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About us

The surname of NANKIVELL first appeared in the St. Columb Major - St. Mawgan-in-Pydar area of Cornwall, England, in the early 1400s.

This project allows men with the surname of NANKIVELL (or similar spelling), to determine whether or not they are genetically connected with, and descend from, John Typpett-Nanskevall.   The 67 marker value analysis is now the "standard test" for this project as it provides the desired accuracy and information detail, although the 111 marker value analysis gives greater information.   The 67 marker value analysis usually provides adequate separation between surnames with somewhat similar haplotypes, but to be more certain, the 111 marker value analysis gives that further certainty.

If you have further interest or questions, please contact one of the project coordinators.   We would like to hear from you.