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Code of Conduct

All project members and project administrators should be familiar with and should abide by the Genetic Genealogy Standards. Family Tree DNA projects are run by volunteer administrators who work on their projects in their own free time. While every attempt will be made to answer questions promptly there will be occasions when real life gets in the way and patience will be required. Project administrators do not receive any payments or incentives from Family Tree DNA. Family Tree DNA project administrators are required to abide by the Group Administrator Guidelines for Family Tree DNA Projects. The administrator of the Early New England Colonist DNA Project is a member of ISOGG and also follows the ISOGG Project Administrator Guidelines.

The activity feed provides a means for project members to collaborate and share their research findings, and to get to know each other. Members are encouraged to ask and answer questions on anything related to genealogy and DNA testing.

This group exists for the discussion of the genealogy and population history of New England. This group is not specific to any one testing company. You may come to it with results from any of them.

Group Activity Feed Rules:
1) Be gentle with each other. Be kind to yourself. Be compassionate to all.
2) There are no stupid or bad questions. If you want to know, surely others do too. Ask!
3) Don't post content that will have to be removed. This includes, company bashing, people bashing, SPAM, profanity, the names of living people without their permission, and anything that violates Family Tree DNA standards.
4) Stay on topic. Our focus here is our Early New England Colonist ancestors. Off topic posts will be closed and better groups for research will be recommended.
5) Company representatives are welcome to read the posts here. However, we ask that all company business take place outside of this group.
6) Everything said (written) in this group must stay within this group. By joining and remaining a member of this group, you agree that everything said here goes no further without permission. We desperately need safe and friendly spaces to discuss ideas, and it feels like those spaces are getting harder to find.

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