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Colin Munro Colin Munro
February 20 @ 4:20am
Munro Clan Gathering 9-11 August 2019:
Jennifer Vieira Jennifer Vieira
February 17 @ 1:09pm
Just curious if there are any leads on who William Munro of Lexington actually is decended from?
Colin Munro
February 18 @ 2:25am
Not enough people have tested, especially from Scotland. Only one person in Group 09 (William of Lexington) has tested to Y67, which is really the minimum needed in Haplogroup R1b to reduce coincidental matches. He may have some matches with men with other names, but if they are hundreds or more years back may not offer much guidance. A Big Y test would offer exact information about descent lines, but again without matches necessarily being sufficiently recent to pin down any specific surname era relationships.
Jennifer Vieira
February 18 @ 11:43am
Thank you Colin. Hopefully, we find out someday!
Michelle Maitland Michelle Maitland
December 1 @ 2:40pm
I am a 6th great-granddaughter of Patience Monroe Bishop (daughter of George Monroe and Susan Perkins) through my mother's maternal grandmother, Elizabeth Bishop Curtis. Most of what I have found about Patience's lineage is what is available on Is anyone else here from that line and would you be willing to share anything you may know about how her father came to the US? Patience was born around 1738 in New Jersey as far as I can tell and after marrying Jonathan Bishop, moved to VA and the bulk of the family settled around Charlottesville, VA.
Michelle Maitland
December 2 @ 4:24pm
Thank you Mark. Sarah is correct. Not sure why I typed Susan but it a common name in my ancestry so it tends to stick in my subconscious. I’ll check for the book you’ve mentioned. With any luck, The Library of VA will have a copy. I also have the alternate spellings on Monroe. In what I’ve found so far, George is spelled Munro and Patience is Munrow. It’s Monroe by the time they get to VA and used as a middle name until my great-great grandfather Joseph Monroe Bishop, Jr.
Jeffrey Ward
February 6 @ 9:07am
I have the Monroe book and am willing to do look ups. I corresponded with Joan Guilford before the book was published and also with the chief genealogist of the American Clan Munro, Allen Alger. Joan and I both questioned claims that the Scottish Munro prisoners of war who were transported to Boston in 1652 were descendants of the Munro Barons of Foulis. We now know from Y DNA tests shown on this site that John Munro of Bristol, Rhode Island (group 06) and William Munro of Lexington, Massachusetts (group 08) are not descendants of the Barons of Foulis.
Jeffrey Ward
February 6 @ 9:30am
Responding to Michelle Maitland, Joan Guilford in her Monroe Book lists at page 668 among the unconnected Monroe's from New Jersey George Monroe, born circa 1715, m. 23 Nov 1737 at Mt. Holly, Burlington County, New Jersey Sarah Perkins, daughter of Jacob 3, Jacob 2, Isaac 1 Perkins. His daughter Patience m. 27 May 1762 Jonathan Bishop at Mt. Holly. Has anyone who in the direct paternal line member of this Monroe family taken a Y DNA test?
Ronald Monroe
February 15 @ 7:22am
I also have a copy of the Monroe Book and corresponded with Joan Guilford before it was published. For the sake of genealogical accuracy, Jeffrey, have any conclusions been made as to the origins of John Monroe of Bristol. That is from whom I descend. I believe it had been conjectured that he was a son of George Munro and Marjory Ross.
Don Monroe Don Monroe
February 9 @ 3:59pm
It posted before I was finished! Continuing, James Munro married Charlotte Bell in England, 1843. They left for the US with other Mormon immigrants in 1855. Those dates for the father are impossible: James Munroe married Margaret Frazer in Perth, 1874. The next James b. 1795 married Catherine Brown who then had the James of 1820. Hopefully that's better.....
Don Monroe Don Monroe has a question!
February 9 @ 3:53pm
It looks like Jeffrey Ward with the Monroe Book is the one I need to address my query with. The furthest back I have been able to verify ancestry with, at least through Family Search, is James Munroe the father of James Munro b. 1820 Edinburgh, d. 1879 Monterey County California. The father, James b. 1795 in Perth, Scotland. Looks like her married a Margaret Frazer in 1784.
Ronald Munro Ronald Munro
December 31 @ 8:49pm
Decided to do a 25 thingy with my DNA .. got 7 pages and also got all excited ... even more when I asked for a list of those starting with "M". Found a MUNRO .... that's it. Just Munro .. NO CONTACT -no nothing else. HECK I could have ran around a corned and kicked a dead cat half to DEATH!! Excitement all over, calmed down.... One day before i die I just hope to at least make one MUNRO contact back in Scotland. Greetings and happy New year to all from Australia. Here in Adelaide we having some nice weather well up in the 40s and some days just below. To All a great 2019.
