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Conrad Monroe Conrad Monroe
February 26, 2016 @ 12:39pm
I joined hoping to be able to further identify and confirm my Monroe family heritage. Unfortunately my biological father was a Slaton and my biological mother was the Monroe, which presents a problem in that my YDNA is Slaton. My mother had three brothers. Two of them did not have any children and the one that did had all girls. So it looks like I maybe out of luck here. Using Ancestry and their Sources I have been able to trace back to my 7th great-grandfather William Medd Munroe (1625-1718) of Alvie, Inverness-Shire, Scotland died in Lexington, Middlesex, Massachusetts. From what I have read of William he seems to have been a very accomplished man and would love to find a DNA match to him. For what it maybe worth my Monroe linage: To clarify, I was born out of wedlock. I was able to determine who my father was thanks to the DNA test that put me into contact with my still living 1st Cousin 1X removed, who has been a big help! Mother - Mildred May Monroe - 1909 Clinton MO. -1964 Los Angeles CA. Grandfather - Sidney Loch Monroe Sr. - 1870 Ft. Wayne, IN - 1939 Eel River Twp, Allen, IN. Great-Grandfather - Charles A. Monroe - 1838 Trumbull Co., OH - 1882 Eel River Twp, Allen, IN. All of the above were documented in my Grandmother's (Florence Symthe) Family Bible. 2nd Great-Grandfather - William Monroe 1812 Chenango Co. NY - 1869 Alvion, IN 3rd Great-Grandfather - William Wheaton Monroe - 1788 Windsor, Hartford, CT. - 1857 Otselic, Chenango, NY 4th Great-Grandfather - William Monroe - 1761 Willington, Tolland, CT - 1838 Plymouth, NY 5th Great-Grandfather - Samuel Monroe - 1720 Canterbury, Windham, CT - 1777 Monmouth NJ 6th Great-Grandfather - David Munroe - 1680 Lexington, Middlesex, MA - 1755 Canterbury, Windham, CT. 7th Great-Grandfather - William Medd Munroe - 1625 Alvie, Inverness-Shire, Scotland -1718 Lexington, Middlesex, MA. My hope at this point would be to find a male that has a YDNA match back to one of my ancestors that would also link to my Autosomal DNA test. I am very new at all of this so please forgive me if I have something wrong here...
Mark Monroe
March 29 @ 9:28pm
You may want to try and look at the free Family Tree Builder App found here You can upgrade if you wish but I have found several matches to my family tree using the basic level and you can contact those that allow it. (I am Mark A. Monroe, not the Mark E. Monroe you have been in previous discussions wit above.)
Conrad Monroe
Yesterday at 2:58pm
@Kristina Jones - I am pretty sure that William (1761) was the son of Samuel & Abigail Munrow, Monroe, Munro, Monro... I have Josiah Monroe b. 11 Sep 1728 d. 19 Feb 1778 Valley Forge, Chester Penn. as Samuel's brother - both sons of David Munroe & Deborah Howe. William (1761) Connecticut Town Birth Records, pre-1870 (Barbour Collection) lists William, s, Samuel & Abigail b. May 16,1761 Willington,Connecticut, Church Record Abstracts, 1630-1920 Volume 127 Willington notes that Sam & w. Abigail had a daughter and another child, baptised. June, 1764 The daughter would have been Amittai b. Sept 4, 1763.
Kristina Jones
11 hours ago
Conrad, I'm sorry, I must've been looking at the wrong William, not the 1761 one! You are my 7th cousin!
Kristina Jones
11 hours ago
Also, I am a member of Clan Munro and I just looked up William again and found they had added a lot of information. I have not seen the new newsletter so perhaps this is what was in it.
Carolyn Jones Carolyn Jones
April 7 @ 3:30am
I've traced back as far as William Monroe marrying Louisa Cobb in 1850 In Muscogee County Ga She's done the MT Dna and I realized that would only give her mothers side so I added the famillyfinder which hasn't come back yet. Are there any other tests I need to add. I'm fascinated by the history and stories I'm uncovering but the Science aspect just makes my head hurt!
