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Barry Reeves Barry Reeves
January 26 @ 9:31am
Earlier last year Beverly posted some instructions related to the Privacy and Sharing settings in your FTDNA Profile. Recently, there has been some confusion about those settings and this has delayed our ability to include your test results in our project, so I thought it would be a good idea to post those instructions again. I admit that some of the settings are indeed confusing and it may not be clear what they actually mean. Some of these settings are new and related to the requirements of the GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) so we will all have to be careful when defining our settings in the DNA project. If your privacy setting is set to "Group Project Access Only" for their personal Project preferences, then the project admins will not be able to do the following: *Compare their results; *Go into their home page; *See what level testing they are at; *See what tests they have ordered. In short, we will not be able to work with your results to enhance the project and identify family lineages as we have in the past unless the member gives the project admins "Limited Access" but preferably "Full Access" (Full access is where we all were before these new mandated privacy restrictions were instituted). To do this, log into your FTDNA personal home page and hover your cursor over your name on the top right hand side and click on “Privacy and Sharing” and work through the privacy options. When complete, click on the tab right next to the “Privacy and Sharing” called “Project Preferences” For every project that you have joined, please click on “EDIT” then grant the admins ‘Full Access’ or at a minimum Limited Access. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact one of our Administrators and we will be happy to help you through it.
Thomas Sanfilippo Thomas Sanfilippo
September 25 @ 2:06pm
My father was adopted at age 13 original name was Thomas Francis Reeves , From Statin Island New York... I recently received my y700 results and have 0 matches :(.. My kit number is 885493. I belong to S5970 Haplogroup.. anyone else the same? I traced the reeves back to 1880s in new york. Glad to be a part of the group.
Beverly Watson
October 1 @ 6:59pm
Thomas, have you looked at your matches in the entire FtDNA System, not just the Reeves Project matches. If there are other surnames in those matches, it might be a clue to your father's origins. Should you see several matches with the same surname, you might want to investigate their lineages to see if there might be a common ancestor. Remember that Reeves was at one time a surname derived from a person's occupation. Beverly Watson Co-Admin
Thomas Sanfilippo
October 2 @ 12:24pm
Yes ma'am i have... unfortunately like my searches so far its all over the place. The matches are evenly spread among all names the most common being smith wilson and Williams very common names. I Have tracked my paternal reeves relatives back thru a common ancestor to 1880 in Statin island. But again thats where i am stuck most of the reeves and different versions of the name are all different haplogroups and the closest matches i have are well into the past GD wise. Why i was reaching out see if any one was close match to me or know the reeves in the Statin Island area. Just trying to trace it back into england or europe where my haplogroup is found,
Beverly Watson
10 hours ago
Sorry you're having so many problems Thomas. At this point, I suppose you can only sit back and hope that eventually someone will test who is a close match. Good luck with the search.
Carroll Reeves Carroll Reeves
May 30, 2017 @ 10:23am
To Group #5: Did a Reeve from this group go South? My brother's DNA puts us in this group (Thomas and James Reeve of Long Island, N.Y.). My great grandfather lived in Allendale, South Carolina and was born in 1822. I hope we get a break through with the DNA project!
Carroll Reeves
August 23 @ 7:28am
I am wondering if my brother should upgrade his DNA from Y-37 to Y-111? Advice? He is almost 83 and in poor health.
Martin B
August 24 @ 11:28am
I’m sorry to hear your brother isn’t in the best of health. I’ve just looked at the existing results in DNA Group 05 and based on his existing 37 markers you have a reasonably solid 34/37 matches within the Reeves DNA Project. In my opinion, an upgrade of his kit alone to more markers is NOT going to get you any additional/better matches within the Reeves DNA Project. If several members of the group were now interested in working together to dig into your shared ancestry, then the nuances from minor differences in the more rapidly mutating markers from a Y67 or Y111 test MIGHT help confirm relationship or further differentiate the family lines within the group. But if yours is the only Y111 test in the group, then there is no immediate benefit. A Y67 won't cast any additional light on your 35/37 matches since they also only tested 37 markers. Assuming you and your brother share the same father, then you will share the same Y-DNA. Assuming you are full brothers (sharing the same mother and father), then your autosomal DNA would have minor differences and those differences may be helpful in unravelling your wider family tree. If you and your brother have yet to take an autosomal DNA test, then that might a better investment at this time. The A company has by far the largest pool of results and the results of at-DNA tests taken with them can be loaded here at FtDNA and at GEDMatch to increase the match potential. One final thought - we should all make sure our family know our wishes with respect to our digital legacy. Have you made provision for them to gain access to your various account?? Subject to each Service Providers own Ts and Cs, there is no reason why your digital beneficiary shouldn’t “inherit” your test results and even upgrade them after your passing if you give them permission to do so. Martin Co-Admin
Stephen Reeves
October 8 @ 5:26pm
Hi Carroll. I just noticed you popped up as my closest match on the Y111 test with a GD of 3. My line is from Pennsylvania.
