeves DNA Project, please remember you need to give TRP permission to name you. Its very simple to do, please see MartinB Co-Admin
Beverly Watson Beverly Watson
June 10 @ 10:21pm
Today we welcome two more new members to the Reeves DNA Project, James Stewart and Rhonnda Pellegrini.
James Stewart
June 11 @ 5:41pm
Very new to Family Tree. My niece is the one doing most to the reaching for us. We are looking for a Harrison "Harriett" Rives/Reeves Born 1806 or 1810 death aft 1880. We suspect she was born in Georgia and died there also. She married a Ichabod Williams in 1829 Jasper Georgia. How do I find our group? I did see that I was uncategorized. Thank you
Martin B
June 12 @ 6:55am
Hi James, Welcome to the Reeves DNA Project. From your comment above, it would seem your most recent Reeves ancestor was female. That means you won't be expecting to find a Y-DNA match within our project, since Y-DNA is only passed from father to son. That makes you personally part of our DNA Group XX. and I'd be grateful if you'd review pages and then If your niece is the person I think she is, then she is in the process of joining TRP at the moment. She would need to complete and with your permission we could add her as an interested party to your DNA kit over at TRP. And there is no reason you shouldn't also join TRP on your own account, if you wish. Once we collectively identify Harriett's father, we may find he is part of one of our existing DNA Groups. But we need to help you work out who he was first....
James Stewart
June 14 @ 3:42pm
Thank you Martin, I gave Consent to my niece and she should've emailed the information you asked for. I sure hope this helps.
Martin B
June 18 @ 12:16pm
Hi James, we had some fun and games but can confirm that TRP has now received the Consent form from your Proxy. We'll move your kit over to Group XX shortly and update page at TRP accordingly. Thank you.
Seán Donovan Seán Donovan
June 15 @ 10:59am
Hello Reeves Family members. Questions for those who know.... If the group I am placed with here, shows less variances (colorized DNA charts), than another group I am in, in another surname project based on what I though was my male bloodline surname (Cook/e), does this indicate my bloodline is actually Reeves and not what I was led to believe. I know Where and When and How my Great Grandfathers Birth Surname of Cooke was changed to my current Surname, but now I am looking at another potential Surname change before him (possible NPE). Can anyone enlighten me, as I am still a dna n00b and this just throws me fofr another curve (would not be my first, second or third name change in the last 10 generations across all branches). Thanks in advance for at least reading, and sharing i my new-added confusion. - SD
Martin B
June 16 @ 2:44am
Seán, firstly welcome to the Reeves DNA Project. Thank you also for giving the Project's admins access to your results, it makes our lives much easier. I see one of my fellow Admins has already moved your results into our Group 06A where you have some very strong Y-DNA matches. Now our very own Beverly happens to have a personal interest in this sub-group, so I'm going to leave it for her to work with you on this. If you've not already looked at our companion wiki, The Reeves Project (TRP), at I'd encourage you to do so. It provides us with a platform to share our knowledge of our family lines, person by person and generation by generation. I hope you'll come and join us there. Each Y-DNA group has its own group of pages within TRP. For example see Whether you opt to join us at TRP or not, please take a minute to read TRP needs every Y-DNA Donor (TRP member or not) to give us permission to name them on TRP. Otherwise we're now restricted to using initials, which is most unfriendly.
Beverly Watson
June 16 @ 9:45am
Hi again Sean, as Martin just said, it does appear that your paternal lineage is to the Reeves. In looking closely at your DNA results you share an anomaly at marker DYS576 which I believe identifies the partiarch of the two branches of the Reeves family found in Group 6A. Other individuals like you with a "20" at that marker are descended from George Reeves of Grayson County, Virginia, while descendants of William Reeves of Wake County NC have a different result at that marker. I know of at least one descendant of George Reeves who migrated to Oregon circa the 1880s which could make him or one of his descendants a candidate for your possible Reeves ancestor. If you want to learn more about that Reeves lineage, you can see a complete listing of the descendants of George Reeves at . It is his grandson Lenoir "Noah" Reeves who migrated to Oregon. As Martin suggested, you may want to join The Reeves Project in the course of your search for your Reeves ancestor and we hope you do but you don't have to join to browse the data we've collected there.
