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June 23 @ 12:35pm
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Steven Monroe
Ronald Munro Ronald Munro
June 16 @ 7:43pm
OK biting the bullet and spending more money (Oh my poor pension) in the hope of some MUNRO's instead of ELLIOTs?? now going for Y-DNA111.
M Reese
June 19 @ 10:52am
Were you expecting Munro matches but were matched, instead, with Elliot? That sort of happened to me too, as Munro is not my direct-male-line on paper. The Munro match was quite a surprise and for a while, we had no way of knowing if that change in the male line occurred in recent generations or many hundreds of years ago. I subscribed to the DNA groups associated with my maiden name, hoping to eventually get matches there instead. I literally sat on this Munro data for many years, because no other information was forthcoming and it confused me and my family. It is a long game, as others have said. My breakthrough, which is still an enigma in some ways, came in the way of autosomal testing. I figured that autosomal matches should show both Munro and my family's surname, allowing me to piece together when this switch happened. I still can't figure it out but I have greatly narrowed down the period in time in which it happened. I wish you much luck and I completely understand your frustration.
Ronald Munro
June 20 @ 5:45pm
Yes .... Elliot is 99% that comes up - totally confusing!
Ronald Munro
June 20 @ 5:47pm
MUNRO is my direct male line... From Australia right back to Scotland.
Ronald Munro Ronald Munro
February 22 @ 8:06pm
I wonder if any of you out there have found this DNA scam a waste of time. I have emailed many on my DNA listing and no one replies... $300.00+ down the toilet.
Ronald Munro
June 3 @ 7:06am
Ho Hum ..till waiting.
Cheryl Nevius
June 9 @ 10:52pm
Ronald - don't just wait. I have been a member of Ancestry for 6 1/2 years. It took me 4 years of searching to find some of my family members but I took the time to create an extensive family tree. You need both DNA and a good tree with sources to find your family members.
Rosemary Leal
June 15 @ 10:24am
Hello Ronald, I do not know much about my relatives on my Monroe side. The project here has done some significant work and continues to do so. . .that is my continuing HOPE. On other sites, people build their family trees. There are message boards with surnames or other topics. None of it is fast but with modern online tools genealogy has taken gigantic leaps. Like much of life, genealogy and genetic genealogy research takes a commitment of time, money, and effort. Good luck to you!
Sarah Craig
June 20 @ 2:53am
Hi Ronald, Munro is my maiden name... have you uploaded DNA results to GEDmatch- happy to run it against my results.
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June 20 @ 2:50am
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Sarah Craig Angela Weinmeyer Graham Munro
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June 13 @ 3:50pm
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Donald Munro
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June 10 @ 8:26am
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Tom Munro
Colin Munro
June 11 @ 9:31am
Congratulations on being our 400th member! It's good to hear about new members and their links to the Munros/Monroes etc.
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June 7 @ 8:00am
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Kandis Scudder Frank P. May Tom Munro Robert Munro Donald Munro Alistair Munro
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June 3 @ 12:44pm
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John McRae Andrew Dixon Jeffrey Munro Richard ONeil Susan Christie
Susan Christie
June 3 @ 3:29pm
Hi, thanks for letting me join the group. I thought I should write a few lines about my ancestry. I am new to DNA analysis and hope that you can guide me. I have just uploaded my raw DNA from Ancestry and uploaded a GEDCOMof my ancestry. I am a Munro descended from two separate lines (both on my father's side) descended from Martin Munro b1675 in Margaret Fisher 1678 in Inveraray, Argyll, Scotland. My other line is from Ross shire, Scotland but has been harder to trace. I have got as far back as Alexander Munro born about 1745 in Tain Ross shire and Margaret Munro his wife. Hopefully my results will be available soon. Any help you could give me would be great. Thanks, Sue
Colin Munro
June 5 @ 4:10am
Hi Sue, & welcome. Ideally you should test a purely male-line Munro for a Y-DNA test. The Munros of Inveraray are in Group 04 of the project Y-DNA results and if you contact I am sure she can put you in contact with someone who can advise about Martin's relatives. There are several Munro male lines from Ross-shire. The Munros of Foulis (Group 11) are the largest of these. Alexander is one of the commonest names. As I say you would need to find a Munro descended in the male line for one or both origins to say more. Several Munros or relatives from both places have tested with FamilyFinder but this is really only sensitive to the last 4-5 generations. Your raw data can also be uploaded to for comparison with some of those tested at other companies who have done the same.
Rosemary Leal
June 5 @ 11:04am
Susan, welcome,
Rosemary Leal
June 5 @ 11:07am
My Great Grandfather, Alexander Ross Monroe, Tain, Ross-shire, Scotland, born Jul 1862 and emigrated May 1880 (hopefully mostly correct off the top of my head). His Father: Donald and his Mother: Helen but I cannot break thru for them either. My GGF resided in Indianapolis, IN and also in Chicago, Illinois. He died Jun 1941 back east but is buried at Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, IN.
Laurie Tvedt Laurie Tvedt has a question!
May 30 @ 5:42pm
My mother's cousin once traced our Munro line back to the Munros of Foulis, but I have not been able to verify several undated generations in her tree. I have a paper trail back to Hector Munro (b about 1747) and Janet Munro (b about 1750) who raised their family in Forsinard on the Caithness/Sutherland border. There were a few, but not many, Munros in that area at the time. I'm hoping that DNA might help me fill in some of the gaps in my tree. I have two kits here on FTDNA -- my own (Laurie Morrison Tvedt) and my brother (under the pseudonym Jose Nealson). Do any of the group members have either of us as matches in your Family Finder results? We also have 2 kits on Ancestry (me and my sister Sherry Davis), and I am kit # M065421 on Gedmatch. It would be great to find a Munro connection to triangulate and see if there are others that match us both and start breaking down this brick wall. Thanks, potential cousins!
Rosemary Leal
June 2 @ 3:21pm
I compared on Gedmatch and you and I do NOT share DNA from our submitted samples. I too am trying to get to the other side of several brick walls. Good luck to you and yours.
Laurie Tvedt
June 3 @ 1:50pm
Thanks for the try, Rosemary. And good luck on your brick walls.
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May 19 @ 9:53pm
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Cheryl Nevius