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Robert Reeves Robert Reeves
December 5 @ 11:24am
Hello, is there anybody out there??? There has been a lot of sunlight pass since there was any Reeves action on here. Someone step up to the microphone please.
Robby Reeves
December 6 @ 12:50pm
My YDNA results recently came back and I am E-M35. Would that place me in group 8?
Mark Van Alstyne Mark Van Alstyne
December 5 @ 7:57pm
My mother was a Reeve. Her family was from England
Robby Reeves Robby Reeves has a question!
September 13 @ 9:50pm
Hit a road block on my family tree and was wanting to know if anyone could help me out. I get stuck tracing my Reeves family back to Ballard County, Kentucky. I am a descendant of Daniel Thomas Reeves b. 1855 Ballard County, Ky. And died 1903. Daniel was married to Mollie Hutchison. Daniels father is listed on the census as LD Reeves and Lewis D Reeves born in 1827. One census says born in Ky and the other says Tn. I am assuming the middle initial in for Daniel since that is a reoccurring name in our family. If anyone knows the father and mother for LD Reeves please help.
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Robert Reeves
October 13 @ 9:29am
Very nice documentation and research
Roger Reeves
October 13 @ 9:49am
Robby, I am curious to know if you took the YDNA test and if so, which DNA group do you match?
Robby Reeves
October 17 @ 8:31pm
I have not taken the YDNA yet, but am planning to do so.
Robby Reeves
December 4 @ 10:10am
I just received my YDNA and it is E-M35
John Phillip Rives John Phillip Rives has a question!
September 5 @ 5:39am
Allan Lance.. for J P Rives..In Group 10 there is now three men on H-FGC31857. John P Rives (350446) has two unamed variants which are shared by both Jonathon Reeves (344669) and James D Reeves (175045). Jonathon has 4 extra unamed variants and James has 9. Undoubtedly they are related but at what distance?
Jonathan Reeves
September 5 @ 9:21am
Allan, we three (JP, James D, and I) are the only ones in Group 10 that have taken the Big Y test. We three show as having the Haplogroup H-FGC31857 because the more detailed results allow them to put us in a more specific category if I understand correctly. Looking at one of the docs on ftdna's website, it says "The Unnamed Variants tab displays your SNP markers that are not on the list of ~70,000 known SNPs. These markers may or may not be unique to you as an individual. Men in related lineages may share some Unnamed Variants. As men from distantly related lineages test, SNP markers may be moved from Unnamed Variants to Named Variants" So unnamed just means that FtDNA didn't have these markers in their system previously. It seems that the total number of variants (named and unnamed) is what one would consider as far as the difference between two testers. I don't know if that can really be used to determine how closely someone his related. I would think that more variants means a more distant relationship, but I would need to read up on it more to know for sure.
John Phillip Rives
September 5 @ 6:49pm
I will continue researching also. My guess is that those results bracketed by these three may be closely related.
Jonathan Reeves Jonathan Reeves
July 18 @ 3:16pm
Been researching an Ambrose Reeves who lived in Beaufort, SC, but was from Kent, England. See - There was a Thomas, probably his brother, who lived in SC as well. Ambrose' son Lewis mentions two cousins in his will, one of whom was named Ambrose as well and lived in Ashford, Kent, England. It appears the family was from Ashford. I noticed a Group 13 entry mentions a Reeves from Ashford, Kent, England. Curious if there is a relationship there. It appears the US side of this family "daughtered" out.
John Reeves
July 19 @ 5:25pm
Monitoring just in case any new information arises pertaining to Group 19.
Paul Cardwell
July 22 @ 9:45pm
I lurk about... but I don’t have much to add!
J Green
July 31 @ 7:26pm
Jonathan Reeves, is this Ambrose Reeves from Beaufort, SC you speak of tied to any particular Group #?
Jonathan Reeves
August 14 @ 7:38pm
It may be connected to group 13 in England
Robert Reeves Robert Reeves
August 5 @ 12:16pm
Read my post about the Ryves Almshouses located in Blandford Forum, Dorestshire, England.
Beverly Watson
August 6 @ 7:59pm
I didn't realize you had a blog Bob. Is it new? Thanks for sharing the link.
