R FGC5494 Subclades

R1b-FGC5494 and Subclades Project inc. FGC5494,FGC5496,L701,FGC43417,A913,A1308
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About us

FGC5494+ folks should join. R-FGC5494 subclades include A1148, A1308, A913, FGC43417, FGC5496, L701, so they should join. STR matches are also welcome. This project is consistent with the R1b Project System(tw).
*** Goals >>>
1) Discovery of the Tree of Mankind’s paternal lineages
2) Connect to family, extended families, clans, origins and migrations
3) Support family research with full genetic genealogy support
*** Themes and Methods >>>
A) Refined subgrouping to terminal (most youthful) haplogroups
B) Sorted by Tree of Mankind branching from the Haplotree
C) Long SNP ancestral paths to support Group Time Trees
D) Discussion groups for help and research
E) Public display of FTDNA project reports for haplogroups and haplotypes
F) Privacy protection for full names/contact info according to compliance with FTDNA standards
*** Key Steps to Take and Project Operations are on the About/Background page. For Q&A check the project Activity Feed or R1b.YDNA FB group.