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About us

Hello! My name is Nancy Kiser and I am the volunteer administrator of this Phillips DNA Project and One-Name Study, along with two volunteer co-administrators, Tom Hutchison and Virginia Phillips-Smith. My maternal grandmother was a Phillips and I have been researching Phillips history and genealogy since 1998. In 2006, I got interested in using Y-DNA testing in conjunction with traditional genealogical research methods. If you are also a Phillips researcher, please consider joining us in this new and exciting frontier of genealogical research!

If you are a male Phillips or one of the many variations of the name Phillips, please consider joining our project and submitting your Y-DNA to our growing database.

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DNA Testing for Genealogy

DNA testing for genealogical purposes has become very popular and fairly affordable since its introduction in 2000. The main emphasis has been on surname projects, because surnames and Y-DNA are passed down hand-in-hand over the generations from father to son with only limited changes. Men who share the same last name or some variation of it are recruited to take a DNA test, and then results are compared to discover which of them are related within a genealogical time frame, which generally means within the past 600 years.

Who can Test?

Phillips women cannot donate DNA for Phillips research, because they do not have Y-DNA, but they can participate by recruiting male Phillips members of their Phillips family for Y-DNA analysis. By joining a surname DNA project, people interested in family history with matching DNA can compare notes and make connections, perhaps enabling them to trace back several generations further than they could without DNA comparisons. Equally important, Y-DNA can tell you if your Phillips line does not match another Phillips line, which will help you avoid making false connections and pursuing wild goose chases. Also, DNA analysis can reveal the general region where the ancient ancestor of the participant originated; i.e., Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Western Europe, the Mediterranean, the British Isles, etc. Please note that our current newsletter is posted on the News page of this website and pending results are posted on the Results page. Some discussion about the origin of the surname Phillips is posted on the Project Goals page. Just click on the News tab or the Results tab or the Project Goals tab in the sidebar on the left-hand side of your screen to access these pages.

More Information About Our Project

In addition, we maintain three other websites at these sites:


There is more information about the project to be found on these websites, including the Phillips pedigrees of our participants which are posted on the yLineages page at our main web site and the Patriarchs page at our Worldfamilies Network web site. Additional in-depth information about the origin of the surname Phillips can be found on our Phillips one-name-study web site. We also have a profile posted on the Guild of One-Name Studies at this site: