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Morrison, Gilmore

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About us


To help us make the project as useful as possible and ensure your privacy and sharing wishes are met, please

1. Review your choice of whether or not to Opt In to sharing your DNA results publicly.

2. Allow your project administrators to have at least Limited access to your results.

3. List your earliest known paternal ancestor information.

Please see below for further details on privacy and sharing.

By joining or remaining a member of the Morrison, Gilmore project you are agreeing to or have agreed to Family Tree DNA's current Terms of Service, Privacy Statement, Group Project Participation Informed Consent, and other policies referenced in those documents.

The Morrison, Gilmore project utilizes FTDNA's reporting system to provide DNA results and earliest known paternal ancestors in a format provided by FTDNA. Reports typically include kit numbers, earliest known paternal ancestor information as listed by the project member, Y-DNA haplogroup information, Y-DNA STR results, and Y-DNA SNP results. These are called"pseudonymized" results. The project member is NOT identified in these reports.

The reports available to other members of the Morrison, Gilmore project include pseudonymized results for ALL project members regardless of member privacy settings. If you do not want information about your results to be made available to other project members, you should leave the project.

The reports may also be made available to the general public. Public reports include only those project members who have selected "Opt in to Sharing (in their Manage Personal Information - Project Preferences folder).

The DEFAULT member settings for Public Sharing have changed from time to time, so it is necessary for each member to log in and VERIFY that the Group Project Profile "Opt in to Sharing" setting is set to the setting desired by the member. If you wish to be included in public reports for the project, please make sure you have opted in to sharing. If you do not wish to be included in public reports for the project, you must either not be opted in to sharing or leave the project. (Note: The Opt in to Sharing selection is now by means of a slide switch. If the switch is to the left and grayed out, you are not opted in to sharing. To opt in, click on the right side of the switch and the switch will move to the right and the color of the switch will change to dark blue.)

Also, in the Project Preferences folder Group Administrator Access section, please allow all Morrison, Gilmore project administrators at least Limited access to your information. This level of access is necessary for administrators to see your Y-DNA matches and place you in the proper group in project reports.

For Morrison, Gilmore project reports to be more meaningful, members are encouraged to enter their earliest known paternal ancestor information as completely as possible. Names, dates, and locations are all helpful. This information may be entered in the Manage Personal Information - Genealogy - Earliest Known Ancestors subfolder.

Please contact one of the project administrators if there are any questions.