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Description The Rattray family is documented back to 1100 AD and have inhabited the area around Blairgowrie and Rattray for 900 years. Many of us have hit a brick wall with our family research between 1700 and 1800 and cannot link into the documented lines. Clan Rattray Society hopes that by combining conventional genealogical research with scientific tests, relatives throughout the world will be identified, thereby grouping families more precisely. These contacts will allow the furthering of your own research. Goals This project is for males with the surname of Rattray and variant spellings listed below. We use Y-DNA tests to group the members to confirm various male lines of descent and the geographical area of ancestry. The preference in tests would be with the 25- marker or higher tests to gain a higher level of confidence in the findings. Since only males have a Y chromosome, females are encouraged to participate by encouraging their male Rattray relatives to join. If you do not have the last name of Rattray, a first step would be to try and locate one. If you do find a connection, we have a family genealogist who can help you with questions regarding the Rattray line and any recommendations for you to help aid you in your research. Restrictions The Rattray surname project will use a combination of documented paper genealogies and the DNA tests to prove or disprove the relationships of individuals and lines. Therefore, you must provide either a pedigree chart or sufficient documentation of your Rattray lineage in order to be approved to join the project. We will respond to join requests within 5 – 10 days. Results Once you become a member, when sufficient test results are in, we can help you understand broader interpretations or answer any questions that you may have or refer you to FTDNA staff to help you with some of those questions as needed.