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R-DF41 / R-CTS2501

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About us

Y-DNA project for men who have tested for the haplogroup or subclades of DF41+/CTS2501+ or bear a haplotype that is similiar to other men who are DF41+/CTS2501+. CTS2501 on National Geographic Geno 2.0 chip appears to be phylogentically equivalent to DF41. So far all CTS2501+ men have tested DF41+. Some of the relevant SNP's covered by this project are: DF41, S524, CTS2501, CTS6581, S524, S836, L744, S388, L746, S310, L745, S463, L563, S775, A600, MC21, BY114, FGC5572, FGC5586, FGC13023, A40, Y5628, A98, A600, A874