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About us

Now that we have started we earnestly encourage you to join us in our discoveries. It is very probable that everyone joining the project will opt for the Y-DNA 67 marker test which, although more expensive, provides very comprehensive results. As one of the prospective participants said, "It's something that you only do once in your lifetime, so you might as well do it properly!" Incidentally it may be of interest to know that a General Fund has now been established to accept donations in any currency via credit card. This is held by the testing company and used to help sponsor test kits for those key males who would otherwise be unable to afford the cost of participation in the project. To make a donation please click on the last link, entitled Contribute to the Surname Project General Fund, on the grey sidebar at the left-hand side of this page. If you decide to do this, please ensure that you specify "Molen Project General Fund" in the top box when you fill out the form.