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About us

R-FGC11134 is a subclade positioned under DF13. The variant was discovered through Next Generation Sequencing, and first reported by Greg Magoon. Through the efforts of many citizen scientists in the L21 community, FGC11134 has been found to have at least four distinct branches: L96, A286, FGC11293 and CTS4466.  FGC11134 was recognized by ISOGG in November 2014, and added to the tree using L96's previous designation.

The R-FGC11134 project's primary focus is on L96, A286, FGC11293, FGC11134* and the older parts of the subclade. These varieties are found in higher concentrations in England and France. While the much larger CTS4466 group is most common in southern Ireland. Please recognize that if you are CTS4466+, the most critical project for you to join is the R1b-CTS4466plus project (link below). You are welcome to the R-FGC11134 in addition but this project is not intended as a substitute for R1b-CTS4466plus.

R-FGC11134 Experimental Tree
The most up to date R-FGC11134 Experimental tree can be found here: http://haplogroup-r.org/tree/R-FGC11134.html

All kits who are confirmed or suspected to be R-L96 or R-A286 are encouraged to join, and R-CTS4466 persons interested in deeper history of the subclade are welcome.

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SNP Testing Options

FTDNA offers FGC11134, A286, FGC11293, FGC18030 and CTS4466 as individual SNP tests.  These may be found in Advanced Tests for $39 each.  Members who are DF13+ but have not yet tested positive for A286, L96, or CTS4466 downstream SNP should start testing at FGC11134 unless you strongly match an existing positive member.

Nearly all of the FGC11134 downstream SNPs are available for testing at YSEQ.net.  The cost is $17.50 each.  These results will not show in the FTDNA site, but we will group you appropriately in the project based on those results.  Please join group 71 after your results are available.

NOTE: Individuals matching the South Irish haplotype should contact the R1b-CTS4466plus admins before testing CTS4466.  Starting on the lower branches may be advisable based on your STR signature.

SNP Packs

The most appropriate product for FGC11134 men who are not CTS4466 candidates is the R1b - L21 SNP Pack.  The current incarnation covers FGC11134, A286, L96, FGC18030, FGC11293 and CTS1864.  The pack is $119 and available from the Advanced Tests page.

Members may also wish to consider YSEQ.net's R1b-FGC11134 Panel (including CTS4466).  This multi-phase panel includes all branches under FGC11134 that can be assured to work accurately with Sanger sequencing technology.  The cost is $88.  These results will not show in the FTDNA site, but we will group you appropriately in the project based on those results.  Please join group 71 after your results are available.

Next Generation Sequencing (Big Y)

Big Y is FTDNA's NGS test.  This can be ordered from your Standard Tests product list for $595.00.  Big Y has been very successful in identifying new variants as all of the A prefixed SNPs were found in previous Big Y test results.  As the more economical choice in NGS testing, this should be strongly considered by those interested in identifying their family's terminal SNP.

There are additional NGS testing choices that offer some advantages over Big Y, like being able to capture your mtDNA haplogroup or autosomal DNA testing.  The pricing starts at $725 and goes up rapidly for more cutting edge tests.  Whole Genome Sequencing with at least 10x coverage will have comparable (or better) results to Big Y for Y DNA variant detection.