Jonathan Reeves
Yesterday at 10:14am
Stephen, I see we have a Sylvester Reeves from PA listed as your earliest ancestor in TRP, but it doesn't look like we have any person pages for your line. Is this the farthest back you've found on your line? Would you be interested in adding person pages for your line in TRP?
Martin B Martin B
October 7 @ 3:20am
A summary of the activity within this group during the third quarter of 2019 has been included on the October 2019 news page over at The Reeves Project. See Following our request last quarter for recent Y-DNA Donors to give TRP explicit permission to name them in the context of their for kit number, we've received just two such messages of consent. Please do take a moment to read the section Y-DNA Donor Permission at Regardless of whether you are a TRP member or not, TRP needs your help. And if you're not yet a TRP member, now would be a good time to come and join us. Martin B Co-Admin
Thomas Sanfilippo Thomas Sanfilippo
September 25 @ 2:00pm
Hello all,
Carroll Reeves Carroll Reeves has a question!
August 23 @ 7:22am
My brother Carroll Edwin Reeves, Jr. (Ed Reeves) is in the Reeves project. He tested Y-37 but am wondering if/how to upgrade. I have not connected with anyone with anymore information than I have. Any information for getting the most from the Reeves project will be appreciated!!!
Martin B
August 24 @ 3:47pm
I've responded earlier to your other query about a upgrade. To get more from the Reeves DNA Project come and join us at The Reeves Project (TRP) at and share what you have already established about your R*v*(s) family. Martin
Jonathan Reeves
August 26 @ 2:25pm
Carroll, I was corresponding with someone in your family recently about The Reeves Project and created a page for John Reeves who you've referenced as the father of Charles Benefield Reeves. See
Carroll Reeves Carroll Reeves
August 23 @ 8:16am
John Calvin Reeves and brother Robert Francis Reeves in Allendale county, South Carolina. Robert Francis Reeves was born 1869 and died 1951. Their father was Charles Benefield Reeves (1822-1906), Baptist minister in Allendale county at Smyrna church.
Robert Reeves Robert Reeves
August 14 @ 9:00am
Another photo from the site. They are sending a photo album from the dedication. I will hold it until someone come forward.
Robert Reeves Robert Reeves
August 14 @ 8:58am
Follow up to a previous post. Last week in France this monument was unveiled. It marks the spot where Will W. Reeves plane crashed in WW 2. They postponed the ceremony a month hoping to find a direct descendant but none were found. They went ahead this past week.
Beverly Watson Beverly Watson
August 11 @ 8:33pm
Over the last several weeks we have added two new testers to the Reeves Y-DNA Project. The results of Stephen Brett Reeves, #B245517, have matched members of DNA Group 3 and he is now listed with that group. Also, the results for Donald Reeves, #912384, match members of DNA Group 5 and Donald has now been moved from the ungrouped list to Group 5. Welcome to Stephen and Donald. It's always wonderful to have new Y-DNA participants to help us learn more about these early Reeves' lineages. Beverly Watson Co-Admin
Martin B Martin B
July 29 @ 4:09am
On the 29 July 2004, the Reeves DNA Project announced its first match and the formation of DNA Group 01. See Fifteen years later, we have 210 Y-DNA testers in our project, formed into 19 Groups and many more individual results which are currently unmatched. We are still actively seeking additional Y-DNA participants, particularly from those with a R*v*(s) surname who are based in England or who are a very recent emigrant from England.
Linda Stanfill
July 29 @ 7:05am
Happy Anniversary and thanks to all the volunteers who have made this possible........