Mark Monroe, #635203
December 31 @ 11:14pm
In my case, I have recently learned of a possible new twist in possibly breaking through my Monroe brick wall going back to Scotland. There is the possibility that a married O'Reilly from Ireland may have fathered a son with an unmarried Monroe and the son may have taken her Monroe surname since she was not married. Don't give up, Ronald but do keep exploring.
Ronald Munro
February 4 @ 2:53am
Its mainly entertainment ...
Mark Monroe, #635203 Mark Monroe, #635203
January 30 @ 8:47am
FTDNA Announcement: We are excited to announce the introduction of Big Y-700, a substantial upgrade to our Big Y-500 product. Along with the addition of 200 STRs, we have made significant updates across the board, including the new Big Y matching tool that was introduced last week. A Big Y-700 white paper will be available with further details in a few weeks. Testers with Big Y-500 results pending will instead receive Big Y-700 results at no additional charge. These users will be emailed the expected delivery dates that are listed below in the FAQs section. This email will go out later this morning, Jan 30th, to all testers with pending results. If you have further questions about Big Y-700 or specific kits, please contact the Group Project Administrator Team at Big Y-700 at a glance Expanded NGS targeting of genealogically useful Y-chromosome regions Revamped NGS chemistry that provides more uniform coverage within a much broader and targeted region of the Y More consistent coverage improves comparison between any two results and allows more of the identified SNPs to be placed on the tree Increased number of STR markers provides more data points on paternal lineages and can help identify family-specific variants FAQs How much will Big Y-700 cost? Who gets the automatic upgrade to Big Y-700? All customers who placed Big Y-500 orders on or after Nov 1st, 2018 All customers who placed Big Y-500 orders prior to Nov 1st, 2018 and have not yet received results When will my results be ready? Come March, we expect Big Y lab processing time to be further streamlined, significantly reducing the turn around time for results to 2-4 weeks. Will all kits that have a Big Y-500 test receive the automatic upgrade to Big Y-700? No. The additional information provided in Big Y-700 comes from updates and improvements in the overall design of the test itself, not just from improved variant calling and user interface, therefore, tests will need to be rerun using the new chemistry. For this reason, any kits that already have Big Y-500 results will not receive the automatic upgrade to Big Y-700. How do I upgrade from a Big Y-500 to Big Y-700? If you have already received Big Y-500 results, we expect to have an upgrade available to purchase by mid-March. We will notify Big Y-500 customers via email when the upgrade is available to purchase. Keep in mind, when upgrading your kit, you must have a sample stored with us that can be tested or have the ability to send us another sample for testing. If I already have Big Y-500 results, once I receive my new Big Y-700 results, can the results of the two tests be “merged” to eliminate a region’s no-call results if the other test has reads in that region? Due to the extreme uniformity of the new Big Y-700 chemistry, we do not anticipate this being an issue. Are some of the currently reported STR values above 111 expected to change? It is possible that the improved test process will provide different STR values. Who has access to the new Big Y Block Tree Matching Tool? Anyone with a Big Y test, regardless of version. Will there be a tool for Group Project Administrators to compare the STRs? We are currently exploring Big Y-500 and Big Y-700 results report tools for Group Project Administrators and will work to implement the best options as quickly as possible.
Michael Page Michael Page
November 9 @ 11:09pm
Does anyone have any experience sponsoring a DNA test with YSEQ? I have found a male Munro relative who agreed to testing but he is in Australia and YSEQ is in Germany. YSEQ evidently don't pay for international return shipping.
Mark Monroe, #635203
November 10 @ 8:42am
I used YSEQ once as a verification once I suspected what my terminal haplogroup was. While I waited for the Big-Y to go on sale, I was able to continue my research. When the results for the BigY-500 came in, it confirmed my YSEQ results. Personally, and my opinion may differ from others, I prefer the BigY because it gets you everything at once without further testing including unique SNPs. I do understand the costs involved and appreciate why you may not want to sponsor a full blown package. There are two Monroes in my group here that have yet to take the BigY and I am considering subsidizing during a promotional sale at FTDNA to fine tune our group. To date, I am the only one in our group here that has taken the BigY. The YSEQ site indicates free shipping on orders over $100. I don't know what your budget is but you may want to pick enough tests until you are just over the $100 threshold and then contact YSEQ with your planned order and verify they will cover the return shipping. I know this is not a direct answer to your question but have considered similar sponsorship in the past. I do hope my answer helps you and others with research options.
Michael Page
December 3 @ 12:19pm
This test is for the SNP that identifies the Foulis group. Does anyone here know if a simple Y-12 test would in fact serve the same purpose? If so, I am wondering if it may shed light on which group we likely are from.
Mark Monroe, #635203 Mark Monroe, #635203
Mark Monroe, #635203 Mark Monroe, #635203
November 1 @ 6:46pm
Milestone!!! 500 members!
Rosemary Leal
November 3 @ 1:05pm
Woo hoo! YES!