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About us

The Miskin DNA Project welcomes all participants. We encourage you to join today!.

As the project grows and more members join we expect to have many exciting discoveries.

Participating is an opportunity to uncover information not provided in the paper records, which will help with your research of your family tree. We will also discover which family trees are related. As the project progresses, the results for the various family trees will provide information on the evolution of the surname.

The surnames in this DNA Project are researched as part of the Miskin one-name study. You can learn more about this significant research, and the associated family trees, by visiting the one-name study web site or by contacting the project administrator via miskin@one-name.org.

See the News page and Y-DNA Results pages on this website for information on findingsso far, including indications about long-term origins of British Miskins.

The surname Miskin is present in many countries and in every populated continent, usually as a rare or uncommon surname.  It appears to be a name with several distinct origins, most obviously in Britain, Eastern Europe, and south / south-east Asia.  In relatively modern times there has been significant migration from all of these areas, particularly to ‘New World’ countries. 

Your Y-DNA results will confirm how you relate to these major origin groups, and in conjunction with family history may also point to a specific Miskin family tree.  As more results come in they will reveal inter-relationships between family trees which family history alone has been unable to link.

You may also be interested in the pre-historic origins of your Miskin male line. The 37-marker and other STR tests give an indication of your haplogroup : these are the main branches of human Y-DNA evolution, named from A to T with some subdivisions.  SNP tests on Y-DNA can go down to the more detailed level of 'deep clade' sub-branches, which can be linked to human migrations in prehistoric times.  Follow the link 'SNPs are us' on the familytreedna.com home page for an introduction to haplogroups and clades.

We have established a General Fund, to accept donations in any currency via credit card. These funds are held at the testing company, and are available when necessary to sponsor tests for key males, particularly in untested branches, where the results will significantly expand our knowledge.

We encourage you to make a donation. To make a donation please click on the link "To donate to the general fund please click here". If you decide to donate, please specify "Miskin Project General Fund" in the top box of the Donation form.