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Mark MONROE, #635203 Mark MONROE, #635203
M. Barnes M. Barnes has a question!
March 15 @ 9:19pm
Is there anyway to do a snp test or snp pack without having to order the Big Y test ??? Which is the best way to go about it ?
Colin Munro
April 10 @ 4:38pm
That’s very interesting. U106 is on quite a different branch of the Y-tree from Z253, and the conclusion is that your matches with (at least some of the members of) Group 17 of the Munro project are due to what is known as convergence: essentially the random mutations in STRs leading you to the same pattern despite very different origins. Group R1b (R-M269), to which both branches belong, arrived in Western Europe with a wave of Bronze Age migrants from the Caspian Steppe 5000 years ago. You can read about the subsequent branches of R1b here: Most Scots men, including Munros, belong to a branch of R1b called R-P312, then a sub-branch L21, which has a frequency of up to 80 % in the Highlands. By contrast R-U106 is thought to have arrived in Britain via north Germany or southern Scandinavia where it is still more common. See FTDNA have tested your line down to FGC13326, which is a mutation still about 4000 years old. If you look at the YFull tree of this you will see that it is found in many European countries, including Scotland: See the names and origins of men with it here: As you see FGC13326 occurred so long ago that much migration has taken place since and unless you are a STR match to some of the folk on these pages it won’t indicate your more recent ancestral journey. You could consider joining the R1b-U106 project, and asking the administrators for further guidance about where you may fit in. It remains to be seen whether your father’s other matches such as Sutherlands (I think) or even some of the Group 17 Munros are similarly U106/FGC13326, or are also coincidental. Your SNP test has greatly clarified matters by revealing the convergence. Thanks for helping to put pieces in the jigsaw.
M. Barnes
April 10 @ 6:28pm
Colin Munro, thanks for the is sure interesting to learn about that. I have already entered U106 project but have yet to hear back from the admin about further info. I guess I will continue looking for more answers about our Monroe side.
Colin Munro
April 14 @ 4:02am
In the FGC13326 group two of your Monroe matches are distantly comparable to a man descended from a Alexander Gemmell of Paisley (150712) but given the number of comparisons this is probably just chance (5-6/37). There are a couple of other Americans e.g. 837078. A DF96 Pack or YSeq U106 superpanel would take you further down the tree but probably not worthwhile as so far you have no relatives within the surname era apart from the Munros/Monroes you know of and Sutherland. Eventually the cost of a Big Y will fall enough to justify, meantime wait and see!
M. Barnes
April 15 @ 9:03pm
You're seems like the furthest is probably somewhere in the 1700's with the munro and Monroe surname. Only 2 names I am well aware of is Daniel Monroe and hia father Henry Monroe but after that I really dont know anything more than that. I hope the big Y does go down some to where its affordable.
Mark MONROE, #635203 Mark MONROE, #635203
September 1 @ 9:56am
Based off of known and authentic family trees, do we know what haplogroup President James Monroe would most likely have belonged? In the DNA Results, we have I-M253, R-M269, and I-P37 as the most common. I am trying to explain our DNA results to a family member and I cannot answer this question.
Mark MONROE, #635203
September 1 @ 7:40pm
Wow, thanks Colin! I reached and Googled without any luck. Should have checked here first!
Samuel Fletcher
March 22 @ 10:59pm
I don't see this answer in the comments. What was the haplogroup?
Colin Munro
March 24 @ 3:54am
I deleted my reply once Mark had read it. James Monroe’s great grandfather William Monroe belonged to Group 11 (I-P37) and would be Y12073+ (as are all Foulis Munros), and also Y19285+ and A9877+ (Indicates descendants of Hugh Munro of Coul’s eldest son John, including Teaninich cadet family).
Mark MONROE, #635203
March 31 @ 9:35am
Growing up, my grandparents always said we were related to President James Monroe. Our family tree was not documented past 4 generations but my grandmother and grandpa's sister spent most of their lives researching the old fashioned way, letter writing and visiting sites and relatives they found. I inherited the research from my grandmother and have continued the research for 20 years. With technology, I have been able to expand the tree back to 8 generations. Using Colin's answer in conjunction with DNA results, it is becoming apparent that my link to the clan is a maternal one. My Y-DNA has most matches to the Reilly Clan in Ireland. One of those matches recently posted a comment that one of his ancestors was married with a family when he had a child with an unmarried Monroe woman. The male child took the Monroe surname. The birth date was around the time my 7x grandfather was born but the name of the male child and location where he settled did not match anyone in my family. However, it does illustrate a possible link for me to research. If it happened once it may have happened several times. It pays to keep an open mind, the understanding of the times, and how to assist others in their research. In this case, Colin provided information that separated my Y-DNA from Jame's Monroe's. It will be harder to find a maternal link but I won't have to spend as much time looking paternally and can spend more time maternally. Unfortunately, my Reilly match is much too busy to help me or provide links or access to his trees. Thanks again, Colin, for your help!
Mark MONROE, #635203 Mark MONROE, #635203
March 31 @ 9:06am
I upgraded to the Big-Y700 from the Big-Y500 on March 25. I am not expecting an earthquake from the results but am trying to keep up to date with technology. The regular price for the upgrade will be $249USD tomorrow which is why I was motivated to order it now for $179USD. It may not help me much but it may help the Munro Project members, especially those in my Group that have not tested past Y111.
