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Michael Page Michael Page
November 9 @ 11:09pm
Does anyone have any experience sponsoring a DNA test with YSEQ? I have found a male Munro relative who agreed to testing but he is in Australia and YSEQ is in Germany. YSEQ evidently don't pay for international return shipping.
Mark Monroe, #635203
November 10 @ 8:42am
I used YSEQ once as a verification once I suspected what my terminal haplogroup was. While I waited for the Big-Y to go on sale, I was able to continue my research. When the results for the BigY-500 came in, it confirmed my YSEQ results. Personally, and my opinion may differ from others, I prefer the BigY because it gets you everything at once without further testing including unique SNPs. I do understand the costs involved and appreciate why you may not want to sponsor a full blown package. There are two Monroes in my group here that have yet to take the BigY and I am considering subsidizing during a promotional sale at FTDNA to fine tune our group. To date, I am the only one in our group here that has taken the BigY. The YSEQ site indicates free shipping on orders over $100. I don't know what your budget is but you may want to pick enough tests until you are just over the $100 threshold and then contact YSEQ with your planned order and verify they will cover the return shipping. I know this is not a direct answer to your question but have considered similar sponsorship in the past. I do hope my answer helps you and others with research options.
Michael Page
December 3 @ 12:19pm
This test is for the SNP that identifies the Foulis group. Does anyone here know if a simple Y-12 test would in fact serve the same purpose? If so, I am wondering if it may shed light on which group we likely are from.
Colin Munro
December 6 @ 3:45am
Y12 should be enough to indicate I-P37 (Foulis, Group 11), but if the commoner R1b, Y12 wouldn’t place you in any particular group. Y37 or better Y67 needed to find your nearest male relatives in whatever group, and of whatever surname. Y37 is $99 in the sale, vs. Y12 $59. Use discount code MERRY5 to get additional 5% discount through December 9. (Y67 $169; use MERRY10 for 10% off over $100.)
Michelle Maitland Michelle Maitland
December 1 @ 2:40pm
I am a 6th great-granddaughter of Patience Monroe Bishop (daughter of George Monroe and Susan Perkins) through my mother's maternal grandmother, Elizabeth Bishop Curtis. Most of what I have found about Patience's lineage is what is available on Is anyone else here from that line and would you be willing to share anything you may know about how her father came to the US? Patience was born around 1738 in New Jersey as far as I can tell and after marrying Jonathan Bishop, moved to VA and the bulk of the family settled around Charlottesville, VA.
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Mark Monroe, #635203
December 1 @ 9:54pm
The Monroe Book has been out of print for a long time and is hard to get. I bought mine new about 17 years ago not knowing it was probably the last one available. Here is another link to check out a copy when it is available to be loaned.
Mark Monroe, #635203
December 1 @ 10:17pm
Michelle, searching on has a lot of matches. They also indicate Sarah in lieu of Susan. Also, an alternate spelling of Munrow is used.
Michelle Maitland
December 2 @ 4:24pm
Thank you Mark. Sarah is correct. Not sure why I typed Susan but it a common name in my ancestry so it tends to stick in my subconscious. I’ll check for the book you’ve mentioned. With any luck, The Library of VA will have a copy. I also have the alternate spellings on Monroe. In what I’ve found so far, George is spelled Munro and Patience is Munrow. It’s Monroe by the time they get to VA and used as a middle name until my great-great grandfather Joseph Monroe Bishop, Jr.
Mark Monroe, #635203 Mark Monroe, #635203
Mark Monroe, #635203 Mark Monroe, #635203
November 1 @ 6:46pm
Milestone!!! 500 members!
Rosemary Leal
November 3 @ 1:05pm
Woo hoo! YES!
Mark Monroe, #635203 Mark Monroe, #635203
October 22 @ 8:58pm
I have just learned Clan Chief Hector's mother Eleanor "Timmy" Munro has passed away. As many of you who had the remarkable opportunity to meet her know, she was in her element at the castle. She was so gracious, funny, and knew so much about the Clan Munro. I personally learned so much from her and it was from her urging that I joined this project. She will be missed by all that knew her. Prayers to Hector, Finnian, and the family.
Mark Monroe, #635203
October 22 @ 9:12pm
Eleanor (Timmy) Munro of Foulis We regret to announce the death of Eleanor (Timmy) Munro of Foulis, peacefully at her home Foulis Castle, on 20th October 2018, aged 93. Much loved mother of our Clan Chief Hector, his sister Charlotte, brothers Harry & John and mother-in-law, grandmother, great-grandmother and aunt. Friend to many, including hundreds of Clan Munro members who had the privilege to know her. Chatelaine of Foulis Castle for over 40 years, she will be greatly missed. Private funeral service. Memorial Service later this year. Hector
Larry Allen
October 25 @ 5:30pm
hi Mark, according to Geni both Eleanor and her husband were my distant cousins, one maternal and one paternal. thank you for posting this. I am always interested in finding relatives.
Dane Munro
October 29 @ 4:18am
I am saddened by this loss, my sincere condolences to everyone.
kane munro kane munro
October 15 @ 4:41am
Hi all , My surname is Munro , My dad is Noel Ronald Munro born sydney , Hes father was Noel Munro also born mudgee , and Hes dad was Clarry Munro sydney .
Mark Monroe, #635203
October 15 @ 8:27am
Ronald Munro Ronald Munro
September 28 @ 6:10pm
Grrrrrrrrrrr Some times I don't think I am ever going to get a DNA connection. I get a 'connection' emailed to me. I get all excited go on line to look at it. Look at their tree ...... I see one monkey and lots of circles with PRIVATE in them (as much use as a hip pocket in a singlet) .... I see this far too often and so fat chance of a DNA connection. Oh Well - never know what the future may hold for me..........
Ronald Munro
September 28 @ 6:13pm
Just a little addendum to my post. Wife (welsh born pen pal whom I married to save postage) did her DNA. Totally European except for .08% Central American - wow that was a flash out of nowhere .......... now this is going to take some investigation.
Mark Monroe, #635203 Mark Monroe, #635203
September 1 @ 9:56am
Based off of known and authentic family trees, do we know what haplogroup President James Monroe would most likely have belonged? In the DNA Results, we have I-M253, R-M269, and I-P37 as the most common. I am trying to explain our DNA results to a family member and I cannot answer this question.
Mark Monroe, #635203
September 1 @ 7:40pm
Wow, thanks Colin! I reached and Googled without any luck. Should have checked here first!
Ryan Marksberry Ryan Marksberry
September 7 @ 11:19pm
My uncle, David Monroe, finally sent his kit in early this week. Hopefully, they will be able to process his kit fast.
Chris Munro Chris Munro
September 1 @ 9:18am
Good morning from Florida. I am Chris Munro, born Edinburgh and father and grandfather have passed down large family bibles/documents to review which have passed to me. About to conduct the DNA tests.