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Shelby Monroe Shelby Monroe has a question!
February 26 @ 4:10pm
What does it mean to be "ungrouped?" Might I become grouped at some point or does it mean I don't fit in a group? thanks!
Shelby Monroe
February 27 @ 11:38am
Thanks! I have some Monroe Y matches so maybe I will be grouped in awhile, Just got my results.
M Reese
March 6 @ 5:43pm
I owe both of you an email and seeing this jogged my memory. Shelby and I are autosomal matches. So I was wondering...if our Y groups are different, does that mean that we cannot be related on the direct male line?
Shelby Monroe
March 23 @ 9:05am
Any answer to this? Thanks!
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March 22 @ 7:02pm
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Barbara Parker Christian Monroe Donald Munro
Mark Monroe Mark Monroe has a question!
March 17 @ 7:32pm
Should I order my SNP's based off of the predicted haplogroup R-M269? It says to ask an expert but I do not know where to find my particular expert at FTDNA. Do I need to contact Margaret Bardin to get the answer to my question?
Mark Monroe
March 18 @ 10:16am
Thank you Colin and I appreciate the assistance. I sent a request to Margaret to forward you the information. After following the links you provided along with the information, I believe I know what you will recommend but do want to see what you come up with. It will help me know if I am grasping this information correctly or not. This is all new to me and very educational. Thanks again!
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March 8 @ 6:55am
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Pamela Byrne
Colin Munro Colin Munro
March 8 @ 2:32am
Project members may be interested in Don Munro's new blog at
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March 3 @ 11:40pm
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Camila Silva Monroe
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February 23 @ 9:02pm
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Linda Kangas
Kent Monro Kent Monro
February 23 @ 5:37pm
I have also experienced some not responding which is disheartening
Kent Monro Kent Monro
February 23 @ 5:37pm
we actually waited for a number of years before a close Y DNA match came up.
Ronald Munro Ronald Munro
February 22 @ 8:06pm
I wonder if any of you out there have found this DNA scam a waste of time. I have emailed many on my DNA listing and no one replies... $300.00+ down the toilet.
Mark Monroe
February 23 @ 2:33pm
You may want to give it time. My family history research has included many emails. I have only heard back from very few. Digging a little deeper, I had found responses that ended up in my spam folder which I seldom look at. That being said, one could assume that a lot of your emails could be unread after being delivered to a recipient's email. Plus, others may just want to remain more private and purposely won't respond.