Robert Reeves
August 7 @ 10:53am
This story is new, I have had the blog for a while. I don't do much there. I hope to now I have more time. I would have posted it here, but not really sure on how to do that and keep the format. I tried posting a pdf here and it would not let me do that. Thanks Beverly
Robert Reeves Robert Reeves
June 8 @ 2:56pm
Group 8 Information: RYVES, George (1627-89), of Ranston, Shroton, Dorset. Published in The History of Parliament: the House of Commons 1660-1690, ed. B.D. Henning, 1983 Available from Boydell and Brewer Dates WAREHAM 1685 WAREHAM 10 Jan. - 18 Mar. 1689 Family and Education b. 18 Oct. 1627, 2nd s. of George Ryves (d.1666) of Ranston, being 1st s. by 2nd w. Elizabeth, sis. of George Ryves of Damory Court, Blandford, educ. M. Temple 1648, called 1654. m. lic. 7 Sept. 1670 Mary, da. of Thomas Chafin of Chettle, wid. of John Prowse, 2da. d.v.p. suc. half-bro. 1667, cos. John Ryves of Damory 1673.1 Offices Held Commr. for assessment, Dorset 1673-80, 1689, j.p. 1674-June 1688, Nov. 1688-d., commr. for recusants 1675, dep. lt. 1680-Feb. 1688, sheriff 1681-2, commr. for rebels’ estates 1686.2 Biography The Ryves family acquired large but scattered estates in Dorset in Tudor times. Numerous, healthy and gifted, in the 17th century they ranged further afield, producing a warden of New College, a dean of Windsor, an alderman of London and a justice of the King’s bench in Ireland. Ryves came from a cadet branch. His grandfather represented Downton in the Addled Parliament of 1614, and his father, a whole-hearted Royalist and High Churchman, refused the Protestation in 1642. Later in the same year as captain of militia he led his company in an unsuccessful attempt to relieve Sherborne Castle, and in 1645 with Sir John Strangways represented the Dorset Cavaliers at the Bridgwater conference. He seems to have been leniently treated by the committee for compounding; his fine was fixed at £125, equal to one year’s net income from his modest estate of only 800 acres.3 Ryves qualified as a barrister, but little is known of him before he succeeded to the Damory property. He signed the loyal address on the Restoration, and travelled to Ireland in 1666, possibly to recover arrears due to his uncle Richard Ryves. Of his younger brothers, one began the family association with the navy by acting as victualler at Portsmouth during the third Dutch war, while another was a goldsmith who had £22,450 on deposit at the time of the Stop of the Exchequer. Thomas Strangways proposed Ryves as court candidate for Bridport in January 1679, along with his own brother; but he can hardly have expected the corporation to allow him to nominate both Members, and Ryves was not returned. He was very active locally, especially as a deputy lieutenant, in conjunction with Thomas Erle. In 1683 he was commended for his energy in searching the house of Edward Norton. Ryves and Erle employed two brothers of the well-known Purbeck family of Dolling as stewards. He had an estate at Hyde, near Wareham, and doubtless enjoyed Erle’s support in the borough in 1685. Although the climate of London was prejudicial to his health, he was an active Member of James II’s Parliament, in which he was appointed to twelve committees, including the committee of elections and privileges. He was among those ordered to consider bills to prevent the export of wool and to encourage woollen manufactures, and he was the first Member named to the committee on the bill for repairing Bangor cathedral. His most important committee was on the bill for the general naturalization of Huguenot refugees.4 Ryves’s answers on the repeal of the Test Act and Penal Laws followed the standard Dorset negative, and he was removed from local office. Reelected in 1689, he voted, according to the Ailesbury list, to agree with the Lords that the throne was not vacant. But he was clearly a dying man, and within a week Erle was making arrangements for an imminent by-election. In a codicil to his will on 6 Mar., witnessed by the nonjuring Bishop Frampton, Ryves referred gratefully to the ‘troubles and pains’ taken with him in his London lodgings. On 18 Mar. he was named to a committee on preventing the export of wool, a subject that attracted his attention in the previous Parliament, but his death was reported to the House next day. The land went to a nephew; but the testator generously endowed the almshouses which he had built at Blandford in 1681 and appointed Erle and Thomas Chafin as governors. Also remembered in the will were his kinsmen, the Earl of Bristol (John Digby), Ralph Stawel, Edward Berkeley and George Strangways, and among his friends (Sir) John Morton, George