Seán Donovan
June 16 @ 2:51pm
something to consider. My paper trail clung to the assumption that from my documented Cooke ancestor (name changed at or after 1929 to Donovan), we were Cook's/Cooke's. This does change perspective and now to eventually start looking/researching a NPE event resulting in my cooke line stemming from Reeves. more another time, and I look forward to any other revelations my amateur perception has missed. Thanks
Beverly Watson Beverly Watson
June 6 @ 10:40am
Welcome to new member Beverly Robinson along with her father B. Strickland and paternal grandmother Nellie Johnston who have also joined the project. This lineage descends from Revolutionary War soldier William Reeve who died in DeKalb County GA and is from the DNA Group 10 lineage. Additionally, Beverly's mother Venita Ingram who just joined descends from the DNA Group 3 Reeves' lineage of Thompson Reeves and another currently unidentified Reeves' lineage.. Welcome to this new Reeves' family.
Beverly Watson
June 7 @ 4:42pm
Nellie and Beverly, The Daniel Reeves you asked about and that Martin's answer pertains to is part of DNA Group 10 although we've never had anyone descending from a member of Daniel's immediate family test. The Daniel Reeves born about 1790 sounds like it could be Daniel, the son of Reeves_Daniel_3200, although he was born in 1781. We've never found the younger Daniel after he left home so we have no family information for him. Maybe your research can tie him into what we already know about that family. Sorry, I just reread your note above and see that you've already discovered Daniel Reeves' son Daniel born 1781. Again, hope you can find the link that connects him.
Martin B
June 8 @ 2:37am
Beverly_R With respect to the DNA sample that you manage on behalf of your father, would be grateful if you'd review page and then, if appropriate, page As an existing TRP Community Member, you may want to log-in to TRP before reviewing the second page as there's a short cut method described at the foot of the page (but note its doesn't work for everybody) Thanks, Martin B (with my TRP hat on)
Beverly Robinson
June 11 @ 7:53am
Ok. I think I did all that correctly.
Martin B
June 11 @ 1:51pm
Perfect. Thank you.
Kathleen Murray Kathleen Murray
June 1 @ 5:26pm
Mary Jane Brazell and George Jackson Brown. Mary Jane, daughter of Naomi Clanton and Daniel Brazell, of South Carolina and Camden, Georgia.
Kathleen Murray Kathleen Murray
June 1 @ 5:23pm
My Great-Grandmother, Laura Grace Brown Peeples Nebeker.
Kathleen Murray Kathleen Murray
June 1 @ 5:20pm
Hi All Groups! My 4th Great-Grandparents are Jemima Reeves/Reaves and Ephraim Clanton (Yes, those Clantons). 3rd GG are Naomi Clanton and Daniel Brazell. 2nd GG are Mary Jane Brazell and George Jackson Brown. My GG is Laura Grace Brown Peeples Nebeker, born 1866 in Camden County, Georgia. She married my GG, William Calvin Peeples, and 2ndly, Wiley Nebeker. She died in Pleasant Grove, Utah in 1960. I am always looking to find an exact relationship between Jemima and Moses Reaves/Reeves and George Reeves. I have not been able to find any birth or death certificates for them.
Robert Reeves Robert Reeves
May 8 @ 2:10pm
I received this tweet, i find no Captain Kidd Reeves in my information. But, i wish he was. Aarg! Has anyone heard of this guy, have him on your tree? What group is he in?
Jonathan Reeves
May 8 @ 4:06pm
Jonathan Reeves
May 8 @ 4:07pm
Have't had a chance to figure out where he belongs...
Robert Reeves
May 9 @ 5:26pm
Jonathan, the girl who sent this to me, maintains the find-a-grave memorial. If you find anything, please let me know
Beverly Watson Beverly Watson
April 5 @ 1:31pm
Group 3 has a new member. Based upon his recent test results, this morning I have added Michael Reeves, kit #929545, to that group. Welcome to Michael and his sister Sandra who is administering his kit.
Michael Reeves
April 7 @ 6:47pm
Thank you. I have no idea what to do now but I'm adding known relatives on the tree. I guess I'll figure it out along the way.
Beverly Watson
April 8 @ 9:04am
That's a good place to start.
Martin B Martin B
April 2 @ 11:56am
I hope everybody is keeping fit and healthy, whilst staying out of harm's way. A summary of activity within this group during the first quarter of 2020 has been included on the April 2020 news page over at The Reeves Project (TRP). Please see If you have Y-DNA test results included here at the Reeves DNA Project, please remember you need to give TRP permission to name you. Its very simple to do, please see Martin B Co-Admin