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**** When you submit your Join Request, please include information on your most distant known Reagan (or variant) ancestor. If you are Y-DNA-tested, this will be put in your paternal Most Distant Known Ancestor setting, but it can be adjusted at any time. ****

The Reagan surname project is focused on identifying the various Reagan and variants lines that have formed over time. I will use the spelling "Reagan" throughout the project, but please assume all variations are included. This is a Y--Y-DNA focused project, however both men and women who have taken the Family Finder test are welcome to join for the purpose of looking for matches within the project.

I recommend no less than 37 Y-DNA markers for the project as the most prevalent Reagan family line to date is in the most common Western European haplogroup, and determining membership in it is dicey with fewer markers. If money is not an issue, please consider 67 or 111 markers. We are seeing helpful trends at those higher levels that seem to be defining branches within the Group 1 family.

Feel free to email me at any time with questions.

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