Carolyn Jones
April 12 @ 11:50am
Shelby, I found this property record from Madison county albama that shows a David Monrowe owing property. Madison is where he married nancy ann talleferro. Could it be our david or his father? he would have been one of the early settlers to that area
Shelby Monroe
April 12 @ 2:47pm
Lynn- if you will email me at, I will reply back with a link to my Ancestry tree and more info. David did own property in Burke Co and apparently remained there. At least two sons moved to Randolph Co, possibly to property they got through the Cherokee lottery. The Alabama marriage is an issue that requires more explanation! Hope to hear from you. Shelby
Patricia Monroe
April 23 @ 5:44pm
Carolyn, reading your note has fired me up! My Monroe family is from Burke Co GA, having migrated down into Fl in the mid 1840's. I have been at a brick wall on my Monroe side which is what prompted me to submit DNA on myself (for Family Finder) and also on my brother. The furthest I can get back is with Simeon Monroe (Burke Co, GA). Family lore has the patriarch William Monroe arriving to the US via Savannah GA, date unknown. However I have been unable to find any evidence of this. There is a tree in Ancestry, not my own, that links up to my Simeon Monroe that is via the above mentioned David and Nancy Ann Talleferro but I have not been able to find any evidence that this is fact.
Patricia Monroe
April 23 @ 5:46pm
I am very open to you emailing me at : Please list Monroe DNA as the subject so it is easily recognizable!
Ronald Munro Ronald Munro
February 22 @ 8:06pm
I wonder if any of you out there have found this DNA scam a waste of time. I have emailed many on my DNA listing and no one replies... $300.00+ down the toilet.
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Laurie Tvedt
March 28 @ 6:10pm
I have met many 2nd and 3rd cousins through DNA matching. I'm on three sites and find I get the best results here on FTdna. Sorry you haven't had a lot of luck. I try to make it as easy as possible for my matched relative by first figuring out how we may be related (for example, if they match a known relative on my mother's side I know it's a maternal match) and then giving them a quick list of known ancestors that will hopefully sound familiar to them. Also, if I have a brick wall I may ask a question so they have something to respond to. Even with that, as Mark posted above, some people prefer to keep private and never respond. Hope you have better luck in the future.
Mark Monroe
March 29 @ 9:24pm
You may want to try and look at the free Family Tree Builder App found here You can upgrade if you wish but I have found several matches to my family tree and you can contact those that allow it. (I am Mark A. Monroe, not the Mark E. Monroe you have been in previous discussions wit above.)
Ronald Munro
April 18 @ 8:19am
Just as well I am retired .. I have all the time in the world until I fall off the perch...
Patricia Monroe
April 23 @ 5:36pm
Hi Ronald, you really need to have patience as this can be a slow process. I did not have ONE cousin while growing up, but after submitting my DNA and also my brothers DNA I have met some truly wonderful 1st, 2nd and 3rd cousins who have become family to me. We chat all the time, it has been a very rewarding experience for me. But I can also remember when I was in your shoes and was very frustrated. So hang in there and I can almost guarantee your DNA will match up with numerous matches. Hopefully you will have the same positive experience that I have had. As a cherry on top of the cake, my brothers DNA matched up to a Monroe Cousin who lives in Scotland! We live in So CA, USA. Very exciting stuff!
Colin Munro Colin Munro
April 20 @ 1:56am
FTDNA has announced a sale from April 20-27: Big Y $425 (usually $575), SNP pack $89 (usually $119), Family Finder, mtDNA Full sequence and new 37, 67, 111 marker tests are also on sale. Upgrades are not on sale (but may be in June).
