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Welcome to the O'Shea yDNA Surname Project!

It is generally accepted that the O'Shea surname started in County Kerry, Ireland about a thousand years ago. However, details of the complex history of the surname are being established through yDNA testing.

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The O'Shea Surname Project has established that there are several separate groups with the O'Shea Surname:

(i) O'Sheas were in Kerry for at least 1000 years.

(ii) The Shea/Shee families first occur in Co. Tipperary and Kilkenny about 600 years ago. Some Shees became influential in the running of the City of Kilkenny.

(iii) There is an extended family of O'Sheas from the Macroom-Millstreet area of Co. Cork which comprise a third separate group of O'Sheas. This group has been in the NW Cork are for possibly 400 years or more.

(iv) A small fourth group of O'Sheas with Kerry origins.

The O'Shea yDNA Project was set up to help individuals find their O'Shea connections. The O'Shea yDNA Project is also exploring the history of the surname, through yDNA STR markers and more recently, through yDNA SNP testing.

We welcome donations no matter how small, to our project fund to help further the project goals.


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