Robert Kemp Robert Kemp
March 24 @ 4:49am
I do not have the surname Munro but I have a distant STR match with an English Munro who traces his line to Inverness on YFull. The genetic distance is 0.081 with STRs compared 419 and 34 differences. My terminal haplogroup is R-FGC72907 and my Munro distant STR match is R-Y132587. I am confident of my Y line back to 1811 in Lincolnshire, England. My surname Kemp is usually found in east England but I think there are also some Kemps in the Black Isle in Moray and Aberdeenshire. I am IN23881 on FTDNA and YTree. I have two YFull IDs YF13336 (my Fullgenomes result) and YF14281 (my Big Y result). The Munro match YF13075 only matches with my Fullgenome result (YF13336) not the Big Y one (YF14281). Other surnames that appear as distant STR matches on my FGC are Warren (North Carolina), Muir (Ireland) and Mathewson (origin not given), plus an unnamed man from France. Other surnames that appear as distant STR matches on my Big Y are Warren (North Carolina), Dunn (England), Kelly (Ireland), Lawler, (Ireland) and Muir (Ireland). My only close SNP match is Warren (North Carolina) YF08772, who also shares my terminal haplogroup of R-FGC72907. This probably isn’t relevant, as it could easily be from another line, but my father has a fourth cousin with someone surnamed Hague who is claiming George Munro of Bearcrofts, b 1643, as an ancestor. I am probably not a Munro but I think there is a good chance my Y-Line may originally come from the Moray area of Scotland.
Colin Munro
March 25 @ 6:37am
Certainly there were Kemps in Ross-shire and Sutherland and some married Munros. However I think the Y-STR matches are misleading, possibly due to random convergence, as the man you match is in group 17, who are in R-Z253, with a common male ancestor with your branch way back at 4100 years ago: Both branches are part of R-L21 found in many Scots/Northern Irish.
Robert Kemp
March 27 @ 6:33pm
Thanks Colin
Michael Page Michael Page
March 22 @ 9:23am
Are Y12 tests offered through the project?
Colin Munro
March 22 @ 5:32pm
For resident Scots.
Michael Page
March 24 @ 2:19pm
Colin do you mean people who are part of this project? I found a distant relative (finally) and a Y12 is I guess sufficient.
Colin Munro
March 25 @ 6:17am
The administrators will sponsor resident Scots to Y12 if you ask them. If not, without being logged in, go to: Y12 is enough to place in group 11, but not most other groups.
Ryan Marksberry Ryan Marksberry
March 14 @ 6:38pm
Does anyone here have a Gedmatch kit? I would like to compare if you wouldn't mind.
Mark MONROE, #635203
March 15 @ 9:45pm
Ryan, this is what I get: "GEDmatch.Com Autosomal Comparison - V2.1.1(c) (1227) ERROR: Kit GL9860786 not found." You either need to share with proper sharing levels that restrict access or give accurate kit numbers.
Ryan Marksberry
March 16 @ 5:21am
Did you see where I posted a picture of our match we had? It has my kit number on it. Gedmatch says 7cM or higher is considered a match. GL9860786
Mark MONROE, #635203
March 16 @ 7:22pm
Yeah, I saw it. I was going to look at some other matching criteria.
Ryan Marksberry
March 16 @ 9:10pm
Let me compare you to my mom. Her name is Diann Monroe.
Ryan Marksberry Ryan Marksberry
March 15 @ 3:59pm
I share 7.3cM with a Barnabas M. Mark Monroe
Ryan Marksberry
March 16 @ 5:19am
Mark Monroe. Here is my kit comparison with yours. Not sure why yours didn’t work with mine. Gedmatch says 7cM or higher is considered a likely match
Ronald Munro Ronald Munro
March 8 @ 8:30pm
Where do I find information on my "New Mitochondrial Haplogroup"? I am doing some sort of link up with GEDCOM Genesis and they ask for it. (Heck .. where are my grandchildren to answer all these techy questions.. it does me old brain near to death sometimes!).
Arthur Taylor
March 15 @ 6:15pm
I know the feeling.
Jesus Monroe Jesus Monroe
March 2 @ 2:29am
I am working on my 4th Great Grandfather Oscar Eugene Monroe. I have found his marriage record, which tells me his parents were James & Elizabeth Monroe, and that he (Oscar) was from Cincinnati, Ohio. I estimate his birth about 1850 but I am not able to find his birth record. I do not know his Mother Elizabeth's maiden name, so this is my brick wall. Does anyone here have any clues? I Jesus M. Monroe did the DNA test Kit#874604 in hopes to meet others that might have more insight about my family. Haplogroup R1-M269 R1b1a1a2 is so common. I am new to all this DNA stuff, but learning.
Mark MONROE, #635203
March 2 @ 9:08am
Hello Jesus. Thanks for posting your Kit #, it helps. You may want to upgrade to Y67 and get the Family Finder to narrow down your results. An admin may offer better assistance based on your current results. You may also want to join the following Clan Munro sites if you have not joined already.