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About us

This project is a subset of FTDNA's Walk-Through-the-Y (WTY) Initative, overseen by Thomas Krahn of the Genomic Research Center (GRC) in Houston, Texas. This project's <i>raison d'être</i> is to co-ordinate WTY participation and funding for interested parties within R-P312 and Subclades, excluding the R-L21 haplogroup. Those who are L21+ and interested in participating in WTY (either as a donor or financial contributor) should join the RL21WTY2009 project instead. The purpose of this WTY project is to focus on finding new significant and private SNPs to further resolve para-groups under P312*, including the R1b-NS Cluster, U152*, L2*, L20+, M167/SRY2627*, M153*, and any other subgroup under R-P312. Those who join this project should also be (P312+) confirmed members of the R-P312 and Subclades Project.