Pitt, Thomas Penruddock and Seymour Bowman. He was buried in his parish church on 29 Mar.: in accordance with his wishes, no elaborate memorial was erected to him, but on the floor-slab covering his father’s grave his widow recorded that he was ‘dutiful to his God, faithful to his country, kind to the poor, and generous to all’. No later member of the family entered Parliament.5 Ref Volumes: 1660-1690 Author: John. P. Ferris Notes • 1. Soc. of Genealogists, Shroton par. reg.; Hutchins, Dorset, iv. 96, 100, 183; London Mar. Lic. ed. Foster, 1172. • 2. Cal. Treas. Bks. viii. 546. • 3. C142/519/82; SP23/186/226-231; Clarendon, Rebellion, ix. 17; Dorset Protestation Returns ed. Fry, 73. • 4. Som. and Dorset N. and Q. v. 67; xviii. 208; Dorset RO, JP389-460; CSP Ire. 1660-2, p. 677; Address of Nobility and Gentry of Dorset; Hutchins, i. 141; Cal. Treas. Bks. i. 424; CSP Dom. 1666-7, p. 39; 1672, p. 277; 1676-7, p. 567; • 5. CSP Dom. July-Sept. 1683, pp. 48, 130; Churchill College, Camb., Erle-Drax mss. Source:
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Robert Reeves
July 7 @ 1:00pm
Hello Linda! So great to know you. I do have results and tree on Ancestry, a tree on Famly Tree DNA, and DNA and info on 23 and me! I just got back from England and posted some info above. I have been home one day, so i am getting settled back in. I will look for you on the other list. on Ancestry i am cadotonic.
Robert Reeves
July 7 @ 4:31pm
Linda, Does Osborne have any siblings. I am not finding him anyplace on here
Linda Stanfill
July 24 @ 1:53pm
Hello Robert, Sorry to be so long to respond. Being an FTDNA admin with several yDNA projects leads to neglecting my own controversial, and often not provable, folks. I do not know if Osborne had any brothers and I've not kept up with this site. I also do not know if anyone else knows that for certain. The descendants sharing this line are not agreed on most of our ancestry I suspect. One of the co-admins here, Carolyn Mahady, and I are also related. My tree at ancestry . com is .............. Reaves Stanfill Crafton Family I have ancestryDNA as does my son, Leon McKee Jr, and we also have 23andme along with Family Finder here.
Robert Reeves
July 24 @ 2:58pm
Hello Linda, we show up on ancestry DNA as 5th - 8th Cousins. I have 23 and me, Living DNA, and Family Search through the LDA site. My ancestry site is: Hopefully, we can figure this out.
Stephen Reeves Stephen Reeves has a question!
July 22 @ 10:25pm
Hi. Are there are any other Group 5 folks active on here?
Beverly Watson
July 23 @ 12:04pm
Stephen, I haven't noticed any of them commenting here, but maybe your message will draw them out. We'll hope it works.
Robert Reeves Robert Reeves
July 22 @ 11:13am
The Ryves hatchment, a family funerary flag, it was discovered in 1998 in a box on a shelf behind the organ in the Parish Church of Sts. Peter and Paul in Blandford Forum. It dates from 1788 and is framed and is on display on the church chancel wall. This is from a photo I took on my recent visit.
Robert Reeves Robert Reeves
July 20 @ 3:20pm
Okay, Ryves-Rives-Reaves-Reeves or however you may find yourself in the phone book. I have seen several posts of something people call Reliques of the Rives - Vol. 2. It does not exist! However, I believe this is what they may be talking about. "The Ryves-Rives-Reaves Families of Europe and America" written and compiled by W. Patrick Reaves. When I was in Blandford Forum the people at the local Museum use this as their go-to source. They should they play a very important part in its creation. They have extensive files on its research and creation. However, they said it was out of print and no longer available. But, I am here to tell you it is available just not easy to find. If you are interested in a copy of it contact: Kathy Reaves 7370 Silent Water Way Las Vegas, NV 89149. Cost is $50.00 plus shipping and handling. She did not give me an exact amount for that, but I sent $15.00. After I received it, I think maybe that was not enough, it is pretty heavy. Nice hardcover edition, which I was told in England was not available but obviously is. She only takes checks or money orders. It takes her a couple weeks to process the order. I think she waits until the check clears. So money order or cashier's check might be faster....... But that is just speculation on my part. But she encouraged me to post this. I do not know for sure if W. Patrick Reaves has passed, but something leads me to believe he has. It pretty much covers everything I learned in Blandford Forum and more. But it is not Reliques of the Rives - Volume 2. :-) Cheers! PS- It won't let me rotate the image for some reason, but I hope you get it.