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April 16 @ 3:26pm
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Julie Brunk
Kristina Jones Kristina Jones
April 5 @ 1:54pm
I am a descendant of William Munro 1625-1717 Scotland- Massachusetts. I was wondering if anyone from the Foulis Munro line would mind comparing my DNA to theirs to see if there is any match. Or, I am in contact with a male that is from Williams line that might be able to compare DNA to someone from the Foulis line. I have been told the DNA of Williams line does not match the Munros in the Foulis line. Does anyone have any ideas as to where else the other line of Munros could be from in Scotland?
Colin Munro
April 5 @ 5:03pm
Hi Kristina Several Foulis Munros have done autosomal FamilyFinder tests. However while testing your own autosomal DNA to compare might show Scottish matches, even if these included some Munros, after 400 years it would be impossible to know by which route the shared DNA had come and it could not be used to prove a Foulis link. Regarding the male line, most surname groups contain many different male lines from their earliest origins as clans were and are socially and geographically defined. People acquired surnames in lots of ways. Subsequent documented histories do not always reflect genetic realities either. The DNA results of four men said to be descended from William Munro of Lexington MA are in group 08 on the results page. They are of Haplogroup R, whereas the Foulis line in Group 11 is Haplogroup I, meaning the common male ancestor of both lived ~50,000 years ago. However I don't know if the 4 men descend from William by different lines (in which case one infers that must have been William's haplogroup too) or are more recently related in which case you can only be sure about the common ancestor. Only one of these men has tested to 37 markers and even that is insufficient in Haplogroup R, where there is a lot of overlap between many similar haplotypes. Extended testing to 67 or more markers may help identify related men, whether they turn out to be Scots or not. Considering how well documented this family has been, it is a pretty small number to try to draw conclusions from, so if you have a male lineal descendant it would be good to see more data, with the usual caveats that DNA testing other people can sometimes cause awkward surprises. I suggest you contact Margaret Bardin (About link on left) for more specific advice.
Kristina Jones
April 6 @ 10:31am
Thank you for the feedback! I do have a son and daughter and plan on doing their testing eventually. I guess my question is does anyone know of any other lines of Munros that have been well documented and have not come from the Foulis line?
Colin Munro
April 6 @ 4:14pm
There are over 25 male line clusters of different sizes in the Munro project, but it's not clear where they all came from. Group 6 are descended in the male line from John Munro of Bristol, RI, who it is said arrived in the same boat as William. There are many smaller clusters, but you need a continuous Munro male line tomsee if you match any of them. Children don't have any DNA their parents don't have so you won't find any Munro DNA that you don't have by testing them. Again I suggest you get advice from Margaret.
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March 31 @ 2:05pm
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Shelby Monroe Shelby Monroe has a question!
February 26 @ 4:10pm
What does it mean to be "ungrouped?" Might I become grouped at some point or does it mean I don't fit in a group? thanks!
Shelby Monroe
February 27 @ 11:38am
Thanks! I have some Monroe Y matches so maybe I will be grouped in awhile, Just got my results.
M Reese
March 6 @ 5:43pm
I owe both of you an email and seeing this jogged my memory. Shelby and I are autosomal matches. So I was wondering...if our Y groups are different, does that mean that we cannot be related on the direct male line?
Shelby Monroe
March 23 @ 9:05am
Any answer to this? Thanks!
Colin Munro
March 30 @ 2:02am
I replied earlier but removed it after a while. Autosomal matches but not Y matches exclude relatedness in a continuous direct male line, but there are plenty of other ways to be related.
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March 22 @ 7:02pm
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Mark Monroe Mark Monroe has a question!
March 17 @ 7:32pm
Should I order my SNP's based off of the predicted haplogroup R-M269? It says to ask an expert but I do not know where to find my particular expert at FTDNA. Do I need to contact Margaret Bardin to get the answer to my question?
Mark Monroe
March 18 @ 10:16am
Thank you Colin and I appreciate the assistance. I sent a request to Margaret to forward you the information. After following the links you provided along with the information, I believe I know what you will recommend but do want to see what you come up with. It will help me know if I am grasping this information correctly or not. This is all new to me and very educational. Thanks again!